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Ticket agencies can be the best or worst places to use to buy tickets for concerts, sports, theatre, festivals and other events depending which vendor you choose. Reputable ticket agencies who sell tickets at face value and charge a booking fee are the best option. There are also legitimate sites who sell tickets way above face value for sold out events. If the concert or event has sold out, auction sites and these sites are the best places to check. If you fail to find a ticket from ticket agency you recognise or on an auction there are other sites out there, but be careful. Many of them are scam sites and sell fake tickets or don't deliver tickets at all.

At Review Centre we have ticket agency reviews written by people who have used them to help you choose legitimate ticket agencies and avoid touts and fraudsters. As well as using our reviews, check whether the company is VAT registered, look for a legitimate address or contact details and use other consumer information sources.

Why not write reviews of ticket agencies you have used and help Review Centre users choose the best ticket agencies.

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