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Choosing a drum kit is a difficult decision, especially for beginners who haven't developed a style or is unsure what genre of music they might need it for, so here at Review Centre we have hundreds of drum kit reviews to help you get started. The two main drum kit set-ups sold as are a 'rock set up and a fusion set up. Rock set ups being best for rock, indie and metal, whereas fusion kits are more suited to jazz, offering a higher range of tones because of their smaller drum sizes. The material the shell is made out of is also a big factor for a lot of drummers when choosing a kit, with Birch, Beech, Mahogany and Maple being the most popular choices. Each wood offers different characteristics to the sound and tonal quality. They vary in price but this reflects material and manufacture costs, not quality of sound so it's very much down to personal taste which material you choose.

At Review Centre we have drum set reviews written by fellow percussionists' who've decided to write a review of the drum kits they have used. Including reviews of drum kits by Pearl, Tama, DW, Premier, Mapex and Ludwig there is plenty of information to help guide you in the right direction.

Please review drum kits you've played and help fellow drummers get the best value for money when buying drum equipment.

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