Classic Cars


Are you a classic car enthusiast? At Review Centre we have hundreds of classic car reviews by manufacturers including Austin, MG, Ferrari, Triumph, Hillman and Ford to name a few. You can search amongst the reviews by manufacturer and year of manufacture to find the model you are looking for. Restoring classic cars is a rewarding past time that has inspired a vibrant community of classic car clubs celebrating vintage cars in general, specific manufacturers and/or models of classic cars. Restored classic cars for sale can be very expensive because of the time taken on restoration projects and for most people, classic car events are the best place to enjoy classic design and engineering.

If you have owned and/or restored a classic car, please review it and include information such as common faults and useful tips for an owner of the same car. Whether your passion lies with American classic cars, classic sports cars, classic wedding cars or with a particular manufacture such as classic Ford cars, your knowledge and experience could help fellow enthusiasts.