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“I would never use Motorpoint to buy or sell a car ever...”

written by RebeccaHoward329 on 17/01/2023

I would never use Motorpoint to buy or sell a car ever again, nor would I let any of my family or friends. Firstly they sold me a car stating it had less owners than it actually had due to them processing the car incorrectly and then when I sold them the car back due to this issue they took possession of the car and lost all the paperwork. The settlement was not paid until I chased further due to more payments being taken from my account. I have complained to several people at Motorpoint and still two weeks down the line am I waiting on a call back from Senior management. I am disgusted with the lack of communication... Customer service was fantastic when I was giving them money but when the roles reversed no one is to be seen/hard from. Absolute joke of a company, avoid at all costs.

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“Poor service”

written by Vargheme on 08/01/2023

I approached Motorpoint portsmouth.I started the conversation by stating that I only have provisional license.The staff told it is fine no worries with that .They proceed with my application I got approval for finance and they advised us to come to the collection point.When I reached there on the day of collection they advised me they can’t give us the vehicle as I only have provisional license.The staffs are not reliable and I would never recommend Motorpoint to anyone.I have really frustrating experience with them.

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“Motorpoint Edinburgh”

written by Mfagan on 21/11/2022

Lovely friendly staff - great selection of vehicles

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“Ford fiesta vignale”

written by dalrymro on 20/09/2022

Things unchecked on this car air/ pollen filter not changed cars are supposed to be checked prior to hand over.We have bought 4 cars from motorpoint but dissapointed this time and now hill start assist showing a fault i could go on but motorpoint have let me down big time we have been reffered to a 3rd party warranty company where as before our last car we took back to glasgow to be fixed got a coutesey car 2 days later car sorted dropped of courtesey car but all has changed.I recomended motorpoint as they have been excellent up to now but not so sure now

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“Hamilton Road Glasgow branch”

written by Anggibb on 13/07/2022

Just want to say the advisor at this branch went above and beyond helping me try find the right car. I would not hesitate calling him again when changing vehicles. Hassle free 5 star service

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“Happy with the car but came with issues that need fixing”

written by on 10/07/2022

Took delivery of a mini clubman jcw last month, car is perfect, very good condition inside and bodywork .. Sale went smooth, we didn't see the car in person before delivery so was a bit apprehensive. Couple of issues though, car had a health check at bmw mini a week after we got delivery. 1 tyre needed replacing as cut through to cord, also advised we need new pads within the next 1500 miles.. Now for a £23k car that's not the best, I appreciate they are slightly over the legal limit but would have appreciated them being done before selling to us, so all in all within a few months of owning the car we will have had a £500 bill for tyre and pads . Also charged £99 for delivery when website clearly states free delivery. So as much as we love the car it's put a bit of a dampener on it which is a shame.

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“Motorpoint extended warranty”

written by Finneganxm228 on 15/06/2022

A word of warning do not buy their expensive extended car warranty, the claims company are based outside the UK around the prague area,they will find all the small print, and take the wording out of context so they can reject a genuine claim. Please you have been warned

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“Avoid!!!! ”

written by Emmaglaze on 15/02/2022

You see an advert on tv for fully safe & numerous checks on a used car… come and buy….. DONT. I purchased a car from motorpoint end of November, January problems started… the steering would veer to the other side of the road. Had my tracking done at a tyre specialist who said it wasn’t the tracking it is an issue with the car and to contact where I got it from. So I did, only to be told by a snotty woman that it’s out of the 30days from purchase and as the car goes through 100 checks before it gets to me she ‘highly doubts’ there was a problem. Right ok. I contacted warranty which I paid extra for. Who booked it into an impartial garage that they recommended. After 2 weeks it’s still in that same garage. He can’t fix it, a network of over 500 mechanics can’t fix it. Everything that has been suggested has been tried and hasn’t worked. Not only this on inspection of the car the ABS system was faulty and it had 2 leaks from underneath the car. He claimed it obviously had not been safety checked and I should return the car. He is helping me and I am trying to get motorpoint to have the car back which under the law they should. According to the law as it is less than 6 months since purchase the dealer is liable for the car unless they can prove otherwise. I have spoke to them and they have no proof the car was checked before sale. The woman I am dealing with is useless. She hasn’t helped me at all and just keeps fobbing me off. According to the law it’s the seller who should repair it, they have paid the mechanic £700 for the investigation so far and have agreed that they can’t do anymore for the car. So now I am trying to get them to have it back, while also paying a finance company for the car, paying insurance, and also taxis to get my children to school and me to work. It’s ridiculous. DONT EXPECT ANY HELP IF IT GOES WRONG. They want me to resell them the car but will only buy it back knowing the condition it’s in that it’s completely broke. They sold me a dodgy car, a faulty car, and they mis sold me a safe car for my kids which obviously is not a safe car. The mechanic said it was dangerous to drive and he wouldn’t let me drive up the road let alone to oldbury to give it back! I have a new born baby who I have been driving round in this car! I need this resolving!!!

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“Waste of Time and Money”

written by 342Lynch on 09/01/2022

Reserved a car online. Agreed date and time for pickup (500 miles round trip). The car was Astra 2019, supposed to have done only 6k miles but the condition of the car was so bad with scratches everywhere. Motorpoint is usually good. I purchased two cars from them before. However, this time they let me down. They just said "sorry" and closed the matter. They did not care that i did a 500 mile trip and wasted one full day for this. I think they were hoping that I will accept the car as I have travelled a long distance. Not cool. I thought other potential cusotmers should be aware of this.

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written by 499Shaffer on 09/08/2021

UPDATE - still having problems associated with motorpoint. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Purchased my car at the beginning of December during lockdown, so everything was done over the phone. Motorpoint seemed to lose interest in giving any help or support as soon as the sale had gone through. Emails ignored and ended up calling customer service for support, minutes before my car was due to be delivered. The car was delivered to my house - dark and cold but still had to stand outside while the delivery driver made several calls to try and get someone in the office to apparently just push a button to confirm everything had gone through. 20 minutes later it was finally sorted. The next day I noticed how stiff and clunky the handbrake was to pull up. A few days later I parked in a space on a slight hill and my car rolled back and hit the curb. I thought I must have just not pulled the lever up high enough. Then my partner drove the car and said there was definitely something wrong with the handbrake so I called motorpoint and they booked me in for the the following Monday, which was 2 weeks after the car was first delivered to me. According to the checklist, the handbrake had been tested shortly before the car was delivered to me. They said I would have to go to the Derby branch as that is where my car was delivered from. I had to put in one of my last days of annual leave as they could only get me in at 12 and it was a 60 mile round trip. At the branch, an ‘expert’ took the car and came back to me shortly afterwards saying he had parked it on a hill and it was fine. I asked if it felt normal to him and he said no but he drives a Ford so doesn’t really know. Before visiting motorpoint, we also read online that there had been a recall on my car’s handbrake. When I asked if they knew anything about this, they said the letter must have gone back to the previous owner and I need to check with Volkswagen. I was sent away disappointed and relatively upset with how nobody seemed interested in helping me. I felt like I couldn’t trust motorpoint, how could they sell a car that has a possible recall and not even know about it? Surely this is something that is checked? Why was I as a customer left to waste time making calls, sitting on hold, constantly relaying the same information over and over again when the problem was not caused by myself, but no one at motorpoint could be bothered to look into this for me. I called Volkswagen and they confirmed the work had previously been done on the car to rectify the recall. I called motorpoint back and asked what I could do next as there was obviously something wrong. They told me to go back to Volkswagen. I booked in for a diagnostic test with Volkswagen shortly after Christmas, using yet another day off, and they confirmed the car needed a new handbrake cable. They had to order this part in, so I had to return on another day for work to be completed. Why should I be going to such trouble and inconvenience when motorpoint should have sorted all of this? I am absolutely disgusted that I have had the car just over a month and have spent all my time chasing up what’s wrong with the car when someone from motorpoint supposedly checked it prior to me receiving it. I paid for extended warranty so was hoping for a stress-free sale, from a supposedly reputable dealer who claims to do extensive checks on the vehicle before selling it. Motorpoint have shown absolutely no interest in my case and have allowed me to drive a potentially dangerous vehicle. I would never go back to motorpoint in the future to purchase a car and I would not recommend them either. UPDATE: July 2021 - I thought my aircon needed regassing but this wasn’t on my list of priorities to sort/pay out for so when I could afford to, I booked in at Volkswagen to have the aircon cleaned/regassed etc at a cost of £99. They called me at work to inform me that my aircon wire had been physically CUT. They advised that motorpoint had done this when they did the ‘checks’ prior to receiving the car, and that there is no possibility of it being done accidentally. Volkswagen charged me £60 for this diagnostic, and then sent an invoice for £147.82 for the wire to be replaced. When this work has been completed, I would then have to pay the £99 fee for the regas/clean Etc. I emailed motorpoint about this on 8th July and they informed me they could only cover half of the bill. This is upsetting seen as though none of this was my own fault. But here I am yet again paying out for motorpoints mistakes and shoddy work. We are now a month down the line, and after countless emails chasing up the money they promised me, I am now being ignored. I informed them I had booked in for the work to be done, so really needed their contribution or I wouldn’t be able to afford it, but they didn’t acknowledge this so I had to cancel the appointment and the work still hasn’t been completed.

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“Beware do not buy from this dealer”

written by Nikolas299 on 21/07/2021

Beware do not buy from this dealer, I made the mistake of buying a 2016 Peugeot 308 SW back in 2017. Nothing but trouble with the bodywork, first fault 3 of the 4 rear sensors fall into the bumper, then numerous rust spots started to appear on roof six months later. And to top it off the two passenger side doors have started rotting. All of these body/paintwork defects prove unquestionably that my car was involved in an accident and was inadequately repaired before I purchased it in 2017 DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALER

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“Absolutely disgusting service ”

written by Brown243 on 17/07/2021

Absolutely disgusting service and treatment. I sourced a car on their website that I wanted to test drive with the intention to purchase. Paid them a refundable £100 to get the car shipped from London to Sheffield to view. Then waited almost a week for the car to be delivered to the Sheffield branch. The day that the car was available to view (I was booked in for a viewing at 6pm) I checked online with the DVLA for the car history. I discovered that it had a recall with BMW. I rang up Motorpoint in the morning to check if this had been resolved and it hadn't. I was given two options, take the car and get it resolved myself or delay the purchase and they would sort the issue. I informed Motorpoint that I would collect. I drove up to Sheffield (from Mansfield) and it wasn't until I arrived that I discovered I had received a text whilst driving that I wouldn't be able to purchase the car on that day or even take it for a test drive. I was livid. They had at least 6 hours to inform me of this, but instead left it until 30 minutes before my appointment to send me a text message. The sales agents that dealt with me didn't seem to care nor were they interested in offering much in the way of compensation. They said it wasn't their responsibility to check that there were any recalls on the cars before selling them as they were not 'keepers', but rather 'caretakers'. I was made to feel like it was my fault and they seemed to just wipe their hands of the whole situation. Walked away without the car and will never use Motorpoint again. I strongly urge people to check the cars don't have any safety recalls on them before purchasing as Motorpoint do not. Still awaiting my £100 refund. I strongly recommend not to use this branch nor Motorpoint.

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“Motorpoint not returning my deposit”

written by Bronson94 on 02/06/2021

on the 4th of may I visited motorpoint at Burnley And paid 99 pound to reserve a car So I could come back the following Sunday for a test drive And a better look around the car. But on the 8th of may I was told to self isolate so I rang and cancelled the test drive and the car. I was told when I paid the money it was totally refundable by the salesperson and the managed. I have not received the refund I was told that they tried to repay my money directly back into my account but they was unable I've been in touch with my bank no attempt has been made I have also been told that a cheque has been sent not received any cheque Been in touch with customer services twice and had no reply I would not recommend this company to anybody and I certainly will not be going back.

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“Don't buy from this motor trader”

written by robbie1968 on 26/05/2021

I had an horrendous experience this week with a car i purchased from them they make a back street garage look excellent. They kept me waiting at the branch 5 hours even though the finance was supposed to have already been sorted and paid out. I had to sign 4 finance agreements I wasn't even given a copy of what I was signing. The car had covers over the steering wheel, gear stick and hand brake as required per Covid guide lines and I have health issues and have been shielding for over 12 months. They even got me to tax the car before the finance was in place and unbeknown to me at the time when i finally did drive the car away which was only because I demanded to cancel the deal and have my old car back. I was told by the finance company the next day that the finance hadn't been sorted and didn't own the car. Which by this time had also filled the car up with petrol. Have been making complaint after complaint if i call they don't answer my call over 35 minutes i waited on the phone then gave up. Have sent numerous emails to receive limited replies. Live chats they say they will get someone to call me and don't bother. Don't buy from this company pay more and get the service you deserve.

Robbie1968's Response to robbie1968's Review

Written on: 26/05/2021

I am sorry I meant to say the car did not have any protective covers on the steering wheel, gearstick or hand brake as per Covid 19 guidance.

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Robbie1968's Response to robbie1968's Review

Written on: 26/05/2021

I am sorry I meant to say the car did not have any protective covers on the steering wheel, gearstick or hand brake as per Covid 19 guidance.

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“MotorPoint 14 day guarantee sham”

written by igPike1971 on 12/03/2021

Bought a car via Motorpoints website. I was seduced by the offer of a 14day money back guarantee. The car advertised showed it having a specific mileage. The sales person quoted this mileage and even the initial paperwork showed this mileage. I received the car and the mileage was out by 400miles. I questioned this and was told that the greater mileage was the one advertised and the sales person would have said that mileage. Well like these companies I record my calls. The sales person quotes the lower mileage on the phone. I therefore say that I'm not happy with what I've paid considering the difference in mileage. I ask for some form of compensation and get offered very little. I therefore decide within my 7 days to return the car, due to this error. They blame the error on admin. I email Motorpoint on the 6th day to advise them that I no longer wish to keep the vehicle because of this error. I hear back from them on the 8th day being told that a support team will get in contact with me to arrange a refund and pick up the vehicle. I hear nothing on the 9th day. I hear nothing on the 10th day. I phone them on the 11th day stating that I haven't heard anything. I'm advised that someone will call me tomorrow. I hear nothing on 12th day. I decide to chase them up again and get told that someone will call me later in the evening. Of cause I don't hear anything again. So during this time, I get no refund, the car still hasn't been picked up and I'm still paying insurance on it. Surely I'm being cynical to think that they're hoping the longer I keep the car, that I'll do more miles and therefore they can charge me for it (part of their T&C's on the 14day money back guarantee) Not impressed, with them at all. So people don't trust the 14day money back Guarantee. They will drag it out and drag it out. The only saving grace is that I paid by credit card. But I look forward to reporting them to Trading Standards and will probably go through small claims court for compensation for the money spent on insurance.

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written by Hedgy70 on 13/01/2021

Bought a car from Birtley branch Dec 2019. Had a years warranty on it. Didn’t get my asking price on part ex, so they added another’s year warranty on it. Great I thought. I’ll buy it. Just over a year of buying it, it had a leak from engine. Phoned company who put me in touch with auto protect (warranty company) who told me to take it to a garage to get it checked out. Brilliant. NOT... The garage were told not to do the work as the part wasn’t covered in warranty. A £270 job to change the timing belt gasket isn’t covered. But everything else is...weird that??? Got bounced from motorpoint to auto protect and back again. Terrible customer services. Terrible warranty cover. THERE WARRANTIES ARE NOT WORTH THE PAPER THEY ARE WROTE ON. In my opinion if motor point are using this company for there warranties and there not covering for such specific things. Then there just as bad as Auto protect. Stay away. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE.

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written by MrsPrescott on 27/11/2020

We purchased our car from Motorpoint Derby in August 2019. It was 2 years old, 9,000 miles on the clock and 1 previous owner. The sales process was really easy and our sales guy was great. We drove away in our new car the same day. However, a few weeks ago while driving home in the dark with our 3 year old in the back, we had a battery symbol appear on the dash, followed pretty much immediately by loss of the electrics, power steering, radio and headlights. Luckily we were less than a mile from home and managed to get home without causing an accident, although it was pretty scary. As it's a Kia and still within their 7 year warranty, we took it to our local dealership to have a look at. Once they had taken a look at the car, they called to say they had found something unexpected and asked if we had had any work done to the car. Apart from an MOT, we hadn't had any work done to it in the 14 months since purchase. They went on to explain that at some point, someone had replaced a fuse but instead of using the appropriate 180AMP fuse, they had taped together two, 100AMP fuses. Over time, the additional current had caused heat damage to the wiring and was incredibly close to setting the car on fire. The Kia dealership said they had never seen such a poor attempt to fix such a simple issue in such a dangerous way. They advised us to report Motorpoint to Trading Standards which we have also done. Obviously we were very concerned that we had been sold a car with such a dangerous fault. However when we presented all of this to Motorpoint, we were told that because we had been in ownership of the car for 14 months, Motorpoint couldn't take any responsibility, this was their full and final response and if we would like to pursue legal action then we must do so within 6 months. I reached out to the CEO of Motorpoint on LinkedIn and I have now been offered a refund to cover the cost of the repairs we had to pay for. But they have made no attempt to take responsibility, make an apology or investigate the fault further. The car was clearly faulty when we brought it and was either done by Motorpoint or by the previous owner and missed (or ignored) by them before resale. Unfortunately for us, its impossible to prove and its very clear they know this. Their customer service and general lack of concern is outrageous and I can safely say I will never be using them again. Avoid at all costs unless you want to purchase a potentially dangerous and unsafe vehicle.

Motorpoint's Response to MrsPrescott's Review

Written on: 01/12/2020

Thank you for taking the time to review Motorpoint. I'm sorry we've not been able to help you more with your issue, but as previously explained there are a number of reasons that make this difficult for us. With it being 14 months since you bought the car from us, and it having had having had an MOT carried out by yourself in that time, we cannot take responsibility for the issue you subsequently discovered with the fuse. We do keep detailed logs of all work carried out on our cars and we have reviewed these logs for your car and there is no record of us having changed this fuse, and the same goes for the previous owner. Having thoroughly investigated your issue and our reviewed our preparation processes, I'm sorry we've not been able to help you more with this, but please be assured we do treat our customer concerns with the upmost seriousness.
Kind regards,

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“Rude, unprofessional, Unhelpful”

written by cleoscott on 17/11/2020

I do not believe for one moment these reviews are legit. Mine is & I can show you proof of purchase. I would not recommend Motorpoint to my worst enemy. I've had nothing but trouble with them from day 1. I was due delivery last month but caught Covid so I advised them but they said I could still take delivery as contactless. I agreed but then on day of delivery they cancelled & said call them back in 14 days to re arrange. During this time I had to go to hospital & I swear to God if I received at least 20 calls & numerous e-mails I wouldn't be exaggerating. I then got my son to phone them & he told them I was in hospital (as advised) & would ring when out. Did that stop them? No chance, They just kept calling & then threatened to cancel even though I had paid in full ha. Anyway, when I got out I rearranged delivery & when it came it had a few issues. I rang & e mailed them of issues but they just didn't want to know. They were rude, obnoxious, unprofessional & even hung the phone up on me. Now the issues are minor but I was told to bring car to main dealer & get them to sort at my cost & time ha ha. I said no I won't. Why should I? You were supposed to give me a car that was fully checked & everything in order yet front tyre was low on thread, no service on book, jack wrench missing, jack wind up handle missing & centre console lid broken. Nothing major but they just didn't want to know. After sales is abonimable & you'll get passed from pillar to post once they have your money. So in my opinion avoid like the plague. You have been warned.

Motorpoint's Response to cleoscott's Review

Written on: 24/11/2020

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your recent car purchase. It's obviously very disappointing to read about the experience you've had, but I appreciate the opportunity you've given us to improve our service for our customers going forward. Also I'd like to apologies for any stress this experience may have caused you during what has clearly been a worrying time for you.

In response to your feedback we have reviewed our follow up processes to ensure we don't over communicate, and also better adapt those processes to an individual's circumstances as required. I am also currently investigating the behaviour of the individual you highlight and will take the appropriate action there.

In terms of the car itself, we should have simply asked you to return the car to us for further inspection. The recommendation to take it to a more local dealer was made as our Chingford branch is not local to yourself, and we thought that might be an easier option for you as the concerns you had were minor as you say.

I know we have spoken to you since you left your feedback and have recommended a resolution to the issues you are currently having with the car. However, if you do require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

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written by 73Blair on 01/11/2020

Motorpoint selling this car! car has previously been involves in collision as has two buckled wheels and a wheel bearing gone. Motorpoint still selling even tho vehicle not safe. paint work also very bad. 1 key replaced as original lost/stolen!

Motorpoint's Comment

Written on: 05/11/2020

Thank you for your comments i am very sorry to hear of the issues you've experienced. Please feel free to get in touch with our customer care team and we'll try our very best to assist you.
Kind regards,

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“Car From Hell!”

written by LiamApex on 10/09/2020

Picked my car up from the Widnes branch on the 1st of July, when I picked the car up I noticed 2 bits of interior trim were missing. Accepted the car as they said parts would be ordered directly to my house. On the way home I noticed a humming noise that sounded like a wheel bearing. I contacted motorpoint on the Monday who told me to take it to Qwikfit. Which I did. They confirmed a wheel bearing had gone and said really, it should have been picked up on a PDI. Motorpoint agreed to pay to have VW fix it. When I took the car to VW they said it needed 2 new front wheels also as they were badly buckled! I rang motorpoint to explain this and was told customer service would ring me back, who never did, I rang again and the guy I spoke to was unavailable. Eventually I threatened to make a fuss at the dealership and he rang back straight away... he told me that motorpoint would replace the wheels for me as they didn’t want to pay VW. They have me written confirmation that Original VW Wheels would be used. The customer services booked me in at my local Peterborough branch for Friday at 1pm agreed to this and took the car in the following Friday. Upon arriving they had no idea who I was! And the wheels had not been delivered. I explained I had taken the day off and wanted to see a manager. They soon sent one out as I was on site at this point. As I was waiting for the manager. Motorpoint customer service rang me to tell me they’d recommend cancelling my appointment as the wheels had not yet been delivered! I explained that was unacceptable to ring me 10 minutes after the due time to tell me this to which they threatened to hang up if I kept my tone. I said I was at the dealer ship now and they said I was best to talk to them as it wasn’t there area. They rebooked me in for the Tuesday. In this time I queried my trim pieces which had still not arrived. They advised me they had not been ordered and to buy them myself and they would send the money over. I bought the parts and they then ignored my emails with the receipts. Eventually I got a response and a week later they finally sent me my money... I took the car back on the Tuesday and they told me it would not be long as they were only swapping 2 wheels over. 3 HOURS LATER they brought the car back and dropped the keys off. I asked what the delay was, the lady said they had some other little bits to finish off? When I asked what she could not tell me. I went out to inspect the car only to find the wheels caps hot glued onto the new wheels! Which did not look right, the between spikes were not the same and the finish did not look right. The wheels also did not fit on the hubs well. I pulled a Center cap which fell straight off with the hot glue. They also got hot glue all over my paint work which wouldn’t come off. I called the manager back as the wheels were obviously replicas and cheap ones at that: the lady said ‘they are definitely VW wheels as I asked the manager’ when I proved by the differences they were not she said it was because they are new. I said not to take me for a mug as alloy wheels don’t change size and expand over time... she rang the workshop manager who confirms they were not OEM. She told me this is all they could do and that they were just as good... I said this was unacceptable on a performance car. She went away and left me waiting for 30 minutes in my car. Then came back and gave me 3 options. 1. Put the other 2 wheels on the back so I would have 4 Fake wheels... 2. Put the original wheels back on there for not fixing the problem at all, however they said they would put them on the back as this would fix the problem of two front buckled wheels. I said no it would only transfer the problem to the back. She said the workshop manager would fix the wheels first. I responded saying how I knew this would not fix them, and they were just trying to fob me off! 3. Swap me into another GOLF GTD. Which they had none of anyway so I couldn’t I opted for my legal right to refuse the car back which they didn’t seem happy with. Absolutely terrible service.

Motorpoint's Response to LiamApex's Review

Written on: 05/11/2020

Thank you for your comments, i apologise that you have been left dissatisfied with the level of service you've received. Please can i ask you to refer to your most recent correspondences from Motorpoint.
Kind regards,

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Answers (3)
Report this content Clem24 Written on: 11/12/2015
Customer total satisfaction, they do not pressurise the customer. I have purchased two cars from Motorpoint. The first one was chosen by walking round the car lot and just asking for the keys to a few cars, having found vehicle that suited our needs, we walked back into th office and completed th deal. All without the salesmen accompanying us. Th second car I saw on the Internet, I spoke to them and collected the car a few days later. Both cars were in perfect condition, giving the impression that the no hassle, and customer satisfaction are Motorpoints values.
Report this content Motorpoint Aftersales Written on: 11/12/2015
This is quite a broad question and to provide you with all the details of our values and how we embody them I'd need more space than 300 words! Was there a particular answer you were looking for, would you be kind enough to rephrase the question so I can provide a more specific answer?
Report this content wendyepowell Written on: 03/08/2016
Will motorpoint sort my private reg out if I buy from them for the £80 fee
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What paperwork do I need to take with me when signing the finance documents?

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Answers (2)
Report this content Clem24 Written on: 09/12/2015
I did not take any paperwork with me, as they let me do a transfere on there computer into Motorpoints account. From then on they did the rest of the paperwork. The whole the process was seamless. No problems at all Have a great time with your new vehical
Report this content Motorpoint Aftersales Written on: 10/12/2015
Generally we would only ask for you to bring your driving licence. This may vary in future and could possibly vary from finance company to finance company. At this point in time through our approved lenders that is all they would need.
Asked by warrenjohnson on 3rd October 2015 Report this content
Has anyone brought a car from motor point with navigation inside without the SD? I rang motor point up and they said the manufacture will send it via post, is this true as I have friends who owns a Ford and they all have said they don't send it via post? Your views would be much appreciated. I have a Ford C-Max grande

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Answers (7)
Report this content Larryuk Written on: 05/10/2015
I have found that motor point will say any thing to get you of their back till you get fed up and sort it your self I would gust get one my self and have nothing more to do with a firm
Report this content ncfcfan75 Written on: 05/10/2015
I've bought 3 cars from Motorpoint and in my experience they are very good. I did have a missing manual on my first car, but Motorpoint sent me one (after a couple of phone calls). Regarding the Navigation SD card, I would ring the sales rep who dealt with you to check that they are sending you one. I am sure a little polite pressure will sort it out.
Report this content madmax889 Written on: 05/10/2015
Ford won't post it. You would need to pay for it up front then collect when it's been delivered to them. They are taking you for a ride! (You must be able to tell I have had a seriously bad experience) they are telling you fibs!
Report this content Motorpoint Aftersales Written on: 07/10/2015
I'm not sure why you've been informed Ford will send this via the post, unless we've ordered it from Ford and provided them with your address so it comes direct from them. I will resolve this for you personally, please ask to speak to Neil from customer care. I can't provide any direct contact information as things like emails and numbers are moderated off the comments, sorry. I could do with some details about who informed you this, all our calls are recorded so if someone has mislead you, I will find it, then I can report it to the relevant manager so action is taken. As per one of the other questions answered previously within this Q&A we guarantee that you will be provided with an SD card where applicable and if your car has a navigation then there will be no reason that you'd not get the SD card.
Report this content warrenjohnson Written on: 08/10/2015
Thank you guys for your quick response. Just an update that I have revived the sat nav SD to which came today in the post (4 days) after the sale. I had made the mistake of putting "manufacture" and it was motor point who was/has sent the SD out via post. I'm aware everyone is in titled to there own opinion about motor point but I do have to say that for my first time buying a car of motor point it was stress free and wasn't rushed with regards on buying a car, great staff and overall happy with the car. Thank you all again for your responses.
Report this content Antiguanboy Written on: 20/10/2015
Apologies for the late reply, but we are only just back from holiday. When I bought my current Mondeo from Peterborough the SD card was fitted in before I travelled home. There was no mention of it being posted. Touch wood the system works extremely well for me.
Report this content MichaelMcCready89 Written on: 21/11/2015
I did have a missing SD card and yes I did receive it via post. It was a used SD card and and not new as I was meant to be getting. I would avoid motor point as I have had nothing but problems. I am currently in the process of going to the ombudsman. They have even been giving me problems with a final response letter and when I did receive it its full of lies. The girl had a terrible attitude. Couldn't care at all about the customer. I've had too many lies. Soon as they have your money they wipe there hands off you.
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Asked by judith1dyson on 9th January 2015 Report this content
Has anyone encountered any problem getting a refund from Motorpoint? Also would Motorpoint charge the £99 transport fees, which they have said they would not if 'you decided not to buy the car'?

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Answers (3)
Report this content Cromp78 Written on: 09/01/2015
I haven't been in the situation where I have needed a refund or not bought the car,but if this is your first time with Motorpoint I can honestly say you will have no problems with them I'm on my second car with them and have only good experiences
Report this content richje100 Written on: 12/01/2015
I tried getting refund or different car after it's been back to main dealer 4 times for the same fault and it's still not cured a year down the line. Got trading standards involved and motorpoint attitude was to try and take them to court. My advice, most car places offer a price guarantee, avoid motorpoint and get the same car for the same price. This is my experience and I'm sure people have had great experience from them but I'll not be returning
Report this content madmax889 Written on: 05/10/2015
They did that to mine and did not tell me they would charge me at all. Why should I pay a fee when I want to spend money on a car that's in another showroom of theirs. Think of it this way a transporter is already coming this way moving stock around. For example if a transporter can hold 8/9 cars at £99 each
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Asked by lestuc on 12th September 2014 Report this content
I bought a car from Motorpoint 3 weeks ago and still don't have the manual, spare key and sd card for the satnav. Does this not sound like a long time for these to arrive?

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Answers (16)
Report this content davethomas181055 Written on: 15/09/2014
I have bought 4 cars from Motorpoint and I have had all the equipment listed in your question issued with the car when I have collected it. If you are concerned about this I suggest that you contact the Rep who sold you the car, in my experience Motorpoint's after sales service is very good.
Report this content mjcairney Written on: 15/09/2014
Yes, it does seem a long time and, if I were you, I would be hassling them until the missing items were in my pssession. Best of luck, Martin Cairney.
Report this content GTech1 Written on: 15/09/2014
Yes that does seem a long time. My car also did not have these items available when I collected the car but were sent by recorded delivery within 3 days. I would get in touch with their customer services first and see what response you get. After sales have been good in my experience
Report this content Kezzy08 Written on: 15/09/2014
My car was brand new but an import and missing the spare key, warning triangle and handbook. The key came immediately and the triangle came within days but I had to phone up again for the manual and this came after several weeks. I dealt with their after sales service, who were exceptionally helpful on this and some hassle I had with the DVLA getting my cherished plate transferred. I cannot recommend Motorpoint highly enough
Report this content Ac00201 Written on: 15/09/2014
Had similar situations, but a call to the Customer Services team has always resolved. I wouldn't wait 3 weeks for these items, so you should chase.
Report this content boomerang51 Written on: 15/09/2014
Really you should not have collected the car until everything was ok. I had no problems. They are good to deal with.
Report this content Noelly123 Written on: 15/09/2014
I agree with the davethomas181055 answer. You should have been given everything at the time you picked the car up - seems very strange.
Report this content Clem24 Written on: 15/09/2014
When I bought my car from Motorpoint the spare key, manual and the card for the Sat Nav were all given to me on the day of purchase. It does seem that you have been forgotten, I would you go and speak to the garage, I am sure they will sort you out. Speak to the customer care. I had great service from them. This is my second car it have bought from them. Hope this helps.
Report this content peterperfect01 Written on: 15/09/2014
I had to wait longer than that ,was keep informed weekly as the key had to come from the Citroen,the AA arrange a day to set the key up,came on time and all went well.based on my experience be patient .
Report this content jaf2013 Written on: 16/09/2014
jaf2013 Yes it is a long time, contact the salesman on your invoice to supply the missing items and to give you a date when they will be supplied to you, generally their aftersales is very good
Report this content VikingInstructor Written on: 16/09/2014
My experience of Motorpoint in Glasgow was the exact opposite to yours. I noticed an internal access panel to the rear lights in the boot was missing as was the car jack. I mentioned this to the sales rep at the time. I live near Aberdeen so both items were posted out to me within days. Must have cost a fortune posting a car jack!
Report this content CazNev Written on: 17/09/2014
I was given everything that belonged to the car when I picked it up, it's all listed for you what you are going to get with the car. You should not have to wait, never heard of this problem before I suggest you return to the person who sold the car get them to chase it up. We have had no problems whatsoever with Motorpoint. Good Luck
Report this content Pressy1 Written on: 17/09/2014
I had all manual, spare key and sd card on arrival to pick my new car up, this sounds very unlike motor point!
Report this content brookteal Written on: 17/09/2014
I agree with davethomas181055. I bought a 3 month old car from MP in Birmingham. All the necessary documents, sd card and equipment were issued with the vehicle. I found their collection process excellent. I would be contacting their main sales and giving them some grief but really, you need have to.
Report this content sharon.serin Written on: 18/09/2014
I too had no SD card when it came it did not work so I was told to take it to the nearest Vauxhall garage, after the 5th time its been in still not working and Vauxhall are now ordering a part which will take up to 8 9 weeks. Motorpoint did send the spare key.
Report this content Motorpoint Aftersales Written on: 24/09/2014
Just for clarification, we are very welcoming of any issues at Customer Care. If you need help with anything, we advise you give us a call and put your mind at ease. In most situations all the items are received when the car is delivered to us, however there are certain circumstances which stop us delivering items to you before the collection of your vehicle. We will always endeavour to get these items for you as quick as we can, be it the originals or replacements. With locating lost items or sourcing replacements there may be delays and depending on the circumstances the resolution time may not be entirely under our control. This is often what creates delays, some vehicle manufacturers need a copy of the V5 in order to produce a new key or service book as an example. If you are in a situation where you are missing items, please let us know as soon as you can so we can ensure this is dealt with in the fastest possible timeframe. There are no circumstances where we would not provide the associated items that come with the vehicle. These include: handbook, spare/main key and where applicable service book, audio guide, satnav guide, infotainment guide and satnav media (SD card/Disc as required)
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Asked by jennifer22040 on 20th July 2014 Report this content
Is there a fee admin charge like Carcraft?

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Answers (8)
Report this content davethomas181055 Written on: 21/07/2014
Yes there is. Not sure why though, its a bit anoying when you are parting with a huge sum of cash to find that there is a hidden charge. Not sure either what we get for this charge? New numberplates advertising Motorpoint (when there was nothing wrong with the old ones) history check (which we dont get to see)? Come on Motorpoint, surely this can be improved?
Report this content PJCC Written on: 21/07/2014
It has been some three half years since I last used Motorpoint, the paperwork from that period does not show an Admin Fee, although that may have changed now. I did have to pay a fee for the car to be transported from one Motorpoint site to another, primarily due to that they use external contractors to transport the cars around the country. This would only be overcome by choosing a vehicle from your local Motorpoint site. Otherwise I found them very efficient, and clear with their paperwork, also they sorted out additional parts that I had installed in the car, like reversing alarm and mobile phone hands free system, which of course were extra.
Report this content robert26 Written on: 21/07/2014
There is a set charge for preparing the car and paperwork (around £70)but to me it's a small price compared to the savings I have made at Motorpoint.
Report this content Noelly123 Written on: 21/07/2014
I am not aware of the term "fee admin charge". The only "fee" on my invoice is a "pre-delivery fee".
Report this content GinnyG Written on: 21/07/2014
Not as far as I'm aware.The car I bought was transferred from Derby to Burnley at no cost.
Report this content Justme73 Written on: 21/07/2014
No admin fee as far as I was concerned and no heavy sales pitch either. I found it much nicer than Carcraft
Report this content Motorpoint Aftersales Written on: 22/07/2014
The only additional charges which are added to any sale are the pre-delivery fee (£99), road fund licence (variable) and transport charge (£49-99 dependant on site) where applicable. Information regarding these items can be found on our website.
Report this content CazNev Written on: 01/08/2014
Sorry for the delay in answering we have been away. The answer to your question is not that we no of when we bought in 2012. August 1st Preston
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Asked by carlajane123 on 28th May 2014 Report this content
Why do motorpoint not put photos of all their cars on the website? And then when you complain they try and get your post taken down.

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Answers (5)
Report this content bobhaynes88 Written on: 29/05/2014
I think they advertise the cars before they've got them in their possession and so they can't take a picture. I bought one of these cars 18 months ago and next time would definitely only buy one with photos already on the website because the pre delivery inspection was not done properly (if at all)and there were several obvious faults (AC not working, parking sensor not working)not picked up or actioned probably due to lack of time before their promised pick up date.
Report this content robert26 Written on: 29/05/2014
Car dealers have vehicle coming into and stock and then sold again very quickly. It would be hard for any dealer to keep their photos up to date, especially a company like Motorpoint with their fast turn over of vehicles. The last car we bought from them had no photos. As the specification was right for us, we paid the £300 holding deposit. The car was shipped to Burnley and my wife had a test drive ( with a member of staff-not a salesman). Only when we were totally satisfied did we sign any papers to purchase. If the car did not live up to expectations, we would have had our £300 returned and we could walk away with no obligation. I don't think you can get fairer than that.
Report this content Justme73 Written on: 29/05/2014
I don't think they could possibly put all of their cars one the web site ... there are hundreds!! Also they sell so quickly it would be a mammoth task to keep it 100% current. I would prefer to go to a showroom any day. Web sites are okay for research but I think you need to see the car in real life as well as talk to a real person for advice and help. As for posts being taken down ... I don't think any company want negative things on their site. Especially if, in my opinion, it's something as trivial as photos on a web site as this detracts from the excellent business they provide. I would suggest that if you feel the need to complain go directly to their customer services rather than do it in a public way and then they can answer you directly.
Report this content Steve1946 Written on: 29/05/2014
As I understand, Motorpoint turn their stock over quickly and regularly & in quite a lot of cases they are playing catch up when updating the web site. In some cases a sale occurs without any pictures.
Report this content Maldetete Written on: 30/05/2014
Given the volume and rate of turnaround I am amazed at just how, more often than not, photographs are available. I purchased mine with 6k on the clock and the colour and specification I specifically wanted. It was moved from Newport to Peterborough for me at no charge. I needed to put a reservation deposit of £300 down but I regarded this as a no-brainer because it was very specifically to the specification I wanted and nearly new. Photographs were available before I travelled to collect and the reality was that the car was indistinguishable from new. I suggest that those who have used Motorpoint previously are confident that their reputation is well deserved and likely to be happy to proceed with reservation of a vehicle they are specifically after even before photographs are posted. If you do not have that confidence I understand why you would be reluctant to proceed but, in that case, be prepared for it to be sold by the time you are ready to commit.
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Asked by jackiebo on 7th March 2014 Report this content
I bought a nearly new fiat 500 and paid the money for pre delivey checks, hpi etc but did not receive any paper work for this. What paper work, books etc should I have received?

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Answers (16)
Report this content Antiguanboy Written on: 10/03/2014
Good morning, I recently purchased my second car from Motorpoint and upon selecting a car and paying the reservation fee of £300 to secure the car, I then duly waited until it had been moved up from Newport to Peterborough. Once it had been checked I made an appointment to go and collect it and it was then that I received the Sales invoice, which clearly showed the £300 deposit paid and the HPI etc. I was then asked to sign a declaration to confirm that I was happy with everything and that the car met with my expectations, which I am pleased to say it did. The vehicle Registration Document followed a few weeks later (V5C) I do hope that this has helped and I would not hesitate to purchase another car as I have found the whole process easy and very professional.
Report this content michaelbennett942 Written on: 10/03/2014
You should have received a HPI Confirmation Certificate with a certificate reference number etc for your car.
Report this content davethomas181055 Written on: 10/03/2014
This is a common gripe with Motorpoint and one which I share. Buyers pay a non negotiable additional sum but see little if any evidence of any benefits apart from new number plates advertising Motorpoint's business. I have questioned this strategy in the past myself. During my recent purchase I was shown, but not given a copy of the HPI report which showed outstanding credit on the car to Lloyds Bank. This is not a problem as Lloyds finance all Motorpoint's vehicle purchases. Motorpoint as a business are also required co comply with various UK legislation relating to Sale of Goods etc. My suggestion to Motorpoint (hopefully they read this blog) is, in order to inprove customer satisfaction,to add this predelivery charge to the advertised vehicle price. Also possibly to do a deal with HPI to allow the issue of a HPI certificate which does provides the buyer with greater confidence but does not detail the Lloyds credit issue.
Report this content bobhaynes88 Written on: 10/03/2014
I did not receive any paperwork either, but was allowed to look at the HPI confirmation when I asked about it, pre delivery checks are not worth the paper they're written on as in my case they were not carried out and missed many faults like aircon not working and parking radar dead, damaged windscreen and door trim.
Report this content Leo14 Written on: 10/03/2014
Hi, We have bought three cars from motorpoint in the last two months. There is no paperwork for PDI. The pre-delivery Inspection to me is an important part of the car purchase. This is where Motorpoint will not only valet,clean,shine the car. They will also carry out an inspection to ensure the car is mechanically "fit for purpose" to be on the road. Otherwise they will be held against the Sale of Goods Act. They should have also given you a Confirmation Certificate, which details the car reg including engine number , date of first registration etc as well as HPI clearance conformation. Please go back and ask for one as it is probably sitting on someone's desk at motorpoint.
Report this content PJCC Written on: 10/03/2014
the paperwork should be: Manufacturer's car manuals Service Manual - up to date Documnent detailing any information covering any change to the original technical build of the vehicle MOT if over 3 years old copy of the pre-sale check covering all aspects of the car Road Tax Disc
Report this content Cromp78 Written on: 10/03/2014
Yes you should of received a confirmation certificate about the hpi it has a lot of info about the car on it,you should also receive an itinerary listing all the checks they have and haven't done on your new vehicle.
Report this content experiencedmotorist Written on: 10/03/2014
I also thought I would get a PDI checksheet or a 'book' but I got nothing. I was told to have the PDI check for 'piece of mind'. (Car was only 5 months old and cost +£20,0000). At home I checked the car and found NO emergency tyre repair kit and on checking the tyres, I found 3 Michelin and 1 Budget tyre, (in nearly 40 years of motoring I have never heard of them). I phoned Motorpoint to complain, they said '"we will phone you back" Still waiting nearly 2 years later. I sent a letter of complaint to Motorpoint Customer Services, they replied -- 'not interested'. I sent a 'private & confidential' letter to the MD of Motorpoint, eventually received a reply which virtually said "TOUGH, GET ON WITH IT'. So much for a 'piece of mind' PDI check. Would I recomend anyone to have a PDI check --NO. Would I recomend anyone to buy a car from Motorpoint. After the way I have been treated, work it out for yourselves ?????
Report this content timetoswap Written on: 10/03/2014
The pre delivery check should be shown as an item on you final invoice. You can ask them what the PDI included. If the car is from reputable dealer the HPI check should have been done as no dealer would like to be selling a car which could be snatched back by an HP company. Selling cars with any sort of history (stolen/ written off etc) would not do their image any good! When you have paid for the car you should be given the invoice showing paid. The V5C (old log book) will have been sent to Swansea to have the car registered in your name and will be sent to you through the posy in about a week from the purchase. You should have been given a valid tax disk to be displayed however. If you took a temporary insurance there will be a document stating your cover. If no MOT and no insurance then you will probably just have the sale invoice. Hope this helps
Report this content parcpanteg170 Written on: 10/03/2014
you will recieve all the paper work and books when you pick you car up. The money you have put down will come off the price of thre car if you decide you want it if not they will refund it.
Report this content FredSalt Written on: 10/03/2014
You should have received documents as though you had just purchased a new car.
Report this content davidfenn Written on: 10/03/2014
As far as I know these hpi checks were already carried out on the car I bought from Peterborough. I received a form showing the results but I didn't pay any extra for it. What you must do before buying is to check the car for any service books, manuals, locking wheel nut socket etc. The day I picked my car up I ask for two items that were missing, 1 being tha sd card for the satnav in which ghey sent me a genuine new replacement and the 2nd item was the vauxhall pass code, I was told they do not use them anymore, but when I went to my local vauxhall garage to have a computer upgrade done I was asked for the pass code this cost me £30 but got this back from motorpoint after complaining. IN A NUT SHELL DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON WHAT YOU SHOULD GET WITH THE CAR. Dont let this stop you from buying from them because I definitely will be buying from them again.
Report this content richje100 Written on: 11/03/2014
Hi, I got them to waive the £100 as part of the sale and in my handbook was a hpi cert. As they don't reduce price of their cars this and maybe finance interest is the only way of negotiating. Ring them and ask where the paperwork is.
Report this content BarbaraE Written on: 11/03/2014
All the usual booklets & instruction manual which come with a new vehicle should be there together with a pre delivery check record. Have you talked with Motorpoint about this problem? Personally I found them extremely helpful with a couple of small things I needed resolving. Just give them a ring. We have bought two cars from them & been extremely satisfied.
Report this content BarbaraE Written on: 11/03/2014
All the usual booklets & instruction manual which come with a new vehicle should be there together with a pre delivery check record. Have you talked with Motorpoint about this problem? Personally I found them extremely helpful with a couple of problems I needed resolving. Just give them a ring. We have bought two cars from them & been extremely satisfied.
Report this content Motorpoint Aftersales Written on: 11/03/2014
With any new vehicle you can receive a number of items, it depends greatly on the type of car you buy. We always provide a spare key and a handbook, some cars may also come with a service book (service history can be digital and do not require a service book), satnav guide (if the car has one) and Audio guide/infotainment manual if your car needs one (this is usually referenced inside your main handbook if present). When we perform a HPI report we have the opportunity of generating a certificate which we are able to provide to you. If you are missing this, we can provide a replacement, you just need to contact the aftersales team and we will produce one. If there is outstanding "dealer stocking" finance present on a HPI report, this is nothing to be concerned about, this is normal and the certificate should be re-printed when this is clear. "Dealer Stocking" is the method we employ to display the vast array of cars we have in our stock and we also provide a letter of indemnity to reassure you that that outstanding financial interest is Motorpoints responsibility to clear. The Pre-delivery inspection check sheet is usually for internal purposes but we do keep a record of these for all cars we deal with. These are not usually provided but can be provided upon request. The V5 or logbook will follow from the DVLA within a 6 week period.
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Asked by motorpoint3334 on 30th January 2014 Report this content
Are Motorpoint vehicles imports? Are warranties as buying from a dealer? 

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Answers (25)
Report this content NeilLewis Written on: 31/01/2014
The cars are not imports but sourced from the UK. Yes the warranties are as buying from a dealer.
Report this content TM02COM Written on: 31/01/2014
I have bought 2 vehicles from them . 1 a BMW was previously a hire car and the other a Fiat was pre registered and had 5 miles on the clock. Neither were imported and both carried full manufacturers warranty. The Motorpoint Sales guy was happy to give me the full history on both. Both have been sensational value for money and I wouldn`t go past them for my next purchase.
Report this content davethomas181055 Written on: 31/01/2014
I have bought 4 vehicles for both myself and my wife from motorpoint. Three were ex rental cars and one was a dealer part ex, all UK cars. They were all in excellent condition and to date we have experienced no problems, and I do 30k miles per annum in my cars! With regards to warranties, the vehicles I have purchased have all been between 6 and 18 moths old, so they have been still covered by the manufacturers warranties. It helps if they have the relevant main dealer service stamp on the service record, which has been the case with the vehicles I purchased. On the occasions that I have needed dealer warranty work there have been no problems.
Report this content michaelbennett942 Written on: 31/01/2014
The vehicle that I purchased from Motorpoint was a VW Passat which was a UK registered car with the normal UK warranty. It is possible that some cars may be imported and you will need to purchase a warranty to obtain similar cover to a UK registered vehicle. A well known company called Warranty Direct could help with this, there may be others. My experience in the past with a purchased extended vehicle warranty has been good and you can take it to any VAT registered repairer.
Report this content Kezzy08 Written on: 31/01/2014
Not all MP vehicles are imports and they are transparent about those that are. All imports from within Europe are subject to the same manufacturing standards as the UK although specs may differ slightly (My vehicle had an immobiliser but no alarm although my insurers were not concerned about this). Warranties are valid from the date of first registration. Standard EU dealer minimum warranty is only 2 years rather than 3 in the UK. Motorpoint supplied me with a warranty extension to give me a total of 4 years.
Report this content boldisc Written on: 31/01/2014
The car I bought was definitely a UK sourced vehicle and the warranty from the maker (Ford) is still valid until the car is 36 months old
Report this content CountryBoy2 Written on: 31/01/2014
I bought an Astra from them. It was previously owned by a UK leasing company but was in very good condition. Car was still under manufacturer warranty so I did not take any other warranty.
Report this content bobhaynes88 Written on: 31/01/2014
Some of their vehicles are imports, sometimes the 2 not 3 year manufacturers warranty is a giveaway, but ask the question directly to one of their staff with a witness present if you're worried. I don't know about their warranties as I don't think a nearly new car needs one and I've never bought one for any of the cars I bought from motorpoint.Check the vehicle very carefully when you pick it up, the aircon and parking radar wasn't working on my 6 month old Golf when I picked it up, they don't seem to do many checks themselves and because of the major faults I missed two minor items of damaged trim I should have noticed.but.... motorpoint can be very good value if you take great care to check everything
Report this content vegas13 Written on: 31/01/2014
Yes the have there warranty I took mines the ford at the time to a ford dealer which it was under warranty. Though I didnt really like ford dealing with them but this wasnt anything to do with motorpoint.
Report this content Ross5264 Written on: 31/01/2014
No, Not all the cars are imports. I have also had a number of cars from Motorpoint. From what I understand vast majority of their cars are upto 36 months old and will have manufacturers warranty. I purchased my current car there a few months back, and i had a slight issue with the digital fuel gauge. Motorport were VERY helpful to assist me getting the car into the local manufacturers dealership - and was quickly fixed with a software upgrade.
Report this content VinceRobertson Written on: 31/01/2014
I bought a VW Passat in September 2013 and it is not an import. The full manufacturer's warranty is still current with some 5 months to run. I was shown the full history of the vehicle and consider the service first class. I am, and have been, delighted with the car.
Report this content CazNev Written on: 31/01/2014
Neville Taylor PRESTON As far as we know the car we purchased and was not imported, the warranty is the same as you get from a dealer, you are supplied with documents regarding the warranty along with the car.
Report this content Francespendle Written on: 31/01/2014
I purchased a Hyundai which was new but pre-registered with Hyundai themselves in the UK and only had 4 miles on the clock. It was not an import. I took it to my local dealer for the service under the 5 year warranty with no problem whatsoever. This car was an excellent price and the whole experience at Motorpoint was first class.
Report this content notechbrain Written on: 31/01/2014
some new ones are imports , but they have a euro wide warranty the same as if you buy one from a franchised dealer in the UK. I have recently brought a 10 month old ex rental audi a4 and it has the remainder of 3year warranty and I can take it to any UK Audi dealer for any problems. A great place to buy cars from any queries ask them and they will be very helpful
Report this content Maldetete Written on: 31/01/2014
"My own purchase (1st from Motorpoint) was of a Mondeo with just 6K on the clock. It was 6months old and previously with a car hire company on the South coast. As far as I'm aware (and as widely reported by the motoring media) this is typical of their supply line. That said, I think it would be sensible to specifically ask for basic details of origin before committing. Vehicles come with manufacturer's full warranty and options are available should you wish to extend that. I have to say that my experience with Motorpoint was exemplary and I would unhesitatingly use them again"
Report this content LADYLEEDS Written on: 31/01/2014
The Corsa I bought from Motorpoint was not an import and was sourced in the UK, in fact, it came down from Glasgow. The warranty was given by Motorpoint as per manufacturers warranty. I was fully satisfied with the service from Motorpoint and will not hesitate to recommend them and buy again from them. Hope this helps.
Report this content experiencedmotorist Written on: 31/01/2014
Hi. I'm not sure about now, but in 2000 I bought a brand new Toyota Celica VVti from Motorpoint Derby for my wife. As far as I'm aware, the warranty is the same but I AM NOT SURE ABOUT THAT. BUT, when we had the timing belt tensioner changed, this WAS changed under the Warranty. What we did find is that when when took it to be serviced at a Toyota Main Dealer, we got the 'look down their nose at us' and "Oh it's an import, you won't get the same trade in price as a British made one", Well if you keep the car for many years, who cares, you never get the value of a car at trade in anyway. What we did find with he car was that the spec. was different, It should have had a Super Duper Sony CD /Cassette /Stereo but it was fitted with a basic CD/Stereo. Also some of the 'badging' was not on the car. However, we still have the car (14 years) and the only things that have gone wrong are the timing belt tensioner 3 times(Bearing screaching every time) but all changed in warranty. So except for being 'looked down on' by the main dealers when it went for services (we stood our ground and said "do you want to do the job or not" i.e services and warranty repairs, we have had no problems. I WOULD buy another import again. WE saved about £7000 on the price of buying from a Toyota Main Dealer,and the only real difference was the stereo. (We bought and fitted the VVTi badge at a later date. Oh yes I nearly forgot, there was NO Service book included, we had to buy that. Experienced Motorist.
Report this content Steve1946 Written on: 31/01/2014
All cars are UK spec with balance of manufacturers warranty, great company to deal with, no complaints at all.
Report this content Clem24 Written on: 31/01/2014
I have bought 2 cars from Motorpoint. One was imported from Cyprus and had the same warranty as a UK bought car. The other was a UK car with the manufacturers full warranty . On both cars I extended the warranty for a further 2years. I am very pleased with the arrangements and the service.
Report this content derekchilman Written on: 31/01/2014
Derek Chilman Answer. 31/01/2014 I have purchased 3 cars from Motorpoint. 2 of which were nearly new and the last one was pre registered with 5 miles on the clock. None of the cars were imported and all carried the full manufacturers warranty. I have always found that if you ask if the vehicles are imported, they have always checked this out and advised me. The three vehicles I have purchased from Motorpoint have been excellent value and I would certainly deal with them again for my next purchase.
Report this content Motorpoint Aftersales Written on: 31/01/2014
Motorpoint supply a mix of UK and imported vehicles, we used to sell the majority of imported vehicles (roughly 10 years ago) and the balance has gradually tipped to the other end of the scale where now imported vehicles are the minority. Some imported vehicles may differ slightly in specification, so if you do end up aiming to purchase an imported car from us, you should always check that features you desire exist on the car. This is by no means a disavantage for imported cars, some imported cars have additional features which DO NOT exist on UK equivilent cars. It is very, very rare that any of our cars are sold without warranty, this information will be made very clear and it's built into our discussion with you that we make a point to discuss remaining warranty on any vehicles you enquire about. Typically an imported vehicle will have 2 years warranty where UK vehicles will usually have 3 years, some brands provide 5 and 7 year warranties so it always pays to check. Your warranty will vary on every vehicle as the remaining warranty will depend on the date of first registration. All warranties will be UK applicable and any valid warranty claim will be accepted, regardless of the country of origin.
Report this content PJCC Written on: 31/01/2014
Hi To the best of my knowledge all the cars at Motorpoint are sourced from the UK market - and all outstanding manufacturers warranties are upheld. Their sales personal are excellent
Report this content harrijames Written on: 31/01/2014
the cars are not imports and the manufacturers warranty also applies as if you purchased from the dealer, have had a couple of cars from this company,the one was fine, and the other one had a couple of issues which to be fair when i spoke to motorpoint they sorted for me. having done my homework before buying i found out that some of the cars are ex demonstrators and a fair few come from ERAC which is enterprise rent a car, it appears ERAC policy is to change the vehicle when it is 12 months old or it has done 10k miles whichever comes first. the only negative thing i have to say about motorpoint is i was told when i purchased my vehicle i had to pay for a pre delivery inspection, which is about £90 after taking delivery of my vehicle i found the faults and i complained the PDI had clearly not been carried out as the faults could be seen ( a broken air conditioning pipe top of engine ) there for all to see, i therefore asked for a refund of the £90 which was returned to me with a an apology and an investigation promised. the only other thing if you look at the small print on the website it states the PDI is not compulsory. would i buy another car from them yes i would although i had a couple of issues they sorted it out to my satisfaction. not all car supermarkets are like motorpoint, just have a look at some of the reviews for others on this site hope this helps.
Report this content hubert999999 Written on: 07/03/2014
Most are NOt imports but the warranties are NOT the same hire cars have worse warranties
Report this content par42 Written on: 10/03/2014
Just bought my second car from Motorpoint - A 5 month old Ford Mondeo - the previous owner was Apex rentals - a specialist in new car rentals - so one 4 month 1800 mile let and off to Motorpoint for resale....
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