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“Very Slow Servers”


written by zoMiles279 on 02/06/2020

I've migrated my website to them to test things out. As soon as the migration completed, my website started to show problems. More specifically, my website was taking forever to load and many times I received errors. Sometimes when my website was loading, it appeared broken. Every time I was contacting support and every time they were fixing the problem. As a webmaster though, I can't deal with problems all the time. I need my affiliate websites to be FAST and up and running smoothly. Every time my website is down, I lose money. More importantly, I lose TIME trying to figure things out and contacting their support. Anyway, after like two months I - again - migrated my website to another host and everything is great now. I don't like leaving bad reviews, but these guys need to fix their services ASAP.

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“This place is a JOKE! ”


written by RussoItaliangc246 on 22/09/2017

We have been with them for 5 years (having used several of their services). We just finally migrated our last site away from them THANK GOD!!! By far the worst hosting provider we have ever used. Their support is HORRIBLE. It doesn't matter if you have a managed account or not... you can always count on their support to be pretty, well... un-supporting. We discovered a problem that was within their network (not on our server) that grinded our business to a halt. They were incapable of resolving the matter (in fact, they would barely even bother to lift a finger until we threatened to leave). We also paid extra to have automated backups with them. Just about every single time we checked on them they would not be running. They will never be proactive in figuring it out for you. When we would catch it, they would never credit any of the money. They would take days to get it fixed each time (only to fail again a couple weeks later unbeknownst to us). Even though our website didn't work at all during the last billing period, they still wouldn't issue a refund. This place is a JOKE!

Jasonatnetcetera's Comment

Written on: 23/09/2017


As we have discussed with you previously, we do not react under threat of negative reviews or malicious chargebacks in order for you to achieve your desired outcome.

We appreciated your business over the years but your continued abuse towards our staff, leaving misrepresentative negative reviews and filing malicious chargebacks means that we will no longer welcome you as a client and these actions have also been recorded against various industry-wide anti-fraud records.

Our technicians tried to work with you on multiple occasions to establish the problem - which was on your server and not a problem with our network - but because you didn't feel obliged to communicate back to us that either A) The issue was resolved or B) The issues were still present... we were unable to assume. Our technicians are awesome, but they are not psychic.

We wish you the best of luck with your new provider.

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Emailmefoo's Comment

Written on: 25/09/2017

Haha... Seriously? I had a whole team of IT professionals looking at the progress of the support tickets... they were all shaking their heads at what is either sheer laziness or incompetence of Netcetera staff.

The chargebacks are because you fail to stand behind the guarantee in your SLA and failure to provide services as described.

Anybody reading this... seriously, don't make the mistake we did. Our shopping cart just suddenly stopped working. Netcetera's reply was that the server looked fine. The second I copied the site to a test server it 100% worked again.

The problem was an incredibly slow connection coming out of Netcetera (so slow it was making the shopping cart fail).

Netcetera then tried to blame it on my ISP (but we have tech staff all over the country using different ISPs all having the same problem).

We can only wait so long for them to stop pretending they don't have a problem. After a week, communication became a pointless effort.

Besides, look around at other review websites. I am clearly not the only one that has huge problems with Netcetera.

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“Complete lack of understanding of the basics by netcetera”


written by TheMediaWerkz on 17/01/2016

I have a website hosted with netcetera, I raised a fault with them and after 2 days the have failed to address the fault and have now started to make make a fool of me. php $_SESSION variables are not working, that is they continue to change for each session instead of holding a constant value during the session. I have raised 10 tickets of concern. Each response show a complete lack of understanding by the company. As they do not understand the issue they took to try and make a fool out of me.

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“Avoid them at all costs.”


written by Braxton118 on 11/07/2014

Initially the experience was reasonable, but my website has now been down for many days with Netcetera, for no obvious reason. Technical support just say "we're working on it", but don't fix anything, or get the site back up. Even though it has now finally come back up, it's not working properly because of other systems they manage. This is not an isolated incident, this happens to many users, judging by comments on social media. You should avoid this company. If it's a commercial website, you could lose a lot of money/clients, arising from prolonged website downtime.

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“Poor service, helpdesk and 2 days of down time”


written by Kennyzi487 on 08/07/2014

Never again, I'd rather use a carrier pigeon than use Netcetera again. I chose their base shared hosting package and added SQL 2008 to the bundle and they were fine for the first year. The support are always one word answers but I expect that these days from a non technical helpdesk and I just put it down to cheap level 1 call loggers. However I've just experienced 2 days of outage on my website with these guys and when I raised a ticket I had to chase it after 3 hours of no response. They had the audacity to offer me to upgrade to their fully hosted service which is co-located. To sum up, take all the negatives above and add mine. In my honest opinion the support is poor and to have 2 days downtime and a one word answer patronising helpdesk is beyond belief. Avoid like the plague folks.

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“Worst hosting provider I've ever dealt with”


written by Cantrellkn180 on 28/03/2014

Netcetera is currently experiencing another one if it's 'minor outages' (they term it a minor issue if it doesn't affect all servers even if it affects every customer - such as the client area, email and support ticket system). This problem is well into its third day. Their service is currently the worst I have ever experienced, but that is because the tech staff, who are usually quite quick to respond, are proverbially fighting a major fire which didn't have to ignite. On average, I have suffered a problem every 2 weeks from January 2014 until now. After the last one, I made a point of preparing another provider's site for a switch over in case something happened. So note, whatever you pay here you are going to have to pay for another provider to take mitigate the risk of Netcetera going down. Their service has degraded so badly in recent months I can't understand how they have got into this position! I have never seen anything like it. They don't know anything about DR, they misrepresent the concept of a 'managed shared hosting' solution as you still have to do your own backups and in my case at least, find another provider to switch to. The SLA isn't really worth the e-paper it is written on, as it's capped at a month free, even though me and others who are affected have been hit for what is now 55 hours. There is a huge disparity between the way they consider an outage and what others consider an outage and frankly, I have no idea what planet they are on! The idea that all server automatically make an outage major is laughable! I wish I could give it negative stars! Don't let the MS Gold Partner badge fool you, that just means they know how to market and work with MS products, not that the concepts of DR, managed hosting and especially cloud are understood by them at all! They are amateurs at solution and enterprise level. There is no way I could recommend them to anyone for any form of long-term/always on provision, because they clearly can't manage it.

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“Shocking Customer Service”


written by RAD2013 on 23/04/2013

Had an issue migrating a site. Their 'Tech Support' stepped in to assist. At the point when they stepped in the site was fully working. They proceeded to delete the wrong database, couldn't recover it, blamed me, the customer, for supplying incorrect details which I proved otherwise and then put that many references between the two sites that they couldn't undo and sent me a message four days later to say they suggest I get a wordpress developer to look and fix the problems! Got to say a shocking level of service. Cannot get hold of anyone other than a useless offsite contact centre. No sign of technical expertise and not a single ounce of care for customer service.

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“Excellent Host”


written by Bev78954 on 12/03/2013

Bought a VPS of them,it was quickly setup and they migrated my website from Fasthosts free of charge. Support is fast and efficient. Highly recommended.

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“Not what they appear”


written by andrewatdivas on 22/08/2012

.... it seems the gloss marketing is but gloss ... I brought the cloud service with free migration and free 24/7 support.... Wordpress migration is NOT free it turns out .. .it costs 50 quid to migrate ... and support is only free if they dont actually have to do anything to the setup ... stay clear

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written by on 06/07/2012

Entirely solved the problem. Very prompt reply.

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written by davideitalia on 26/01/2012

Outstanding service 24 hours a day! I have been using Netcetera for almost 4 years and I can say that their service is excellent! I have contacted them on a few occasions in the middle of the night and they always reply within minutes with an answer, even if it is not urgent! They are always very helpful!

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“Great customer service, price and packages ”


written by on 23/03/2011

Great customer service, price and packages
I went with the developer package, 1 month free. My experience so far has been second to none. The account set up was instant, their packages are extensive and feature packed including providing WebMatrix support which was a winner. I had two support queries after I was up and running and each time I was promptly responded to and the issues we resol ved very quickly and in a very professional manner. It is refreshing to have such good offers and packages without sacrificing customer service. A very happy customer good job Netcetera!!

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