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Latest Reviews

“Horrible chair”


written by Gillespiedj175 on 22/12/2021

A little over three years ago I purchased a Stressless Mayfair power recliner. The seat progressively collapsed towards the rear, where it meets the chair back. This caused great pain due to the lack of support. Fortunately the furniture store ordered a new seat. Six weeks and it's still not here. What's worse is fact the chair, as another reviewer noted, has mind of its own. It randomly reclines and it can't be stopped. It has done this even when no one is seated. You have to straddle the leg rest and climb out of the chair, get on your knees and unplug the power cord from the battery to the chair and then plug it back in. You also have to get down on your knees to plug in the converter to the battery to recharge. This chair is literally and figuratively a pain in the butt.

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“Terrible chair”


written by Sonia200 on 22/08/2021

I am an ergonomics specialist and thought that stressless recliners were great at one time, and coupled with their appearance, motivated me to pay two of their recliners along with a sofa, a cost over 10,000 dollars. We sat in the chairs for a short while at the store and they felt good so we bought them. Bad decision, in fact ANY other furniture would have been better. Ergonomically, when reclined, the waterfall from the seat pan cuts off circulation on your legs, then you will get neck and back pain. The foot stool is also terrible, it does not go up or down in height causing the leg and foot to place extra pressure on your thigh and back and neck. If you’re going to sit in their furniture longer than an hour, you’re going to have musculoskeletal problems. Don’t buy this furniture, it is actually nothing more than a poorly functional desk chair. Sit in the chair for an extended time before making your buying decision and then go sit in a different recliner, you’ll see the difference and appreciate the savings from not blowing your money on junk

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“Reclines without asking ”


written by 92Gilliam on 16/04/2021

The chair itself is great yet it has a mind of its own It reclines sometimes when just sitting in it Paid way to Much for It

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“Leather peels and cracks - looks awful”


written by Christinea150 on 16/11/2020

Very disappointed in the quality of the leather. Doesn't seem to be real leather, as it's peeling, cracking, discoloring. After less than 5 years, the $2800 chair is ready for the dump. Will not buy again.

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“Poor quality and service”


written by on 18/01/2018

I reported a part failure on 11th of December and supplied a couple of photos. Ekornes sent two boxes of replacements which arrived this week.. The furniture supplier came out very quickly but it soon became clear that he had had a wasted journey as they were of no use at all. The very pleasant gentleman who came was very apologetic but said that he was not surprised and that Ekhornes were very poor to deal with. I now have to wait for a specialist team to arrange to come to my home to repair it but as it is linked to Ekornes I am not holding my breath. The chair was comfy enough but I would not recommend this particular Norwegian manufacturer to my worst enemy!

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“Never spent a dollar on stressless”


written by Arieanthonie on 09/12/2017

We have had a stressless jazz recliner . After five years of collecting dust we had it take away bij second hand store. Most expensive dust collectioner ever bought. Terrible angle between Seat and back . Never had chair causing so much low and high back pain as this one. Low back pain starts After ten minutes sitting, high back pain ten minutes later. Worthless product.

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“Bad Company”


written by Jholloway1957 on 05/12/2017

I purchased a EKORNES Stressless chair from Collier's Furniture Expo on May 15,2017 and after one attempt to repair the head rest from falling down and one replacement chair the head rest on the replacement chair falls down just like the first chair did. Now the sales person that sold me the chair stated that the store manager will not assist in correcting the problem and that I would have to bring the chair to them instead of them coming back to our home. He also stated that they lost $45.00 by taking the first chair back and replacing it with another defective chair. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY DOING BUSINESS WITH Colliers Furniture Expo on purchasing a EKORNES Stressless chair. I paid $2.785.00 for this chair and it appears that once they have your money that both EKORNES the manufacturer and Colliers Expo Furniture do not stand behind their products. The store manager will not even return my phone call and EKORNES when I contacted them pushes in back to Colliers Furniture Expo which refuses to do anything more to correct the problem. SO MUCH FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER THE SALE. 2,785.00 for a Stressless chair that the person I dealt with acknowledged he has seen this problem with the adjustable headrest not staying in the set position before with people that are tall like myself. Now he refuses to take the chair back knowing of the problem and making the omission of the problem in a phone conversation. Neither the management with Ekornes Stressless chairs nor the person I dealt with has offered to take care of this problem and do not return phone calls at this time. Poor Customer service from both Ekornes Stressless Chairs or Colliers Furniture Expo. I can only assume that once they have your money, they could care less about the inferior product that they have sold

Sharongreene's Response to Jholloway1957's Review

Written on: 03/01/2018

My chair is in my bedroom and it is white and I seldom sit in it. I keep a sheet over it because of the color and the color started discoloring with in 2-3 months of purchasing it. BOVA furniture (Falls Church, VA) said it was from my clothes and I've never sat in the chair without the sheet. I come from a family that covers their furniture with plastic to keep it new looking. I'm very dissatisfied that they did not replace the chair. I contacted a leather fiber repair and they said:The factory topcoat may have failed and as a result, the dye is coming off. I paid over $4500.00 for my chair and I'm very dissatisfied with the service and the quality of the dye on my chair.

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“Stressless chairs are terrible quality and design”


written by Stress2017 on 25/10/2017

The leather loses the colour and quality after a period of only two years. Given that we travel a lot in our retirement we do not use these chairs every day! Also, the padding or foam interior loses its thickness and the overal quality of the stressless chair becomes FLAT and unsightly. Not good performance and the manufacturer, shop and insurance extended warranty does not cover this????. Why pay extra insurance cover when they deny responsibility. Would definitely not recommend this furniture. We looked up the sales advertisements and the USA state comfort for up to 3 hours. The U.K. Do not state this fact. The chairs dip at the back of the seat which means your knees are higher than your hips and can in fact cause back ache.

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“Metro stressless recliner ”


written by 329Vaughan on 10/08/2017

Extremely disappointed, leather creased after short time and folded over on seats of chairs.followed all procedure to try and rectify, no out come, Starting claim on credit card , section 75.. Do not waste your money on stressless . Poor quality, we even upgraded leather.

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“Seat cushion not available ”


written by LuisYoung209 on 10/08/2017

We have 2 of the Kensington chairs and a matching Sofa that we have had for 16 years and love them. I joke that my wife can not sit in her chair for more then 15 minutes before she falls asleep. A couple of weeks ago the seat cushion in my chair broke, ( it is a molded piece of foam ) Called Ekornes and they sent me to a local distributor and I gave them a copy of the original receipt from our purchase, then waited. Now I am being told that they don't produce that style any more ??? I was willing to pay for this and now ??? you would think that they still own the molds for this and could build one to keep a loyal customer happy. Is this just to get me to buy a new one ? I am very upset about this and doubt that I will replace it with another Ekornes. If I had been told that parts would go obsolete I would have looked at other options. Now have a chair that is useless.

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“Leather smells very bad.”


written by Djs60 on 30/07/2017

Received my stress less chair 26/07/17,the chair is comfortable BUT the smell the leather gives off is very unpleasant and it is giving me headaches,I am typing this with my windows open and the smell is not good. I have had a leather sofa and two armchairs before and yes they did smell of leather this does not. As I bought this in a large store the smell was not noticeable, and the salesman made no mention of it smelling different to other leather items or it being so strong, I suppose he just wanted my money. If you have no sense of smell then it might be ok for you but I am regretting buying already. I have sent an e-mail to the supplier and am waiting for a response.

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“Permanent Indentation mark in one week”


written by giBeasley203 on 30/05/2017

I have been weighting up for sometimes whether to buy the Stressless or other brands, I ended up buying the Stressless Peace Medium recliner due to it's known comfort,quality and workmanship even being pricier than other brands. I selected the Cori leather (same cost as Paloma at the time) on the advice at the store that this leather will hold it's shape better over times, I was also reassured by seeing the same model displayed chair covered in Cori and looked perfect without one single wrinkle or indentation. However, to my big surprise and great dissappointment, less than one week of receiving the chair not mentioning other smaller issues, the chair had a permanent butt indentation, and after 1 month or so there is so much crease on the chair and back that makes the chair looked 5 years or older. When questioned the store and online customer support, there was no suggestion or offer to help. I have now changed my view on the norm European quality and services after this experience.

Thegerihatrick's Comment

Written on: 17/10/2017

Same experience. Bought a Consul recliner in Paloma leather and two weeks in, the seat looks about 5 years old and back and arms going same way. I sent pix to Ekornes but they just told me to go back to supplier. Really disappointed as I had to wait 13 weeks YES 13 weeks for this chair as Ekornes apparently 'Shut down for holidays' during all of August. And now I've got it, it looks as though we've had it for years. What a waste of £1300.

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“What a load of rubbish”


written by 107Griffin-Alt on 29/05/2017

Stressless, where did that name come from? We bought our two chairs probably some years ago. They are uncomfortable but the most irritating part of the unit is the swivel. We had an engineer out to inspect these chairs and were told that the swivel action of the chairs was being impeded by the fact that they were sat on carpet, well I should think probably 60% of the homes in UK have carpet. We now have the chairs sat on tiles, I have cleaned the runners doused them with silicon oil and well what do you think? You've got it, they are even worse! We are due to have a new Quickstep floor put down, quite an expensive project but we will not be allowing stress less chairs anywhere near this. Would I recommend Stressless chairs? NO I would not, in fact I would rather go to the cheap end suppliers and get something that works properly. If you've bought recently I'd say send them back.

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“Love my Stressless”


written by Caitlinmir on 11/03/2017

I recently bought a medium Consul Stressless recliner. Have wanted one for ages to go in my bedroom. Cost £1000, but was worth it. Would have preferred not to have had to it together myself, but eventually after about half an hour it was all up and ready. Is exceptionally comfortable. I suffer with back pain and love that it supports my lower back in whatever position I wanted. Love that it reclines all the way back. Had brought a much cheaper chair which only went back a tiny way. Still keep thinking it is going to tip over when I lay right back, but I am beginning to trust it not to! Have the signature base, which gives it a wonderful rocking movement. Have also bought the Stressless Leather Care kit so am hoping that I get many years out of my recliner. I have no negatives about my chair at all and love that I finally have my own Stressless recliner. Love it x

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“Value for money”


written by Robertcorcoran on 27/11/2016

I am very disappointed in your chair. This is the second Ekornes that we've had, the finish of this one isn't a patch on our other chair which lasted for over twenty years, this on is barely two months old and the arm rests are showing signs of compression, the stitching is also not the best. Would I buy an other, no way. For the record it's not comfortable, it's rubbish, and I'm sorry I bought the thing as it's money wasted

Stresslessuk's Response to Robertcorcoran's Review

Written on: 12/12/2016

Hello, we are very sorry to hear about your difficulties with your new chair. Please do get in touch with us directly at the details listed on our page so that we can look into this for you.

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“Worst Investment Ever!”


written by ksilv on 25/10/2016

Our sofa was delivered in January. It is beautiful. We HATE it! It is the most uncomfortable seating I've ever had & I regret the purchase! The back is high & the headrest is positioned in such a way that our head tilts forward which really causes neck pain! Also, it is supposed to recline but when you sit back it slowly pushes you forward until you are sitting completely straight again. We paid a significant amount of money (more than $6,000!) and NEVER sit in it! I can't return it so we are just stuck with a beautiful, impractical sofa. I asked the store if i could exchange it for a different ekornes and they simply wouldn't budge!

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“Sure fooled me”


written by jrnfla on 20/05/2016

This is a very expensive chair and even more expensive than the Perfect Chair recliners that are excellent chairs for people with back pain and issues. My old Perfect Chair recliner was worn out after many years of use and, after extensive research, I foolishly decided to buy a stressless recliner. I bought one of the large stressless recliners in March 2016. It is a very nice looking chair and seemed comfortable when I sat in it in the store. However, after delivery and sitting in the chair for a few hours, I find the chair very uncomfortable and it aggravates my back pain. A significant problem is that the back of the chair cannot be locked into a position; while you can tighten the reclining apparatus you cannot secure it so the chair continues to recline as far as possible. The back cushion is held in place by a strip of velcro so the back pad routinely pulls away and slides down and becomes a knot or bulge digging into my back. I regret purchasing the stressless recliner and am so disgusted with the chair that I bought another Perfect Chair which is significantly superior to the stressless recliner. My spouse also finds the chair to be very uncomfortable. Consequently, the stressless recliner sits in the corner of a room collecting dust. I urge extreme caution and very thorough research before you elect to buy a stressless recliner!

Stresslessuk's Response to jrnfla's Review

Written on: 07/06/2016

Hello, we are very sorry to hear you are having trouble with your chair. You’re right that our Stressless® glide system does not lock in place: it reads your body’s weight and shape to adjust for a natural, adaptive recline. Please do get in touch with our customer service team – you can find our contact details at the top of the page.
Best regards,
Ekornes UK

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Bajm's Response to jrnfla's Review

Written on: 14/11/2016

A rarity in that Ekornes have actually responded. Now that we have your attetnion perhaps you could comment on my point re the seat cushions failing prematurely.


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“Seat cushions fail prematurely ”


written by BAJM on 24/03/2016

I bought a sofa and reclining chair believing the Ekornes sales pitch that their furniture is an investment and are built to last. 6 years and the seats are very uncomfortable and totally lack support due to the cushions collapsing. Ekornes response to my complaints are that this is normal wear and tear. Very disappointing and I would advise you don't buy given the premium price that Ekornes takes for their furniture.

Ccrout's Response to BAJM's Review

Written on: 19/07/2016

Absolutely agree ,we bought 2 recliners they are the most uncomfortable chairs .

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Rollie10's Response to BAJM's Review

Written on: 25/02/2017

Hi, you are lucky you got six years out of your chair cushion. We bought a Stressless Spirit chair from a local, very reputable furniture store, in November 2015. Within a few months the cushion was beginning to sag, we complained, someone from an upholstery company came to inspect the chair, took photos said he would report to B&S no response. October 2016 complained again as leather,in our opinion, beginning to deteriorate, end of November a B&S technician came, took photos said he would report back to the service department. End of January 2017 technician came to fit new padding to seat problem was not all of the new stuff had been sent. Now 25th February, still waiting, despite numerous calls to B&S. We have however discovered that exactly the same foam, or what ever Ekornes use, will be fitted so exactly the same thing will probably happen again. The service from retailer & manufacturer has been appalling, the chair is not worth the almost £1600 we paid for it. Keep away from Stressless recliner chairs.

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Vivjtay's Response to BAJM's Review

Written on: 12/11/2016

Me too, having to sit on this chair for more than a few minutes is like some awful penance. My City chair is not even the seat height it is supposed to be currently suing retailer which has been the most horrendous experience with a litany of lies and deceit. Seat cushion hard flat and totally unforgiving. I have worked out why the terrible backache too, besides the awful "cushions" have a look at the height of the armrest just above buttocks height on the cushion. I recall when I was using the chair leaning sidewards to rest my arms, now how good is that for your spine, no wonder so many complaints!

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“Could not find the sweet spot on this chair”


written by MplsMike on 02/03/2016

Purchased a Stressless Governor model. Decent price. All the hype, advertising. All the reputation. Looks great. Nice leather. Felt ok in the store. First night I'm lying on it, after 15-20 minutes started feeling uncomfortable. Mov'in around. Back is starting to ache. Figure it just might be new chair/muscle memory thing from my old chair. Second night, same thing. Uncomfortable, back is hurting. Third night, same thing. Now feeling some uncomfortableness in my arms. Could not find a position that was comfortable. Fortunately, my store is agreeing take it back and change for something else. Note: I weight about 220 lb. I don't know that it should make a difference. But I find sitting on an airline seat for three hours more comfortable than that chair. Sorry "Stressless". You're chair was anything but stressless for me.

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“Stressless High Back Cheap low spec, very high price,...”


written by Vivjtay on 17/01/2016

As I am quite disabled and need to sit with my feet and legs elevated I thought I would treat myself to a luxury Stressless City Chair and Legrest. I ordered the high seat 47 cm model which is the correct height for my long legs. The foam/wadding in the seats is thin and hard and when sitting on it for more than ten minutes makes me really ache. The more you sit on the chair the thinner and harder it gets until after a few months it feels like you are just sitting on the metal frame really, it makes my back really ache. I also found that the seat was not high enough and causing my legs and ankles more pain than ever, so I measured the seat, it is not 47cm seat height at all. It is 46 at the front and just 40 at the back, so a complete misdescription by Stressless. As though all that were not bad enough there is a peculiar sticky covering on the leather, it is peeling off in the middle of the chair and continues to get worse. I have had cheap leather sofas and chairs and never had this problem before, which started when the chair was only a few months old. The foot stool is supposed to move with your feet and legs but it does not. I am just gutted that I wasted £1300 on this pile of junk that is stylish, but when you have said that you can forget it, sitting on it or looking at the peeling gunk on the top of the leather is just awful. I had thought about splashing out on a Stressless suite for the living room, you might as well go to DFS and get something cheap because this is what you are getting from Stressless. I am now suing because they sent their FIRA chap who said there was nothing wrong with my chair, I would like to condemn him to sit in it!

Vivjtay's Response to Vivjtay's Review

Written on: 10/08/2016

Update: I have noticed an error in this review, it should read It is 43 at the front (not 46).

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Hopewells's Response to Vivjtay's Review

Written on: 16/02/2017

It is always disappointing when a retailer cannot satisfy a customer's expectations. Sadly sometimes it is just not possible. Despite our best efforts of compromise and an independent expert report confirming this item was indeed as described and free from any fault or defects; a county court claim was made by this customer. An independent expert was appointed by the Furniture Ombudsman and subsequently the Court dismissed the claim awarding Hopewells costs. Hopewells Limited are a family company trading since 1885 and we do everything we can to ensure customer satisfaction. Hopewells Limited have been retailing Stressless furniture for around 40 years and continue to have many very satisfied repeat customers of this quality Norwegian brand.

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Asked by Djs60 on 30th July 2017 Report this content
The smell of the leather is too strong and I get regular headaches from it,is there any way to reduce the smell?

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Asked by Chairuse on 1st April 2017 Report this content
It is the first time we have purchased 2 recliners recently. We find it very difficult to position the chairs to full recline. Having gone to the store to check why this is happening, we were shown again how to activate this option. However, unless one is quite strong, it is not easy. Needless to say, we can't engage this function. Please advise? Thank you.

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Answers (1)
Report this content BAJM Written on: 04/04/2017
The chairs are difficult if not impossible to lock into a fully reclined position and I find that you need to adjust your body position and keep pressure on the back support which really defeats the purpose and doesn't give you the stressless and comfortable experience that you are promised. You will find from my other posts that I am very disappointed with my stressless seats and really think that they are overpriced and do not live up to the companies claims of quality build and comfort.
Asked by Boofies on 21st December 2016 Report this content
Do all stressless chairs have the same lumbar and neck support system even older ones?

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Answers (1)
Report this content BAJM Written on: 21/12/2016
As far as I know yes but be aware it is no where near as good as the manufacturer claims.
Asked by Romfa on 3rd November 2016 Report this content
How much weight can it takes?

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Answers (2)
Report this content Mal.B Written on: 05/11/2016
The frames are quite well made and should take 13 stone easily. However the cushion foam that is used is quite thin and compresses quickly making them uncomfortable and useless and they may need reupholstering after about 18 months of continual use.
Report this content BAJM Written on: 04/04/2017
Totally agree with Mal.B. Overpriced and cushions are very poor quality
Asked by HeatherHS on 5th July 2016 Report this content
My stressless recliner chair seeks whenever I move. My husbands, bought at the same time and the same size, does not. Any ideas how to solve this problem?

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Answers (2)
Report this content Mal.B Written on: 08/07/2016
I take it you mean Squeaks!. If it is, it depends where and when it's squeaking, it could be that some of the screws on the frame or arms have worked loose, if so its just a case of tightening the offending screws. If it's the swivel mechanism you could try some Vaseline. Good luck. And I hope your cushions last better than mine did.
Report this content BAJM Written on: 04/04/2017
I had a similar problem with my seat and ended up with a new frame. Still unhappy with the seat cushons though and would never buy another stressless product.