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Latest Reviews

“DSG /Dixon Whole Sale auction ”


written by Mat13 on 13/06/2014

Hello I am desparetly looking for whole sale auction. I have heard DSG/Dixon is the biggest auction in the UK. I would highly appreciate and grateful if someone can guide me how to access DSG/Dixon bulks auction. Many many thanks

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“What goes around comes around”


written by 1234.0 on 17/12/2012

I said in a complaint last year that if they continue to treat customers like they do they won't have a business left. This is nothing to do with the recession as places like Currys and Argos are still going strong. Why? Simple because they treat the customers decently, fairly and with dignity. Good riddance.

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written by benn1976 on 24/11/2012

My American style Fridge arrived Broken. The Samsung engineer had not heard of the comet auction website. He said that my warranty was invalid due to it being tapered with/already unsuccessfully trying to fix it. After 2 weeks of no frigde. I was told that the fridge could have been broken, while being put into safe/shop mode. The fridge was eventually fixed with no charge

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“Excellent Service product”


written by mrhad on 02/11/2012

Had a few things from the online auction and I can honestly say I have never experienced any problems. I see a lot of negative comments on here but people/customers only tend to make comments when something is not to their standard and many happy people don't think to leave a review, so I thought I comment on my experiences although I'm sure that some people could have issues but who doesn't and we are all human. Purchased a cooker and won the auction and got if for £200 cheaper, description said small mark on side panel and door, could not find any mark what so every. Washer, cracked top ~ description was correct in size and location. TV as listed. The delivery drivers have always been excellent and have also called to see if want to except delivery earlier than the time slot and I'm sure most people would be happy with this. I have had no issues and have recommended the auction site to other people who have also used this with no issues. Don't just judge by negative comments as it's all too easy to complain and at the end of the day were all human and mistakes do happen.

Purdy1948's Response to mrhad's Review

Written on: 24/11/2012

i have bough loads of things from the clearance site and never had any problems as comet is in a bit ot trouble just now the site is closed but for me its very good and you save a we bit on the shop price i hope comet get someone to take them over

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“Great big savings”


written by james8169 on 24/10/2012

Bought a Miele washing machine for £650 incl del and disposal of old machine. Saved £500 on store price and £350 on cheapest website. I bid in the last 30 seconds and I am not a Comet employee or fake bidder! Delivery was arranged for 7 days after auction end. Got a phone call half an hour before delivery (at 6:30 am for 7). Found damage has been overstated on website so very please and would not have made too much of a fuss about it had it been delivered new.

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“Card declined - oh wait its our system and we sold it”


written by chaw6125 on 08/10/2012

I bid and won a dual fuel oven for £245 plus the cost of the delivery. £270 all in for a reported £600 cooker. Seems OK as the scratches and dents on both sides are not an issue as they won't be seen when installed in the kitchen. I got the email to say I won, so logged on and paid with my credit card. Good times! I later got an email to say that my order has been cancelled and to contact them to find out why. I rang the number and sat on hold for 15 minutes before being told that they couldn't help me as its the main comet number and they don't deal with the clearance items. They did give me the [email protected] email address though. So I emailed them and was told by Kirsty in their customer services that my card was declined and to ring my bank. So I rang my bank and questioned why my card was declined. They informed me that it wasn't declined at all and they had cleared the transaction. I then replied to the previous email stating this. After waiting a couple of hours I got another reply saying I had actually failed Comets security checks, but could not be given any more details why. I had to email to see if I could even still buy the oven then as it still just stated cancelled. I opened an enquiry on the account on the website too which was promptly shut with no resolution. I was then told that I should try and pay again but they couldn't guarantee I would pass this "security check" again. But, there was nowhere for me to pay as it still just said cancelled on my account. I finally got an email saying that because 24 hours has now passed it has been offered to the next highest bidder. What a load of rubbish that it gets offered elsewhere when the payment failure was all on Comets side. I read all the T's and C's and stuck to my side of the contract when I entered by bid and tried to make a payment. What a waste of time and effort.... Will never buy from them again, not just the clearance site either.

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written by emmeline7 on 12/09/2012

After several negative outcomes using this site I have had enough. My latest experience involved bidding for a double oven on which I was outbid after the time had expired on the website. To add insult to injury Comet have just informed me that my bid is now successful as the winner did not complete the purchase within 24 hours. I have declined the purchase because the oven is being offered at my highest bid of £200. However, the person who failed to complete had been bidding against me since my bid of £165 and I believe that this is the price I should have been offered. How can you trust Comet if one person can just keep bidding you up with no intention of carrying through the purchase. No doubt the item will be placed in another auction. I have read numerous reviews about Clearancecomet and would rather pay more for a perfect item, boxed with full guarantee and decent after sales service. I have awarded one star as this is the minimum but it is not worthy of any score.

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“Comet claim they don't deliver gas appliances to London.”


written by Consumerconcern on 02/09/2012

Last week I successfully bid for a gas cooker and at time of payment opted for connection and disposal of the old cooker. Two days later a message is left asking me to call to arrange delivery. The next I call back and deliver is arranged for 4 December. Later that day I got another call saying that the delivery couldn't be done until 12 December. Three calls and no mention that gas or dual fuel appliances could not be delivered to London. About midday today I received a call informing me that Comet neither deliver or install gas appliances to London and that they would refund the amount paid but that I would have to wait a couple of weeks for a refund (while of course they collect the interest on my money). Frankly I don't believe Comet as the acceptance of the bid by the site and the subsequent phone calls suggest that even their own staff don't know that this is the case. It should have been clear to them that the delivery and installation could not have been made if this is situation. I have emailed them asking to inform why they don't deliver and install gas appliances in London and what items they do actually deliver to the area. And further, why is this information not on their website so bidders don't waste time bidding for items that can't be delivered or indeed picked up by the purchaser. I do not expect an answer There is little doubt that Comet Clearance have breached their contract with me and also that they their website is misleading in that it omits to mention the London delivery ban. But as always the cost of pursuing the matter legally outweighs the benefit - it was a £109 cooker. But I will use all other means open to me to highlight this issue. I will be contacting trading standards and any other official department concerning the misrepresentation and contractual breaches. I will also be contacting all consumer protection organisations I can identify - including 'Which' to ensure that consumers are warned about this issue. In the meantime I urge consumers to take great care with this site. First check retail prices for the item before bidding. Secondly never bid until the last few seconds when you really know whether or not you are getting a bargain as I tend to believe that Comet-auctions do have dummy bidders who run up the prices if bid after bid goes in. I picked up on this one after my first attempt to buy something. And ensure that the item is unpacked and carefully checked against the condition report while the delivery team are still there. This whole process has been a considerable inconvenience in terms of time for me but I do not being conned. I think this organisation needs to get its act together or return to the clearance warehouse model in which at least the item can be shown to exist, its condition accurately assessed and the price set. I somehow can't help but agree that this site is set-up to trap unsuspecting consumers into paying more than they should for damaged goods.

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written by on 29/08/2012

Hi. I've bought a fridge freezer two months ago and instead of a bargain I've got a headache! It started from a call at 07:00am on Sunday, which woke me up. I have been informed that the item I've arranged to be delivered between 14:00 & 18:00 will be delivered in 30 minutes!! I only managed to clean my face and put some clothes on when the delivery guys were knocking on my door. They've placed the item in the kitchen, asked me to sign for it and were gone. They meant to unwrap the item so I could check if the item fits description but considering the time I actually wasn't in the mood of making them do it. Some time later I unwrapped it and noticed the one of the feet was missing - therefore I couldn't level the fridge. It also smelled really bad and several washes later - it still didn't help to get rid of the smell. I imediately wrote to the customer service and was assured the part has been ordered and will be sent over in up to 28 days (it usually takes only 14). I wrote again when after this period there was no sight of the part and I have been informed it's 28 working days!!! Seriously!?!Lets face it it's not a hand made, unique thing. I have written to them again today - it's now 30 working days since I reported the missing part and the response I received was that if I will let them know what part was missing they will order it for me!!! Every time I wrote - different person was responding to the enquiries, therefore no chance for a normal comunication!! I have now requested the direct telephone number to someone who will be able to either get this part in no more than a week or will try to return the appliance.

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written by tinytimble on 28/08/2012

totally agree with reviews, comet used to have a scratch and dent warehouse in glasgow which is now closed as everything is now on their comet clearance site as they make so much more money scamming people. I recently tried to purchase a fridge freezer and same person kept bidding on like 20 different fridges (why would you need 20 fridges) everytime you put a bid you get outbid 5 mins later. Comet is definetely using fake accounts to up the prices i.e fridge that retails for £479.00 went for £380 not including delivery of another £30 it had 3 dents in the front (why the hell would you pay £410 for a fridge thats all dented and also had scratches to both sides(currys was actually selling the same fridge for £450 plus 10% off), check the site and the bidders its the same people now I wouldnt touch the site and also wouldnt shop in the place

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“Terrible after sales service”


written by LinaG on 19/07/2012

Guys, Though you get a bargain sometimes be aware if you have any issue with your appliance (like my case) you'll not get anywhere!!!! I received my fully integrated washing machine without water connection pipe and no fixing pack to apply the door. Guess what 2.5 weeks of trying to get someone to call me to report this I had to purchase it myself through the manufacturer. So if I paid £257.00 for the appliance then £13.00 for the water connection pipe and £59.00 for the hinges you tell me what bargain is that??? Just unnecessary stress and agrovation. I will never ever buy from them again and never even suggest to anyone buying! Stay away from Comet! Use Appliance Online instead who provides good value and service is absolutely 100%! Big fat massive NO TO COMET!

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written by on 24/05/2012

What a find! I bid on a washer dryer. The dents and scratches were listed. I knew what I was getting - practically a brand new item, guaranteed for a year. Two lovely gentlemen have just been to deliver and install it. Outstanding customer service. Outstanding site. I'm recommending it to all my friends and family!

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“Rip Off”


written by on 13/05/2012

Try the Online Comet Auction. This is an auction of returned/Damaged goods. Usually the auction site will state that instore, EG, Cooker £750, online auction bid at present £150 maybe even £350. The goods are usually damaged, hence the return, then you will be asked to type your post code in for the estimated delivery charge. I Personally typed 3 different post codes, and every one came back with a delivery price og £39.95. I went on to their own site to purcase the same cooker (BRAND NEW) £475.00, but couldn't find a single delivery over the price of £10.50. So, there we go. I watched the auction price rise to £375, now i have a £39.95 delivery. Because the cooker is Dual Fuel, EG Gas Hob Electric Oven. I will need it fitted by their own fitters, another £75. So all in all my £475 cooker has ended up costing me £489.95 and its damaged. Well done Comet.

Cometauctions's Comment

Written on: 24/07/2012

We are sorry that you feel we are a 'rip off' and we would like to address some of your comments.

On the Comet Clearance Auction site our delivery charges range between £8.12 and £30.59. This is because our products come from various parts of the country whereas our pristine stock on is based in one of 2 distribution centres.

The store price stated is the store price at the time the auction was listed.

Also you are under no obligation to use our installation service, it is an additional service we offer.

Comet Auctions

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“Descriptions of goods are not correct, unlisted faults”


written by on 02/03/2012

I have bought two items from the Comet Auction site. The first one a integrated Bosch dishwasher was listed as having no faults and no parts missing. Delivery service was great, it arrived on time but when we unpacked it it had a large dint in one of the corners, the cutlery basket was missing and parts of the door fixing kit were missing. We hadn't saved much money on the list price so we sent it back. No problems with the pick up or the refund both worked fine. We put it down to bad luck. Next purchase was an integrated fridge. List price £999 (although around £800 on other internet sites) we paid £324. Delivery again was good. It had the two dents in the side that had been listed but it also had many more problems, all but one of the shelves inside were broken, one of the door trays was broken, many parts were missing from the door fitting kit the and the grill at the back was out of line. When we put the refrigerator on it became very hot on the back but didn't get cold inside. The Auction team said they would refund my delivery so I could purchase new shelves etc from Bosch which they did, and they passed me over their Engineers. It took me 5 days and three phone calls to service helpline before they would believe it wouldn't work, another week for the engineer to come. He wrote the fridge off. Comet have refunded and collected the fridge. I buy at auction, I don't expect to have perfect goods but the Comet Auction descriptions of the goods are very poor so you don't get to know all the faults before you buy. After two attempts I will not deal with them again. It must drive the rest of the team (office/delivery staff) mad sorting all the returns and refunds because someone doesn't look at the items properly when listing them.

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“Won Auction but sold to another 'bidder'”


written by on 10/02/2012

Hi placed a bid of £117 for a dishwasher that said new unboxed - no faults. I wasnt arround for the auction end but I received an email saying my current bid was £92 but maximum bid was £117. When I returned I had an email saying your bid of £97 was outbid, then another email saying you lost the item. I logged on to see how much the item sold for and it was £117! I checked to see when the bid was placed and the "winner" placed the bid just before the auction ended (after me) I called the "customer Service" at a cost of 10p/m who left me on an automated loop for 5 minutes and then finally got through to someone who said you weren't the highest bidder or I bid after the other person. Wasn't prepared to check and Roy was an idiot who might aswel have said Tough Luck! Seems they are a terrible company! DO NOT BOTHER BIDDING! ITS A SCAM AND I CANT BELIEVE THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!! I am awaiting a call from the supervisor but doubt I will get one! Waste of time and effort!

Cometauctions's Comment

Written on: 27/02/2012

We are currently looking into this case as it would appear from the detail you have provided that the information supplied to you was incorrect.

The actual winning Customer's maximum bid was higher than your maximum bid so they should have won the bid and paid more than your maximum.

It would appear in this case that this did not happen and the winning bid matched your maximum bid even though you placed a bid before.

We apologise that you were negatively impacted and that you did not receive the Customer Service that you expected. We are internally investigating this also.

Comet Auctions Team

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Guest's Comment

Written on: 28/02/2012

I still think you are a fraud! Rubbish website, rubbish service! 99% sure your lying now as you refuse to prove to me your excuse! Never called me back when I was told you would.....surprise surprise! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“WARNING! Do not use the Comet Auction website.”


written by Joelkafetz on 06/02/2012

I bought a fridge freezer in October 2011 from the auction website. It was not delivered on the day they said it was going to be and their delivery man and customer services advisors were rude and unhelpful to me after I waited in for 12 hours for the delivery. It was delivered later that week but broke down 30 days after delivery and it took numerous calls to their premium rate number and emails to their managing directors office to get it fixed. Five weeks after the fridge was repaired it broke down AGAIN (same problem). I have contacted Comet who are arranging for an engineer to come back. I have to take another half day off work. The phrase should have gone to John Lewis rings in my ears! Do not use Comet unless you want to risk endless hassle and have to pay a premium phone line for largely shoddy, slapdash customer service.

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“No Complaints here”


written by OvenBakedMoney on 08/01/2012

I would like to start by saying, if you are looking for a very good / cheap bargain then look no further. You have to realise, items purchased here are mainly “seconds”, may have been damaged, knocked about, and have been used and returned for some reason or another. So if you bid at the right time, you may kick up a £660 washing machine for £380(including delivery) like I did with minor cosmetic damage to it. Delivered on the day requested, delivery guys very helpful. Yes delivery cost a little high. So if you don’t want to complain or take the risk on a product, spend extra money and buy new from elsewhere.

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“Got a bargain”


written by noncomposmentis on 03/01/2012

I was really worried when I read the reviews here AFTER placing a winning bid for a fridge. I placed a maximum bid of £211 but in the end won the fridge for £181. The delivery fee was a bit steep (£51.01 for a 15.9 cu feet fridge) but was delivered on time. The delivery guys were really good and professional. They moved the fridge to the third floor apartment via the apartment lift. The firdge is pretty big so fitting it through various doors of the apartment was not easy but they managed to get it in without causing any damage to the property. The cheapest price I could find on the web was £388 excluding delivery. I got this one with minor scratches on the left side (exactly as described in the auction) for £181 + £51 for delivery. Really pleased with it.

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“Beware missing parts.”


written by on 22/12/2011

Bought an integrated freezer from comet auction. When my builder came to fit the integrated door he found that the freezer came without instructions and WITHOUT the necessary fittings. The auction add said that no pieces were missing! I contacted Comet and was told that because I hadnt reported the parts were missing within 7 days of purchase "they are unable to assist you any further on this occasion." AWFUL SERVICE !! Stay Clear of THEM!! Also when you ring their customer service they charge 10p a minute to phone them!!! And they put you on hold for however long they feel like... nice little money earner!

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written by Hamilton1974 on 15/12/2011

This only has stars as i cant give NONE!!! .............. Purchased a Indesit Condenser Dryer at a good price. I have just moved house and was happy I managed to win. I paid for the item but was informed it was unauthorised by my bank looked at my funds and thought strange money was there but now it not so tried again to get the dryer ordered but gain was unauthorised by my bank (So Comet Said!!!!) I called the bank to ask why I had no funds and I was getting unauthorised to purchase my goods to which the bank replyed there has been 2 transactions with authorisations codes to comet they have indeed taken money for your items and I then needed to call comet for them for finalise the order. Of couse comet blamed the bank and said they have it in a holding account and are not giving the money to comet............... Load of rubbish it is all lies so between bickering between my bank and comet the time lapsed and I was unable to get the dryer to which comet blamed me and my bank. I could have bought the dryer with the phone calls alone and now I have to wait 4 to 5 days to get the 2 payments comet took!!! Totally shocking customer service they getting paid to lie and have a superviser who is as much use as a chocolate fire guard!!! would help if they knew their jobs!!!! Never Again

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