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“southern airways express hubs”


written by 489Clark on 14/02/2024

About Southern Airways Express Southern Airways Express, a commuter airline that offers flights to more than twenty cities in the US's Southern and Mid-Atlantic States. There are four bases: one each in Baltimore (BWI), Memphis, Pittsburgh (PIT), Palm Beach (PBI), and Pittsburgh (PIT). The airline was launched in 2013. It has seen significant growth, with more than 100 daily flights operating under its own name and up to 1,500 weekly flights operated by its partner airline, Mokulele Airlines. Since the acquisition of Mokulele Airlines, the carrier has been in partnership with Mokulele Airlines. This acquisition allowed the airline to focus on Hawaii and offer a similar service in Hawaii, which is not available at smaller airports. The airline's growth has been driven by partnerships and airline acquisitions. Southern Airways Express also acquired Sun Air Express, which was an important milestone. It took on its routes as well as aircraft in 2016. 

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“Terrible customer service, untrustworthy company”


written by midpikyrozziy on 13/02/2024

I missed a flight with Virgin Atlantic due to delays on my public transport. I contacted their customer service to ask them to clarify their "Events Beyond Your Control" policy, as this information would help me to determine whether I would be entitled to compensation through my insurance. Unfortunately, the advisor repeatedly provided wrong information about the policy (talking about events beyond Virgin Atlantic's control, whereas the policy wording clearly refers to events which are beyond the PASSENGER'S control). When I politely pointed this out and asked them to double-check, the response became completely childish. First they ignored my questions, then they became rude, then they suggested that if I wasn't happy with the response I could lodge a formal complaint with Aviation ADR, and then they just ignored my messages completely. I have no idea why Virgin Atlantic were so determined to avoid providing the answer that I was entitled to, nor why they misled about the policy in the first place. But it was a really disappointing and frustrating process - I won't be booking with Virgin Atlantic again, and I suggest you don't either.

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“Diabolical customer service”


written by on 11/03/2022

I wish I could give them zero stars, you cannot Email them, their bot is useless and I have now spent over 6 hours on hold on four separate calls! To add insult to injury if they don’t answer your call in two hours they cut you off! Your call isn’t important to them and I find it incredible that they can boast on their website and recorded message that it will probably take up to 3 hours to answer your call! Customer service is non existent, they should be ashamed!

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“Most Affordable Airway”


written by Rogers45 on 29/06/2020

Virgin Atlantic is one of best and most affordable Airway. I have been traveled with AnavClouds Software team. The cabin crew go above and beyond to make your experience relaxing, comfortable and a world away from a typical flight. The plane, the 787-9 is equipped with Rolls Royce Trent 1000, which provide a quiet and smooth experience, and the cabin has special mood lighting inside, helping all aboard to comfortably adjust to the time zone they're visiting and reduce jet lag significantly. The food is quite nice and the inflight service, Vera, is very good as well. The flight home was quick, due to catching tail winds, and my seat in Premium Economy was extremely roomy and comfortable for me to rest in.

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“Budget Airline With A First Class Price”


written by rodbailey on 03/04/2020

Gatwick to Cuba, Feb 2020 Bad really bad, no more comfortable than on a ten-hour flight to Cuba than with Ryanair to Poland. 

Both my wife and I were exhausted on the return flight and were horrified to find we had the same plain we arrived on and no, we could not sleep all the way back as we were so uncomfortable. It was miserable.

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“Smooth service”


written by Dewi1789 on 07/02/2018

Does not set the world alight, but does everything you would expect of a Western airline. The cabins and lavatories are clean, the flight and cabin crews are professional and I would not hesitate to fly Virgin again. Their tie-up with Delta also opens up the USA.

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written by John_SE on 16/12/2017

Their staff are so friendly and helpful and are not trying to sell you something at every available opportunity - keep up the good work.

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“Cancelled our flights that had been paid in full.”


written by 453Thompson on 16/12/2017

To be avoided. We paid in full and had our flights confirmed four months ago. Virgin then send a naff e-mail saying they have cancelled our flights and rebooked us on different dates without even asking us, how rude and unprofessional is that. I then spent an hour on their PREMIUM RATE customer services line only to be told they had cancelled the flights because of financial problems !!! Virgin are taking our money under false pretences, shocking behaviour. We will never use them again.

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“Very horrible customer service”


written by DrTee on 03/04/2017

I booked a virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow and my reservation was cancelled by the airline and my money is yet to be refunded. I have been making calls everyday for the past 3 weeks with a promise that someone will call back but no one has called me back. Their flights may be good but the administration is a big mess and dishonest as well. I'll rather fly British Airways. Dr. T from Texas

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“LAX to London Flight ”


written by CBarry21 on 07/05/2016

My husband and I flew with Virgin America on for our trip to Italy. We flew from LAX to London and took British Airways from London to Rome. It was seriously, one of the best flights I have ever been on. It was a 10 hour flight but it went by fast. They fed us every couple of hours. The food tasted great. They had complimentary alcoholic beverages. The service was amazing. I felt like I was flying first class in economy. It was really an incredible experience. It was a great way to start off our trip.

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“Advanced Seating Booking”


written by on 21/01/2016

Have just booked flights to New Orleans, 3 with Delta and one with Virgin although Delta operating on Virgin's behalf. When booking seats all Ok with delta but Virgin want $40 dollars per seat for advanced booking!!! This just a money making trick. (Might expect this from Ryan Air)

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“VS085 Manchester Las Vagas.04/10/2015”


written by Izabellef155 on 15/11/2015

Upper class cabin noisy and drunken 4 passengers. We have flown with this company a few times,all in upper class.This time will be the last,due to the drunken antics of four,mindless passengers. As soon as they came on the plane,they started loud and being a pain in the rear,this continued for nearly the 10 hour journey.The cabin staff still served them alcoholic drinks for most of the time,until the booze was put under the counter. As soon as there was no cabin staff in the compartment,they helped themselves. Have written to head office,offered air miles-vouchers,which i declined,after three letters,telling me what good staff etc.they have,and the biggest load of bull.They have not come up with the offer we wanted. We will never use the company again,and would not recommend them to anyone,after this performance,they just gave us a load of bull.

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“VS401 Dubai to Heathrow”


written by BlazeGrace on 07/11/2015

I flew on VS401 from Dubai to LHR on 03rd November, whilst the aircraft A330-300 was a lovely plane, the service by a certain cabin crew member was less impressive. She was rude, very short with people and clearly needed retraining in how to serve people.

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“terrible airline”


written by 461Dean on 02/10/2015

I booked virgin atlantic flight ticket from London to LA. I received an email from travel agency about flight schedule change (two hours earlier return). I had already booked a tour package and would therefore not be able to meet the return departure time. I asked to reschedule to next day flight even though I need to pay extra for accomodation ( which made me already furious) as they don't have later flight on that day. They refused to change it for free, or refund and asked me to pay a penalty fee for rescheduling saying it was a minor change (2 hours earlier flight!). It was not my fault and desire to change the itinerary. I have never had this kind of problem with the other airlines. Virgin atlantic already ruined my mood before traveling. They seem not to care about customers at all. Horrible.

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“Exstreamly bad service”


written by MadilynBurns on 24/09/2015

When we checked in at gatwick the night before flying they Split myself and family apart I had to leave my husband with three young children one 11 months old as they couldn't find enough seats to be together the children's bag is a waste of money nothing worth keeping when before back in 2009 the kids bags was amazing massive shame they don't care about spending time and money on the customers rather than a vivian west costume.the reason why we couldn't be near or next to each other was customers had rebooked on line paying £25 a person (all about the money not the customer)pure in your face example THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU !!! So because of this they sat at one end of the plans and I was sat right at the back of the plane could not see them at all (not just a few rows) I also have a fear of flying and need to take valume that my doctor prescribed me and because I got emotional they took it away and made me feel like a criminal and sat me in the galley, to which I was now being made to seat on a cabin bench and refused to give me my medication once we had got on holiday they called a week before flying home to tell me that I had to see a doctor before I could fly home and I would have to pay and arrage for that even though it was their fault for splitting me and my family up that triggerd my anxiety when hitting turbulence caused me to think the worse and now they spring this on me a week before so it ruined my last week, when on the phone to customer service they could only point the finger back at me and did not care about how they made my children feel or my husband and myself I am a shamed of Virgin they are not a nice company at all infact the worse for having any duty of care, I would never fly with them ever again they are tight and mean the service they do provide is exstreamly bad and they only care about how much money they can get from you and not to mention the dirty food trays and the awful food that I wouldn't feed to my dog unless it was all that was left. Flying Thomsons next time we go florida herd they look after their customers when they have problems and show a level of customer care and provide unlimited drinks and food Cooked by top chefs so better food, better care, can't get worse customer service so that's got to be better. NEVER A GAIN WITH VIRGIN ATLANTIC

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“Much better than BA”


written by Travelling Frog on 04/08/2015

I fly a lot and I flew Virgin few times in the last couple of years, in all of their classes - Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class. Service was good on all of the flights. Leg room in Economy is not the best but they had good selection of movies on our flight. They were offering plenty of drinks and if we wanted more, we just walked down to the galley. Food was tasty also so I have nothing to complain about. Upper class is great, starting from their airport lounge, relaxing in your private seat/bed or having a drink at the plane bar. Virgin service is much better than British Airways (in my opinion). Also their Flying club is worth much more than new BA Executive member club as you need less miles for your bonus ticket than with BA.

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“rude staff”


written by harry7860 on 19/04/2015

Some of the staff on this airline are rude and offend I advise you pay a little more and get the service you deserve I had a fantastic holiday to Dubai what spoilt it was a few members of this airline who take advantage of their lack of training I will never fly with Virgin I have advised my family/friends. I complained to the airline and their response was they would speak to the Manager/team. I work for a large company if a complaint came we would have to give a explanation.SHAME ON YOU TEAM VIRGIN

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“Virgin Atlantic customer service where”


written by ooGorman302 on 04/04/2015

Dumped off a Virgin flight with no help, yes believe it. It takes time to earn silver member status and yes you could say that you needed to be happy with Virgin Atlantic to have flown this much with them and yes we were. Then in February we flew to Barbados with them in premium economy not much to complain about other than the food quality has slowly got to the stage that one look made you leave it on the tray, I could just see Richard eating it. Getting the flight home was another story, standing and waiting an hour to get through to the airport entrance in temps of 80 degrees with four flights leaving at about the same times, was a problem and the heat caused my wife's feet to swell. So we tried to upgrade to upper class to be told no seats were available, my wife just wanted to put her feet up to reduce the swelling. We were already in premium economy and were told to ask for a little more leg room on the flight. We boarded the plane got shown to our seats and my wife asked the stewardess if there was a bit more leg room anywhere to put her feet up. Then was asked what was wrong with her she replied standing in the heat has made my feet swell, the stewardess said you can't fly with swollen feet as this can cause you a problem. My wife explained that we are silver members and to get that, have flown many times and assured her that she does not suffer with swollen feet when flying. The stewardess said she would ask for medical advice, on returning she said I have to put you off the flight, my wife said if you need me to sign a disclaimer saying I fly at my own risk, I will do so as I know the swelling will go down when I put my feet up. The stewardess said someone will come to escort you both off the flight and the Virgin rep will take care of you back in the airport, your luggage is now being removed and you will need a doctors letter before we will let you fly. We are taken to the airport customs and left in the middle with our cases my wife still standing on swollen feet. The Virgin guy that took us back to the airport said ok I am off, we said where is the Virgin rep that's going to help us, walking away he said there isn't one. Can you now imagine standing in an airport with no help no where to stay three cases and a wife with swollen feet, just think hard before flying Virgin we have just booked BA. The one really good thing was, we had stayed at Sandals in Barbados and phoned to tell them what had happened, they sent a car to collect us gave us a room took us to a doctor who said we were fit to fly, now this is service. Virgin just left us and on complaining about what happened they thought it so trivial that they gave us 8000 flying miles each. The problem with airlines is they think they are too big to get hurt by social media and as for customer service they tend to think it doesn't matter anymore. Virgin and their staff were at one time very customer friendly this has now changed, they now are very much take it or leave it and the service has gone and the staff think they are better than the passengers. I did send two emails to Virgin customer service and gave them a chance to give me an answer that I could at least get my head around. Maybe like, we will check into this and this should not have happened, you being left at an airport with no help after being told a rep would take care of you. Or we will check on who told you there was a rep at the airport to help when we were told later that Virgin don't have a rep at that airport. The Virgin answer was after my second email as good as, we have given you 8000 miles each and if this doesn't cover your extra costs claim off your travel insurance. To sum this up we are not complainers and were not looking for money back but answers. So remember if flying Virgin this can happen to you as they don't think its worth checking into but you may get 8000 flying miles to throw away, because you won't want to fly with them again

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“No Refund yet they resale booked seats”


written by denjohn on 03/03/2015

I was booked on Virgin Atlantic flight to Orlando in July with my wife daughter.son in law and grandchild total 5 seats.I paid £350 to book seats early so we may all be together. Yesterday I phoned to cancel because of my wife's ill health but they refused to give me refund. No much wonder Branson is a rich man if a company can keep my £350 then resale my seats for £350 total £700 how can a company get off with that. I am a senior citizen and that is 2 months pension to me. One thing for sure if my wife's health improves and we can take our family to Orlando it would certainly not be Virgin Atlantic we fly with.

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“Worst long haul flight I have ever had”


written by Mashie47 on 11/12/2014

Flew with Virgin Atlantic from Manchester to Orlando on flight VS73 on Thursday 13th November. The ground staff were friendly and handled our bag drop very efficiently. Unfortunately, that is where the goods points end. The flight itself was OK albeit a little late. The seats were just about comfortable enough as was the legroom. However, the flight crew missed out our entire row when serving the evening meal and the only way we got served was to ask for the food which was only just edible. We flew back to Manchester on VS76 on Tuesday 25th November and paid for extra legroom seats in the hope of getting some sleep on the overnight flight. These extra legroom seats were immediately outside one of the galleys and whilst the legroom was more than adequate the constant queue of passengers asking for service (the flight crew only came around once during the flight to offer liquid refreshments) together with the additional light from the galley made sleeping virtually impossible. Again we were missed out during the dinner service and had to ask for the food. We were then missed out again when the desert was served and had to go to one of the galleys to ask if here was a reason for us being missed out. After finishing my main course (I should add at this point that the food was again barely edible) I asked one of the crew if I could have a second glass of wine. Thirty minutes later I had still not received it and had to go to one of the galleys to ask again. All in all the plane was OK as was the service from the ground staff. However, the flight crew were not remotely up to the job. I don’t I know whether they were short staffed, inadequately trained or just didn’t care but basically not good enough Virgin and nowhere near the level of service promised by your advertising. If we ever fly to Florida again I would only use Virgin as a last resort.

Ryanair919's Response to Mashie47's Review

Written on: 18/01/2015

What do you expect in economy? Next time go upper class and you won't have these problems.

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Do they provide proper earphones and not ear pieces on flight from London to New York?

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Yes they do but they're not the best quality
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Yes they do.
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adswf werfwer werg wegwr tg
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