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Latest Reviews

“Coventry building society kill OAP ”


written by on 06/01/2022

I read online an account backed with witnesses and documentation about how the Coventry building society harrased and cheated 2 OAPS out of their home of 40 years. Their malicious persecution of the 2 OAPS highlights corporate greed at its worst. When this story gets more publicity people at the Coventry building society will loose their jobs and go to jail. Those responsible will have this following them all their lives. Does it take 6 years to show the OAPS a mortgage they didn't sign or fill in , or even send? The Coventry building societys action were described twice by a Judge as Harrasment of the OAPS with cancer. Justice will be obtained eventually by all means.

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“40% Unexplained Interest Rate Cut”


written by woBaldwin475 on 29/10/2021

This so-called mutual society has sent me an email announcing a massive cut to their regular saver interest rates from 1.80% to 1.05%. That is a whopping 42% cut. This is just as the Bank rate is about to increase and inflation is about to rocket. No proper reason has been given to account holders for such a big reduction. All they have said is that it is in response to the rates being paid in the market. That is a very weak excuse and doesn’t provide an explanation. If they were to cut their interest rates by that amount on their other savings accounts their customers would be paying interest to them. The Saffron pays 1.75% on their regular saver account. So it is untrue to say the Coventry is responding to the market - the Coventry is leading the market.

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“Don't waste your time”


written by on 11/08/2021

My goodness am I astounded at the poor mental attributes of the staff at the Highworth branch of the Coventry Building Society. It's not the first time I've been shocked at their attitude and I can tell you this: If you don't respond to them in the manner which they demand then they'll make life very difficult for you. My latest trip resulted in a closed account which involved me eventually depositing my money with the Post Office. I was already an account holder with an existing balance and they would not take my word for the fact that the 3 grand I was trying to deposit was from the honest private sale of a motorcycle. I remonstrated but was told that I should have brought some kind of documentary evidence which determined exactly how the funds came into my possession. I kid you not when I tell you the manager suggested a bill of sale, a screenshot of an eBay advert or the green DVLA transfer slip. I can't imagine how a hand written copy of receipt would have been evidence enough. I struggle to grasp even the concept of just exactly how a screenshot of a motorcycle advert could possibly even allude to a sum of money but that's the kind of mental attribute you'll have to deal with in-branch. In hindsight I should have just gone on ebay and searched for motorcycles for sale, pointed to one and said "That's mine, I just haven't taken down the advert yet". But when they're being that objectionable about a deposit then a decision has to be made as to whether you want to carry on a relationship with them.

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“Deliberate non-communication over interest rate cut”


written by DrMichaelHr on 06/07/2021

I opened a Double Access Saver (online) account with the Coventry paying 1.2% interest on 22 September 2020. While preparing my tax return for the 20/21 year, I noticed from the end of year statement issued by the Coventry in April that the account was listed as a Limited Access Saver (online) account paying 0.55% interest. I queried this by phone & was told that the Society had supposedly sent me an email on 10 February telling me of this change. No such e-mail was received. I complained about this, and was told that as far as the Coventry was concerned, it had met its obligations. And so, on the back of a single email, of which I have seen no evidence whatsoever, the Society believes it can unilaterally close a customer’s account and open another one on considerably reduced terms – in this instance a c. 70% interest rate reduction - without first seeking consent. Unlike other financial organisations, the CBS feels no need to ensure that a customer has received an email on such matters by inviting a response. It doesn't believe it's necessary to issue a follow-up confirmation either electronically or via the post. I see that it subsequently ‘reissued’ the Double Access several times in Autumn at a continuously lower interest rate. This in itself doesn't inspire confidence. My extended family & I have been customers of the Coventry for 20 years. It's a shame that, having once traded on its ethical reputation, the Coventry now freely resorts to sharp practices & treats its loyal customers with such contempt. My family will be taking its custom elsewhere. Not that its managers will care, of course.

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“Cannot log in”


written by mqfbamaj on 07/10/2020

My land line does not ring and the call to my mobile goes to voice call when I try to log in. Clearly something very wrong. Both numbers checked and are correct. Spent 40 minutes on hold to talk to someone andstill the problem persists! Come on Coventry get it right before you lose customers.

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written by Sherlyn471 on 30/08/2018


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“Online registration ”


written by rvHays439 on 05/12/2017

Moved an ISA account to Coventry due to an attractive interest rate, however registration to the online account management portal is a nightmare, it is massively convoluted, they bombard you with letters that only confuse matters, resetting my password (which wasn’t actually setup due to the confusion) needs to be done via post, the process of which itself is confusing. Over 1 month later I still don’t have access..

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“Great Mortgage Service let down by poor online service”


written by Ramsey336 on 31/10/2017

Compared to the banks the online security approach is significantly more difficult than it needs to be - a hard to remember, computer generated log-in code, followed by an archaic grid card system and a personal password. If you struggle to get in it locks you out, makes everything paper based and takes 10 days by the time you get the paper from them and they take 4 days to process it. As this is my main interaction with Coventry my overall impression is unfortunately very poor and I can't wait to switch mortgage at the end of my term.

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“Great fast service ”


written by Piercerr22 on 01/10/2017

Absolutely fantastic, we were waiting ages on a decision from Santander which was going to affect us getting our new home, swapped to conventry. Fast decision, money moved quickly, happily settled in our new home, fantastic service, very pleased, thank you.

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“very polite amazing guy....good service...thank you ”


written by on 13/09/2017

very polite amazing guy....good service...thank you

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written by Acem205 on 20/05/2017

Just locked myself out of my online account. Tried to reset my password online but this is not possible although there is a button to click to do this. Now have to wait for a form to be sent by post! As soon as I have a new password I will close the account. Ridiculous in this day and age. Good job I don't need the money in the next day or two.

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“Can't even change a DD”


written by Callumn491 on 06/02/2017

Tried to change my DD and put it back a massive 4 days. CBS dont allow this and apprently i dont have a complaint. Do yourselves a favour and go with a real bank.

Richardrouse's Comment

Written on: 08/02/2017

That's not how DDs work. If you want to change a DD you speak to the originator (the company taking the money). Your bank or building society can't change DDs.

Coventry were right - you don't have a complaint. It's hardly their fault if you don't know how DDs work.

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“Incompetence is an understatement for this lot.”


written by mgh1961 on 30/12/2016

What an absolute circus of a company. Because of their mistakes, I was ripped off for over £100.000 in money and property. When you raised a complaint with them. They have a problem of telling you the wrong information or wrong things when speaking with them over the phone. When you make any complaint with them, they evade everything that makes them look bad. For all justified reasons, I am now looking into legal action being brought against them. They will always dispute what you have said or they have said to you. I strongly advise another financial institute that knows how to treat their customers, and more importantly, who knows what they doing. The Coventry does not have a clue in respects.

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“Poor Communication. Ridiculous Processes.”


written by Wolster01 on 01/11/2016

Simply the most frustrating experience possible. Call centre full of people doggedly following a process. No supervisors or managers available to have a real world conversation about any aspect of the loan. Completely avoid at all costs.

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“Interest rate decrease”


written by JohnW2016 on 11/08/2016

The Bank rate fell by .25% last week. Coventry BS have just e-mailed me to say that the interest rate on my savings account will decrease by .35%. Why is it a bigger decrease than the bank rate? The money is not the issue - a few pounds a year maximum. It's the principal that matters to me. What a dreadfully cynical way to treat loyal customers. I am clearly not important to the Coventry so I'm just going to close my account with them. Don't suppose they'll care but it's the only option I've got to show my disgust.

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“Rude and ignorant ”


written by on 05/08/2016

I never usually write reviews but felt I had to on this occasion. I phoned Coventry to apply for a mortgage decision in principle. I thought I had all the required documents and earn £90,000/year and a 30% deposit, so felt it would be easy to apply. Oh boy, was I was wrong. I have a e-savings account with Coventry but I didn't have the account number and grid card immediately to hand and couldn't remember my password. I was asked to provide this and couldn't. I really couldn't see the relevance of giving my account details when applying for a mortgage- they could easily check the account details electronically. Also the account is registered to my last (parents)address and I had recently moved house. The staff member got very annoyed-almost to the point of being angry-that the address was different and was extremely rude to me saying I should have changed the address for my savings account before phoning in before wasting his time! How could I have known to do that? He also told me (not in a nice way)that I had to change my registered address for the account before applying for a mortgage, not that I am going to bother phoning Coventry ever again. I felt the staff member was extremely unprofessional and rude. Customer service was most lacking. I now have a mortgage with another building society without any problems. I have also closed my savings account and will never have anything to do with Coventry again. Definitely would not recommend this company for something as important as a mortgage.

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“Home wreckers”


written by Sallyjane321 on 15/06/2016

I wouldn't give this company any rating!me and my partner had a mortgage offer at the end of February 2016 we gave them everything they asked and my partner are both self employed earnings over £70,000 we wanted to borrow £270,000 have 380,000 deposite.they just kept asking for the same stuff over and over again even our accountent got fed up with them asking for stuff he had sent them,any last Wednesday 8th June 2016 they only offered us £194,000 hello where the hell did they come up with that sum? After 4 monthes! On Friday 10th June went to Santander got mortgage offer today 15th June! Anyone looking for a mortgage do not wast time with Coventry I feel I've been to hell and back with them!i will be writing to the MD of the company and tell him his running a circus.personly I don't think they lend anything over £200,000

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“Junior isa to adult isa. impossible to gain access to...”


written by on 15/04/2016

Husband opened junior isa for daughter a few years ago, she turned 18 just under a month ago and we have found it impossible to gain access to it so she can move it to another account with another society. She has had nothing since turning 18 with what her account balance is, nothing at the end of the tax year to say what she has or what interest is in there. She was told a ridiculous grid card security thing would be sent out after the first one went missing which has come through and she has gained access to an easy saver account we set up but the online banking doesn't recognise her account number for her isa because there is a digit missing, one phone call a while ago said there would be an extra digit on her adult isa account number, a phone call after that confirmed her account number was as per her junior isa which is a digit short. Confused yes exactly I am as is she and she still hasn't got access to it to transfer it to another account. It doesn't help that she doesn't live with us, she isn't confident enough to ring them herself so we have to do it when we see her which is dragging out the whole process. The junior isa has a good interest rate but it seems like they are making it as hard as possible for her to gain access to her account which would easily put off an 18 year old to save. I would avoid this building society at all costs in future.

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“Online Savings - very efficient service”


written by 218Weeks on 25/03/2016

I don't normally bother to write reviews, but I have been so impressed by the efficiency of Coventry Building Society, I feel they deserve a mention. I operate online Savings accounts - with other building societies too - and find Coventry Building Society is by far the easiest to use and most efficient. Highly recommended!

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“Coventry Building Society Mortgage”


written by on 11/03/2016

Got mortgage in principal approved with Coventry and they were still processing mortgage 6 weeks later. They Had asked for details of numerous references etc and contacted none of them as I checked. They then decided they were happy with payslips and didn't need employer ref but requested maternity reference for my wife instead then never contacted the employer referee. This stuff went on and on and on.We ran a Barclays application 1 week ago as we were getting twitchy, and it was approved in 7 days! The Coventry one is still running but will be cancelled shortly. The buyer of our house also went with Coventry and has just had her mortgage declined after MIP approved 6 weeks ago, due to location of property. Our mortgage adviser has had similar problems with Coventry applications for other clients recently. I will never attempt to use Coventry again, they are an absolute nightmare start to finish and seem to have no interest in selling their mortgage products, unless you can complete the UK ninja warrior course in under a minute..then it's 50 50;)

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