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If you have decided that waxing and shaving is not for you, then the perfect solution for you may be hair removal creams and lotions. Unlike waxing and shaving, there is no pain, and you will not be able to cut yourself, however it is alot messier.  When using hair removal creams and lotions, the effects may last longer than shaving, although your hair will grow back faster than if you waxed. There are many brands to choose from including Veet, Avon, Nair and Skin Doctors.

Why not read some of the reviews written by people who have tried hair removal creams and lotions, and see if it is an option for you. If you would like to let others know about the hair removal creams and lotions you have used in the past, please write a review, and help other consumers decide which hair removal cream and lotion is best suited to them.

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