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House Builders are some of the biggest companies in the country. With the demand for new homes higher than the availability, property developers, like Persimmon Homes and Bryant, are always looking to build new homes and new housing estates in areas that are derelict, unpopulated or just in need of redevelopment.

When choosing a new home, the choice of property developer is often equally as important as the choice of the home itself. This is especially important if you intent to part-exchange your house.

And, with climate change rarely out of the news, many house builders are moving towards eco friendly homes that lessen the damage done to the environment, and often provide home owners with efficient, eco friendly homes.

So, if you've recently bought a new home, or part exchanged your current home, get in touch and tell us about your experience. Did it go well? Would you do it again? Have you got any house buying tips?

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