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Latest Reviews

“Never again”


written by MRSTRP on 26/03/2019

I had a very similar experience to the other reviewers. Ziffit did not accept a number of the items sent, notably those that would have cost them more, as per offers on their website. Reasons given: "DISC MISSING" - when I am certain it was included, or, more enigmatically, "EXPIRED" - ???! This company is a joke. Don't bother with them.

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“Very strange experience”


written by Darious on 28/11/2017

Very strange experience. Eight items sent, all accepted but two, for which Ziffit offered the most. Reason? "Discs damaged and parts missing". Strange, because I bought items brand new, used them once or twice, and they were absolutely fine. I sent them to Ziffit in "like new" condition. If something happened during the delivery, if my parcel was damaged, this shouldn't be really my responsibility. I won't be returning to this company and would like to warn others, what they might expect from their trades.

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“Don't bother!”


written by Parker494 on 03/03/2017

I traded 78 items with Ziffit, 6 of which were not accepted. I can accept that a few of the DVDs may have been damaged, with a large number of items and a full time job, I didn't have time to go through every single one checking the disc and playing it, so I don't have an issue with this. What I do have an issue with however is the fact that they didn't accept 2 games based on the fact that in MINUTE writing on the box it said 'not to be sold separately'. One of the games was Mario Kart Wii, which was in excellent condition, was 'rejected' and I can only assume disposed of (or taken home by one of their employees who fancied a free game - this particular game sells for £34.94 brand new on Amazon!) Ziffit quoted me approx £42 for all items and I ended up taking away just over £29 at the end of the trade. The Mario Kart Wii game was worth the most out of all the items at around £5, which is measly when you consider how much it sells for. I would advise anyone who does wish to sell their stuff to Ziffit to check the small print, not only on their website, but also on the items they're selling. I would feel less hard done by had Ziffit returned these items to me, but no, it's not their 'policy' to do so. It's such a shame to think that someone could have had some joy from these but now they've just been thrown in the bin. So wasteful. Ziffit, I IMPLORE you to change your policy and send these items back to the sellers (even at their expense would be better than not at all!) or at least make it clearer on your website/app when a game is part of a bundle and won't be accepted on it's own. A message that pops up when you scan an item wouldn't be too difficult to program in, I'm sure?! My final complaint is the language they use is confusing, initially I was told that the 2 games had not been received, then once the order was accepted the word 'expired' appeared by both games. I didn't know games had 'best before dates' so I enquired via email to Ziffit as to what they meant by this. After much back and forth and also taking to Twitter to confront them I eventually got a response which said the games CLEARLY had 'not to be sold separately' marked on the front covers. Well for anyone who does own Mario Kart Wii, go and take a look, I'd hardly call that blazingly obvious. Unfortunately as I bought the game 9 years ago I stupidly forgot that it came in a cardboard box (which is long gone) with a wheel. At the end of the day it is still Mario Kart Wii in the box and it is still perfectly playable, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! This is the first time I have used Ziffit and needless to say it'll be the last. I sold some items with a major rival of theirs and have to say I had a much more positive experience, though I am sure they are not without their faults. In the future I will take my items to a high street trading firm, where I can either accept or refuse a trade face to face or failing that a charity shop!

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written by 318Turner on 23/07/2015

Do not use this company. I sent a selection of CD's in perfectly good working order, with no more than everyday wear and tear from playing them. Every case was checked before sending. Once Ziffit got hold of the parcel they claimed that 18 out of around 58 CD's were deemed damaged, and were being disposed of in an appropriate manner. When contacted they refused to provide any proof of the damage and gave a list of reasons including water damage and wrong cases etc (every single case was checked before sending to avoid this!). They then sent a payment significantly less than promised and would not return the items they refused to pay out on, or provide proof of damage. Please don't waste your time or money and use a competitor without so many comments amounting to the same complaint

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written by Pugh326 on 06/03/2015

I decided to use Ziffit after deciding to lighten my DVD collection..What a mistake, to my surprise at least 4 of the discs were "damaged" I know for a fact there was nothing wrong with them as I always took utmost care of my DVDs!! The ones that were damaged just so happened to be the ones that were worth the most!!!!! And as they spout at you "per terms and conditions we cannot return any items" no proof they were damaged...very convenient!!! Also one dvd I know 100% I put in the box "not received" all I can say is NEVER AGAIN!!!! and if readers of this review have any sense they will steer clear.

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