Don’t bother with Benendan! Save your money in a Bank Accoun

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liverpool2009's review of Benenden Healthcare Health Insurance


“Don’t bother with Benendan! Save your money in a...”

Written on: 19/11/2019 by liverpool2009 (1 review written)

Don’t bother with Benendan! Save your money in a Bank Account

Don’t bother with Benendan! Save your money in a BANK ACCOUNT

As a family we have been members of benendan since February 2011. Me and my wife and four children at the time.
On the 1st May 2019, my wife had the lump on the side of her stomach which was causing her pain and discomfort. She went to the local Doctors and they said they didn’t like the look of it.
The next day I had to take my wife for blood tests at Gloucester Hospital. My wife rang her work to say that she was sick and wouldn’t be coming in.
On Tuesday the 7th May 2019 my wife went to the Doctors again, this time to have an Ultra Sound. The Doctor told my wife she a growth on her liver. The Doctor would arrange a CT scan.
I rang Benendan to see if they could help my wife. She had to wait 2 weeks and 6 days for a CT scan. Benendan told me that it has changed its policy and its now 3 weeks for a Hospital appointment before they would use there, “Discretion Policy”. They say it fell within the 3 weeks. My wife CT scan was cancelled and put back another week. So this would have been now over 3 weeks, but Benendan still didn’t want to know.
I put a complaint in writing about how poor their service is. I received a phone call from their Customer Service Team explaining their policies. The problem with Benendan is, if you do have a complaint, they deal with it themselves, so they are always going to be the right!
On the 24rd May 2019 my wife had her CT scan. On the 30th May my wife saw a Consultant. He said at this time he could not be sure exactly, but said the growth was bigger than first thought. He said he would arrange a Biopsy for the following week.
I had been paying Benendan since February 2011 for six people and then when my daughters moved out, just the 4 of us. I would have paid out over £5,000 in contributions for what, simple answer is NOTHING.
This has been the biggest waste of money I have paid to an organisation in good faith of a service in my life, I am now 52. The only thing you can do is stop paying the direct debit. I said they would never get another penny out of me. As soon as I cancelled the direct debit, the next day I had letters to say what going on with direct debit. I cancelled 4 members. My youngest daughter cancelled her membership. My oldest daughter cancelled her membership plus her 2 son’s. Benedan has lost 7 members because we all know now if they have problems with their health, we feel probably nothing will happen going on this experience.
My wife operation for her Biopsy was on the 5th June 2019. It was then on the 12th June my wife saw the Consultant. The Consultant told her that she has got STAGE 3 LIVER CANCER. She might have a life expectancy to this Christmas 2019 of next Christmas if she lucky, depending on how the Chemo Therapy will go.
To get to this point has taken 6 weeks and 2 days.
The news shocked us all because earlier my wife was told they were 99% certain she didn’t have Cancer after looking at her blood results, weeks before.
It took me a long time to write this after the event, but I wished that somebody like myself took the trouble to write about their bad experience of Benendan, as I would never have become a member.
What everybody should do is put their money that you would be paying Benendan in a separate Bank Account, so when you need to go Private and try to get an earlier appointment than the NHS is offering you, the money has already been set aside in a Bank Account to pay for this. There is no discretion involved, it’s your money.
I really wished I knew this is 2011 as I would have had over £5,000 in a Bank Account for Medical Emergencies like this.
I did know that when you get diagnosed with Cancer that you are on the NHS Pathway and even if you are a Benendan member that they can’t help. While my wife was in Pain and Discomfort to have all her test done to have her final diagnosis, it shouldn’t take 6
What worst about all of this is when I made my complaint? Their response was they offered me an appointment. This is not so. If they offered me an earlier appointment, I would have took it. This is the organisation you are dealing with. Their telephone staff are not trained medical experts trained for years on medical conditions. They are people just answering the phone and going by a given script!!!

Please don’t join and keep your own Money!!!

Save your Money in your BANK ACCOUNT!!!

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