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Guest's review of Bennetts Driving School


“Watch the small print!”

Written on: 17/08/2012

My daughter had a block of driving lessons bought for her 18th. She was studying at college over Winter and had ill health, so when she looked out her "gift voucher" she found an expiry date, which had been passed.I rang the company for her to be told that due to a retiral, there was no-one locally from the business to teach her. The owner said he'd see what he could do. I left it for ages, and had to contact HIM, wherupon he changed his tune, and said my daughter had lost her lessons full stop! The person buying them was not told there was an expiry date, or she would not have proceeded with the purchase! The print on the voucher which came sealed in a gift envelope, is tiny, and easily missed.
surely this is unethical to keep the £200 fee for services undelivered, especially hurtful for a young 18 year old who was deeply distressed at the discovery, and for the gift buyer wh effectively threw away her money!!
Very poor. Action need to be taken against such companies!

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Bennetts's Comment

Written on: 21/08/2012

We feel this is unfair that you have written 2 comments about 1 issue so I have replied to your daughter below too. Our gift vouchers do not have any small print on them, the expiry date is clearly stated on the front of the voucher. On our website it clearly states that all gift vouchers and courses are valid for upto 6 months. There is no other plainer way to let customers know. For anyone that wants to check please look at our website. I see you've mentioned ill health on your comment, you never mentioned this in our conversations, I also explained to you that 2 other customers in the last month have bought gift vouchers that was due to run out within the next few weeks, I have honoured these without question as they have informed me before the expiry date. We do not have any small print on our website or vouchers so I feel this is a very unfair comment.

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Leica's Comment

Written on: 22/08/2012

I have been through this as well. As have many others, It appears Bennetts needs money more than happy clients. I think your daughter may have had a narrow escape. I think they would have strung you along as long as possable to get as much money out of you. I wonder what their first time pass rate is!!! I would advise you to use RED. They are a great school and have a good first time pass rate.

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Arcademanicfire's Comment

Written on: 13/11/2012

I agree. They just want your money and nothing else. I've had alot of problems with the Cardiff one and passed with Streetwise instead. At least they are willing to let you drive and help you, rather than shout and drive you around. A very very poor driving school who I will be telling everyone I know who are looking into learning to avoid.

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Leica's Comment

Written on: 16/11/2012

Thank you for your comments. I will be writing on other review sites plus putting a warning on face book and twitter monthly. I am sorry no one warned me. I have still had no apologie from the owner for his father shouting and laughing at me and then hanging the phone up. What a way to run a business.

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Arcademanicfire's Comment

Written on: 19/11/2012

Its most defiantly the worst driving school I've been to. There is no excuse for rudeness when individuals are willing to pay the money. Its more thievery than anything.

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