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Reya467's review of Heathrow, VIP Heathrow Meet & Greet


“Frightening horrible experience ”

Written on: 20/09/2022 by Reya467 (1 review written)

Scary horrendous experience. The guy who picked the car up was friendly. I misunderstood about the carpark charge (£5.30). I offered to come back but they said I had to transfer them £25. It seemed like a made up fee but I paid that same night anyway and they confirmed they had received it by text. But when I went to pick my car up the guy said I hadn't paid and he wouldn't release my car. Both numbers I had for the company went to the same guy who was accusing me of not paying - even though a text from the same number confirmed I had paid. He kept telling me to pay and to stop wasting his time. It was awful and scary. I was with my baby waiting in the cold,I couldn't get through to anyone else except the guy who was accusing me and I really thought my car had been stolen. Eventually he realised I had paid after all and said he'd release my car. The other car company guys were trying to help me and said this kind of thing happens all the time with the unofficial companies. It might seem like you're saving ££ but it's really not worth it.

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Customerservicevipheathrow's Comment

Written on: 10/10/2022

VIP Customer Care Team: This customer booked a deeply discounted service option and in the booking confirmation paperwork it clearly stipulates that the customer needs to ensure they have supplied us with travel information that is both complete and accurate before they travel. It appears this customer did not understand what they had booked prior to travel - despite it being very clear online and in the booking paperwork. The customer had not noticed prior to travel that there was crucial, missing information and therefore extra charges had become applicable (especially as their travel requirements changed and the customer parked with us for longer than what was originally booked). Due to the very late stage that we were supplied this information, there was a period of time where our system was not yet showing that the extra charge had been paid by the customer, so we could not therefore release the car until we had clarified that payment had been received. If the customer had shown evidence that payment had already been made that would have greatly helped matters. Our Operations Manager did try to explain the situation to the customer and reiterate what was in the booking confirmation paperwork, but what he said was clearly misinterpreted by the customer, which is unfortunate.
Given the high security of our Park Mark premises and our close proximity to the airport, the service option booked by this customer does offer very good value for money for customers who ensure the booking information supplied when booking is accurate and complete so we can plan staff accordingly based on that information. VIP Customer Care

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Deybddhoptdvhi4670Bry's Comment

Written on: 11/10/2022

It tells you everything you need to know that the company has had to resort to invented excuses in response.
My car had been driven 13 miles so it not possible it was parked nearby unless they were joyriding it around instead.
I did however receive my car quickly once they eventually decided to accept that I'd paid so presumably they had received my return flight info after all and had moved the car nearer in anticipation. The car GPS showed it was on the airport site while I was trying to get it back...with all its windows down.
It is not true that I changed my requirements. My return flight arrived on time. This is a matter of public record.
My return flight details were requested by text and I provided them by text more than once. Both mine and the company's text histories confirm this.
As is widely the case, my bank does not allow me to take screenshots of my account and anyway, what would be the point in texting confirmation of payment to the same number I had a text from confirming I'd paid yet a guy ON THE SAME NUMBER telling me I hadn't. I offered to show him my account in person.
I was not aware I'd booked a discounted service. I simply did a search and booked what I was quoted. It was not even good value, especially after the made up surcharge and the 13 miles of fuel.
The guy could've done a lot more to resolve the situation instead of accusing me of not paying when I had and telling me to stop wasting his time. I followed the company's complaints process before posting the review but received no response. The customer service is appalling as well as all the other issues.
Do not use this company if you value yourself, your family and your car.

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