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Written on: 17/07/2013

They are selling tickets which they are not allowed to.
They lie about the ticket type, i.e. prior to me purchasing the tickets they said they would be individual and i would be able to re-sell if some of them were unrequired.
Customer Service is appauling with their call desk people just reading from a script, some even trying to justify the lies and totally unacceptable and invalid ticket sales.
They sold me a batch of tickets and said i would get lots of individual PDF's and encouraged me to buy and then re-sell on their site should there be any unrequired as i has told them there may well be as i was buying for friends and family who may not be able to attend.
When the tickets arrived which took weeks and during which time they kept badgering me to upload the tickets i had re-sold at their encouragement, threating e-mails and voicemails being left.
They were 1x PDF with someone elses name and it said that the one ticket would admit all so imposible to re-sell any not required tickets unlike i had been assured would be the case.
I contacted the promoter and they said I should request a refund and that the tickets would be cancelled if anyone sold tickets though other than them or their ticketting partner and that without ID matching the name on the ticket i would not get in.
They said this was an invalid sale and that i should demand a refund!
Viagogo said that they would not honour the resales that they, at a MASSIVE handling fee, had facilitated and encouraged, as they said I should have not placed them for sale as these tickets were always a batch and i should have known this, how could i when they were selling them too me and i had never seen the tickets!!!
Customer Service was non-existance, rude at times with 2 operators actually putting the phone down while i was getting my point across, and i always stated that i wasn't annoyed with them personally and I never swore.
One actually laughed at one point which i told him was unnacceptable so he put the phone down!
Another tried to justify and patronisingly tell me how it was going to work, when i told her she had no idea what she was talking about as she had not been involved in the original conversations she told me that if i wasn't going to listen to her there was no point in continuing the conversation, i again, as had become the norm, requested to be passed on to someone who could actually make a decission, instead of complying which i had come to the realization would never happen, she put the phone down as well!
Their handling fee is EXTORSIONATE yet they deny any level of culpability stating that they only pass tickets on and that the deal is between the seller and buyer and essentially nothing to do with them, if not then what is the extortionate fee cover?.
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SELLING TICKETS THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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