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“Fenians ”

Written on: 20/03/2013

I typically don't bother with reviews of shows I attend, but I had to with this show because of several malcontented Fenians fans who didn't like the openers, or who were surprised there were other bands on the bill. first off. A lot of complaints about the show running till after midnight. What were you thinking when you bought a ticket for a show on a Sunday night? and have you ever been to a Fenians show big stage event where there weren't opening bands or dancers, and the show ended after midnight? you must be a novice, or first timer. Get use to it or dont go. As for the openers. Openers are a necessary evil. THEY SELL TICKETS THAT HELP PACK THE HOUSE, and bring in money. I'm sure there is a lot of $ expense to put on a concert at a venue this big, like employees of the venue. The Citizen Joe band isn't Irish. They're an American rock band with a big following. Why were they on the bill? Because they were probably picked by the Fenians to perform with them because the openers can sell tickets to their fans. Their fans buy tickets, booze and food. That pays for the bands to perform. I bought 6 tickets for my friends and self. We went to hear our favorite band, Citizen Joe. We don't much care for the Fenians but we stayed for the Fenians. How rude it would be to walk out after the Citizen Joe band finished, although we too had to work in the morning. As for the knucklehead complaining about it being to cold. Try moving to a different area or on the floor like us where I assure you it was HOT! And so was the Citizen Joe band. I don't see or read Citizen Joe fans pitching a complaint about the Fenians or any other bands they perform with. I must admit I'm surprised there are bone head complaining Fenian fans. Maybe thats the Irish thing to do, but I thought the Fenians motto was 'Have fun or get out'. Maybe the malcontent complainers should take that advise and not go to their concerts. I don't think I'd like to hang with them (The complainers)

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