Completely ripped off ! Have lost friends !!

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“Completely ripped off ! Have lost friends !!”

Written on: 01/07/2013 by (1 review written)

I really think this website needs to add a second tag line to this company under !!!

They are the same company but it's hard to find as many negative reviews as these review sites over put stuff under Online Ticket Express which are the same company.

My sad story is too recent to be true but it really shows these people are rubbish.

Before I purchased tickets for Wimbledon, these people were calling me every 15 minutes after I registered on their website, emails and phone calls were flooding in and I actually thought whilst they are trying to sell me something it was good to be dealing with what seemed a decent company.

Sadly for me I haven't reviewed or searched anywhere on the internet as the site looked good and I didn't think that Visa and Mastercard would work with scam artists and so on, and everything on the site looked believable.

Sadly for me I committed to paying £1994, for 4 tickets to Wimbledon. As soon as I made payment, I received an email 2 minutes later asking me to sign a form to receive my tickets, which then followed by a request to send both front and back copies of my bank card and a copy of my passport or driving license, so they could prove I was legit to them !!

Very concerned by the latter part I simply refused, I sent a copy of the card but I removed the start date and expiry, the account number and sort code and all it was showing was the last two digits, I sent the back with everything blocked out including CVQ number.

Regarding passport I sent back without date of birth, passport number and signature, basically all they got was a picture of me and the month of start of passport. I made sure anything secure was removed, so they couldn't clone my details.

The next alarm came when my bank informed me that they had actually taken £2,350 off my card and not £1964. Rather annoyed at this I rang them up and they told me it was to do with the exchange rate as we pay in Euro's.

I didn't know if this was believable or not to be honest but I was very annoyed.

Then that was basically the end of converse, I tried to email and call asking when my tickets would arrive, no reply. I even went on the website again under another username and they were straight on phone to me, although when I tried ringing the numbers at the top of the website it told me no one was working at that time and just said goodbye on me and cut off.

This guy on the phone apparently Peter off an Irish number !! was trying to sell me tickets, after 15 minutes, I turned it back on him and asked about my order, and where my tickets were, the game was due to be the day after this and he said it was a customer service matter . I told him I was told tickets were mean't to be with me today, and I was told would be dispatched to me, he quickly tried passing it off as a customer service matter and he could only help me with more tickets I wanted to purchase. I said to him NO, I won't be buying anything until I get my tickets and I want to speak to a customer service rep, to find out where they are.

He said there was no one in customer service today and immediately hung up on me. Every email unanswered, every future phone call not answered.

I then went on the online chat of which I took photos of the chat and he again told me not his problem and then cut the chat off. By this time I realised I had been scammed.

The worse for me, was my business partner asked me to see if I knew anyway of getting Wimbledon tickets for him and his partner and his two clients, after I had booked the tickets and had them available I told him yes we've got them and he had already given me the £2000 to pay for them. Now I had to tell my partner I had been conned and didn't have his money.He had already told his clients he had tickets and this was fast becoming a huge nightmare.

Despite many more emails and phone calls no one answers, there was never any tickets sent to me, never received a dispatch notice and when contacting them to tell them my tickets never arrived or anything they didn't reply.

I spoke to my bank who told me that until the funds went out of my account I couldn't even dispute the payment, and as I paid by Visa Debit Card I would most likely have to do a charge back request. To say I was deeply upset by this is an understatement and I lost good friends in the process as my Business Partner blamed me for being so stupid and not checking it all out and I do have to pay him back his money I just hope I get it back through the bank.

How this company are allowed to continue to operate is beyond me, and how Visa and Mastercard still work with them I don't know !! Surely there must be loads of complaints for money to be returned.

I won't stop until I get my money back and this website is closed down. Remember and are exactly the same company.

They will steal your money, not send you tickets and completely ignore you. They should be behind bars !!!!

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