Shocking! It's a total fix

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“Shocking! It's a total fix”

Written on: 15/02/2013

To dispell a common myth. Ticket master do not hold tickets over to sell on Get me in. It's much more insideous than that.

Please follow this.... They sell a £40 ticket. They Take a percentage from the ticket cost for sale, they then Add their fees when selling. So now the ticket is, say £45 to the buyer. By now they've already made at least £10.
They then encorouge people to sell the same ticket on their sister website Getmein. They add on 10 % to the sellers sale price And advertise a sellers ticket of £50 as £55. When the new buyer enters the purchase process they then add 20%!!! Pluss over £10 postage!! Making the sellers £50 ticket worth £76.75

Think about it? From a ticket worth £40 sold by ticketmaster then on getmein, ticketmaster can make over £35!!!!!!!! Where as the poor person wanting to buy a ticket is left with these stupid prices and the person with a spare ticket barely sees his money back. And is made to look the bad guy.

In my view, they are a complete rip off!!!!! If you want value for money on a resold ticket go to eBay. At least their a £55 ticket is exactly that! It won't cost you £55 plus 20% plus £10.50 postage.

And a further point! How in gods name does delivery of a ticket cost over £10???

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Rosetheyounger's Comment

Written on: 15/02/2013

What nonsense! How does Ticketmaster "encourage" people to sell their tickets? You can sell a ticket from Getmein which has been bought from any source (not just Ticketmaster).

You have to pay a booking fee and postage from wherever you buy your tickets. (These companies can't work for fee you know.)

Buy a ticket from eBay and you have no guarantee whatsoever of getting your ticket, or a refund if the ticket doesn't turn up. The amount of postage you pay is up to the seller to decide, but it's very rarely free. The seller has to pay eBay and Paypal fees, so has to work that into the price they are asking. Getmein has the might of Ticketmaster behind it - at least you know that if something goes wrong you will get a refund.

Getmein uses UPS for secure and rapid delivery. Not cheap, but at least it's safer than Royal Mail.

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Tjjones27's Comment

Written on: 21/02/2013

You buy a ticket from get me in you don't get guaranty I bought tickets 7months ago and 3 days before the concert still no tickets I call up then call me back next day saying the tickets you bought for that seat is a completely different seat so where's the guaranty there??????

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