Late on assignment, BAD support, & now refusing refund

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“Late on assignment, BAD support, and now refusing refund”


written by jclbrt on 28/04/2013

I requested a Visual BASIC assignment that I was behind on to be completed. It was an overnight assignment so I expected to pay pretty big money for it... and boy did I ever pay big time for this.

I submitted the assignment and got quoted $288 to complete 4 VB programs due for the following day, I paid them and they began the work. The next day around 7:45pm I wrote an email asking what the status is as it was due at midnight. Well I didn't hear back for a bit so I decided to use their 24 hour chat support. I was greeted by a man fairly promptly. That was great, but then I asked him where the assignment was and he said it had already been completed and sent to me. Well I looked in my inbox and it wasn't there. I informed him of such via both email as well as through chats, and he then sent me an email, He said it included the assignment as an attachment. I wrote back that there was no attachment. However I was completely ignored. The only thing he did was confirm my email address and never heard from him again. I kept asking if he was going to send it again and never got a response, and I then asked if there was any way he could upload it to a file sharing site (like dropbox or yousendit), and got no response. I then spent the next 3 hours attempting to reach someone via chat and no one was responding. It'd show that he would join the chat then leave, or it may even say "No representative available". I finally got an email from an advisor who had sent me a dropbox link to download it however it was now 12:30am of the 25th and my assignment was overdue. The assignment was useless since my teacher does not accept late assignments. I tried to get a refund only to keep getting told that they are working on it, and asked if I had any examples of where they weren't responding. I got so sick of getting a run around that I finally filed a claim with paypal only to have them (assignment experts) reject it saying they upheld their end of the bargain. However they had not at all. They told me the reason it wasn't working was because of my gmail not accepting zip files (which I even informed him of over chat which is why i asked for another method to get the file). I was then asked why I hadn't gotten in touch with them. HELLO IDIOTS, I spent close to 3 hours on chat and spoke to him regarding this HOURS before the deadline and they did not work on resolving it. So I DID get in touch before the deadline, hence why I know who who is, and why I have a long email thread that contains no attachments. Conveniently, I also checked my email today and found that it looks like somehow the message thread regarding this issue had somehow been deleted, and was non-recoverable by gmail (I DID NOT DELETE THIS, so I have no clue how it managed to get deleted from my inbox and will be looking into this some more). Luckily for me, I keep forensic copies of my files (which means that the MD5 hashes as well as headers for messages are kept intact whether they are on server or not). I even emailed the management team prior to the deadline because I was concerned that the deadline would not be met. I saved the email thread I had regarding my order and made sure to forward it to them so they could see/ I have gotten no assistance from them at all. I finally received an email around 12:30am and this time with a link to a dropbox to download it. Unfortunately, the assignment was now late and my professor counts late work as a ZERO. Well, as it stands right now I have not gotten any refund from them. I will be escalating with paypal if they can't refund me. Originally, I was only asking partial refund as they did do the work but did not get it in on time so therefore it was useless to me. They made no efforts to help me figure out how to get the file until well after the deadline. They did not see me through the entire support process and as such failed to honor their contract with me... their customer. They seem to be blaming me for the problem when it is their problem... not mine. I did my due diligence to try and get some help and get the file in another format. I have an email from them this morning that admits that he should have sent me the link to download my file and they are sorry he didn't. Well sorry doesnt fix the problem. I am out $288 because of their mistake and as such I should be compensated for it.

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use this service they are completely rubbish. I will be escalating with paypal and I will keep you guys posted as to what happens. If I am unable to be refunded I will be taking them to court this Summer. It seems that they are in the UK and luckily for me I have 2 vacation homes in the UK conveniently located near brain rumor's location they have on their website.

We should not have to go through this kind of stuff. If they were a legit company they would have been a lot more willing to work with me on this issue and they would have owned up to their mistake and send me a refund for their HORRIBLE services.

NEVER USE ASSIGNMENTEXPERT.COM IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY ASSIGNMENTEXPERT.COM IS HORRIBLE. I will make sure that all top google reviews for this site has this review so everyone can know what a terrible company they are.'s Response to jclbrt's Review

Written on: 25/11/2013

Dear jclbrt,
First of all, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by mail delivery failure. The problem did exist at that time, that’s why we advised you to add our mail address to the Safe Senders list.
Your assignment was completed before the deadline specified in your order. We sent it to your email multiple times, both as an attachment and as a Dropbox link to the file. Furthermore, you received the file we sent you via online chat when you contacted us. We have done all we could to resolve this situation in due time.
You claim that originally you were “only asking partial refund as they did do the work but did not get it in on time”. We would like to stress that we offered you a partial refund when you informed us that your assignment was past due. However, you did not accept our offer. We tried to contact you twice after that, but received no reply.
We are truly sorry that your experience was not satisfying. We have significantly improved our delivery system since that time. We will ensure that such problems do not arise in future.
Thank you.

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