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DavidSIR's review of Debbie's Villas

“Awful experience!!”

Written on: 10/08/2017 by DavidSIR (1 review written)

Booked a last minute 2 week holiday and rented a house though Debbie's Villas. Booking was well handled and they answered all the questions I had in an efficient manner. However on arrival the Villa was disgusting, the villa smelt like rotting wood, it was filthy. I emailed Debbie's Villas and call the next morning and nothing was done. I was directed to a local company called Greenway property management who where totally useless. The cleaners where called back in and tried to clean again and even with some direction did a awful job. The Aircon was leaking which caused an awful smell throughout the entire house. Greenway property management did call an engineer to fix the leak and he told me the property needs to be tidied up and repainted and redone. Another maintenance man showed up later in the day and resolved the disgusting smell with industrial air fresheners near the aircon intake vent and also mentioned the smell was coming from the rotting floor ???
I would AVOID using this company who clearly don't care about issues in the properties they rent. Thanks for ruining my holiday

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Debbiesvillas's Response to DavidSIR's Review

Written on: 25/08/2017

To the reader - I'm Mike, the Customer Service Manager at Debbie's Villas. You will see from this website and our own website that we have a large number of very positive reviews - we take complaints very seriously and have spent many days investigating this complaint and my findings (which have been separately reported to the customer) are below. If you do not wish to read the whole report on this, my summary is that this review is unfair, factually incorrect in places and we/the local management company acted upon the customer's requests immediately. There were some initial cleaning issues on arrival, but these were rectified immediately. Regarding the smell which has been mentioned, our investigations have shown no reason/source for a smell and both guests immediately prior and after the customer have not reported anything like this, nor have the 13 other bookings into this house so far this year.

Our findings, in more detail, are in chronological order below:

On the customer's arrival on 27th July, he contacted Debbie's Villas and Greenway as he was unhappy with the outlook from the pool deck/privacy and he said that the house was 'shabby and in a poor state of repair'. Regarding the outlook from the pool deck, I explained that the photos on our website do clearly show the outlook from the pool deck, in that it is near a road and therefore customers are well informed when making a decision on which villa to choose (the customer has since accepted this).

Regarding the condition of the house, we referred him to Greenway, the property management company to make any improvements that were required. We knew that there were not major concerns with this villa as we ourselves had fully inspected the house very recently, on 4th May 2017, and not noted any problems or we would have rejected the villa from being placed on our website. We noted that it was a 'standard villa with large living areas'. There were also no aroma or aircon issues present. We also made a note of a review from April 2017 from guests which said "Stayed for 10 days, villa overall was perfect for 7 people". We therefore expected that Greenway would be able to make any necessary improvements to make the customer more comfortable in the villa.

The housekeepers were immediately dispatched to the customer. He requested certain things to be cleaned such as cleaning behind the beds and on top of the kitchen cabinets. I would point out that this type of cleaning is not part of a regular clean between bookings and is included in a 'deep clean' which is carried out a couple of times a year, this is standard across the villa industry. He also reported a smell from the house, the cleaners were unfortunately unable to smell anything adverse because he had been cooking and the food was the over-riding smell. The housekeepers carried out their work and asked if there was anything else they could do and he said no. If he was still unhappy at this point, we would have expected him to state his displeasure either to Greenway or to us.

He called Greenway on the morning of Wednesday 2nd August reporting water in the hallway and the aircon not working. Greenway dispatched their maintenance man within an hour and rectified the problem. There was a 2-3 feet wet area by the wall in the front living room, under a table. As a result, the carpet was shampooed. He mentioned a smell again to the maintenance man, who said that he did not notice a smell, but he sprayed freshener over the carpet area and he left an air freshener in the house.

He called on the morning of Friday 4th August and reported the aircon again not working. The aircon engineer responded within 1.5 hours and adjusted the Freon levels which rectified the problem. He asked the engineer if he smelt anything and he said no. The engineer said 'If you do smell anything, it may be from the dampness when the system leaked'. He suggested that the customer call Greenway to ask for some air fresheners (he didn't realise that some had already been placed in the house). He denied saying that anything was rotten, wet or needed replacing. He acknowledged that there was a water mark on the dry wall, but it was dry.

The customer called later that afternoon to request more air fresheners and these were put in the home by 3pm by the maintenance man. He reported not having noticed a smell and noted that the carpet and entire AC unit was dry. He also sprayed the carpet area with Febreeze for completeness.

The customer called on his final day, Thursday 10th August, to request a late checkout - this was unfortunately not possible as there were guests coming in that same day and the house had to be prepared for them. We do try and accommodate such requests if we can, but when it's a same day change-over, this is not possible. Greenway did try and assist him by suggesting places he could visit on departing the villa.


The customer reported a smell on day one and it appears that he linked this to the aircon trouble. However, the first aircon issue didn't start until Wednesday 2nd August, a few days after his arrival. I've also investigated the history of this aircon unit as he mentioned that someone told him they had been out 8/9 times to this property. This is not the case, it is a relatively new aircon unit having been installed on 30th November 2015. It has received two planned scheduled visits on 22nd October 2016 and 15th June 2017, but other than that there have been no leaking problems.

The maintenance man and aircon engineer have both denied saying that anything is mouldy or rotten. The management company have inspected the house again this week and can confirm that there is no evidence of mould or rotting areas.

The smell the customer encountered remains a mystery. No guests this year have reported such a smell, including the ones who stayed in the villa immediately prior to his visit or the ones who arrived on the day he departed (who have been very complimentary about the house). There have been no aircon leaks or problems reported. The management company also visited the villa last week and have not reported a smell. It could be said that air fresheners have masked the smell, but the management company noted that there was no smell of air fresheners, the house just smelt 'normal'.

The customer mentioned in a later email that "The villa was left dirty and this is all before the aircon failed. This is also why for the first week before the aircon was fixed and air fresheners put in place the villa smelt like stagnant water which was lying under the floors near the aircon "in" grate." But as mentioned above, there was no stagnant water anywhere as the aircon had not leaked previously.

To say that the management company were 'useless' is, in my opinion, unfair, he made three calls to them for assistance during his stay and each call was responded to and actioned within 2 hours of the call. I would say that this is very good service.

He also mentioned pages being torn out of the guest book - this is common - if anyone was to look at any guest books, they will have this as sometimes guests tear pages to make notes or they make notes and leave the page in the book - the management company then tear the page out to make the book look tidier.

In summary, any problems the customer reported were acted upon extremely quickly and we cannot find evidence of anything significantly wrong with the house. As I mentioned, the house was inspected by ourselves only in May and although it is not what we could call a 'luxurious' home, it is a standard property that many people have enjoyed this year and last. Every rental home is not going to be perfect due to the constant use by guests coming in and out, but there is not anything substantial here of concern. There have been 14 bookings this year into this house with no significant issues being reported and none of them have mentioned a smell - this includes the booking immediately prior to the customer's arrival and they departed on the day that he arrived.

Should any information or evidence come to light in the future to suggest that there are underlying problems with the house, I will of course be in touch with with the customer. And I'm not just saying this, we are a company who pride ourselves on our customer service and being fair to customers - so if the situation changes in relation to this villa, I can promise him that I will be in touch.



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