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written by Davistz282 on 26/08/2020

Told to bring car in as over weekend had a serious electrical failiure drove 50 miles!! and told you'll have to bring it back when we can book it in i held firm and he agreed to have car there and would update me. This didnt happen. I was given a date of today to look at car issues I have raised in person and via 3 emails (none of which had a reply) the service advisor was very arrogant and clearly not bothered. I went to collect car today as they couldnt find anything wrong with car funny because RAC did and the fact I nearly had a major smash did aswell. I checked car and suprise suprise 2 of my complaints which were very obvious hadn't been fixed. I have taken car today and started rejection process as the car clearly has issues with safety but WR Davies are incompetent and clearly the man I logged jobs with clearly didnt do his job properly had he then we may of gotten somewhere today. The guy I dealt with today got the brunt of my anger which want fair as he was great however if you are told to look into specific!! Faults they should be recorded a mechanic doesn't have a crystal ball

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“can not do the repair”


written by on 07/09/2018

paid for my car to be repaired twice. still have not done the job correctly and now want even more money to do the repair again .w r davies Llangefni have not got a clue

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“Exceptional customer service”


written by Engaged on 03/09/2018

Today i collected my used car which was a Toyota Yaris, i had fantastic customer service from the sales executive which handled my sale, i felt just as important as if i had purchased a new car and on handing me the keys i was presented with a bunch of flowers, what a lovely touch,all the staff are very friendly and the cup of coffee went down a treat , i would highly recommend WR davies at Telford. Many thanks

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“false promise from car salesman”


written by JairCameron on 23/11/2015

Bought a bmw series one from wr davies llangefni. Included with the car was meant to be 12 months road tax. Also 12 months m.o.t. The road tax was brought to my attention when I got a reminder in the post. I thought it odd as I was told I'd be given 12 months road tax and m.o.t. so I decided to check my m.o.t. surprise it had expired. So I had been told a load of lies by the salesman whose favourite word was no. I will never return to that garage again. Once the deal has been struck they don't want to know. I am not the only one people are talking about the poor service from this garage. Lesson here is check or get it in writing if the offer you tax and m.o.ts. I never got mine.

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“avoid this company at all costs”


written by Petersonli90 on 30/05/2015

I bought a Ford kuga from Llandudno nice little car pleased with it what is really really winding me up is I part exchanged my range rover they said £8500 no more I thought was low but 6 weeks later I've found my range rover up for sale at a garage for £13000 that's£4500 more than they give me for it I am totally devastated I feel robbed totally I've left two emails and had no reply whatsoever they have made money on the sale of the kuga and my range rover this company wants avoiding

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“poor service not very helpful poor customer relations ”


written by 493O'Hara on 01/01/2015

I went to write Davies llangefni. Never again the salesman was useless his favourite word was no. Customer service was very poor I will not be returning to wr Davies again. I thought salesman were meant to be helpful this one was like a pig I went to Mercedes in the end better class of service. I was warned about wr Davies of llangefni very poor service could not reccomend them to anyone avoid it if you can

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“New Car Has Paint Problems.”


written by Phillips99 on 24/10/2014

I ordered a new Ford Focus from WR Davies in Newtown over the internet. Once I had fully paid for the car and signed all the finance paperwork I got to see the car for the first time. Sadly it has two defects in the paint, not what you expect from a brand new factory car. They wrote me a nice letter saying that it has defects but would be fixed by Ford. After a couple of weeks ford did the repairs but actually made it far worse and now the paintwork is awful. I don't want my car re-spraying for a 2 time so after professional independent advice have rejected the car. Shockingly WR Davies have said that they can't take the car back as they believe it was and is of a satisfactory standard. The car was not and clearly is not of a satisfactory standard and this has been confirmed by 3 independent experts. I have now had to instruct a solicitor to help me at considerable expense. 1. Be careful buying a car from a non local dealership. (Even though there are laws meant to protect you) 2. Buy from a dealer who has a proven track record of good customer service.

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“i bought my used focus 2 years this june. everbody...”


written by Roland188 on 26/04/2014

i bought my used focus 2 years this june. everbody from salesman to service department etc have been extremely helpful, polite and proffesional. iwould reccomend them to my friends etc. mr b.d bagley moelfre anglesey. ps before i had my focus, i had a vauxhall zafira(1.9 cdti), biggest load of rubbish i ever bought!! slayters (vx dealers), could take a lesson from w.r. davies, on how to treat customers!!!!

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“Useless disorganised company”


written by Flookersbrook on 29/03/2014

I purchased a new Mondeo Estate via an exceptional rural ford dealer in Denbighshire for 1st March 2014. The invoice shows reg date as 1st March 2014. The car was collected on 1st March and when tax disc arrived two days later W R Davies the regional distributer who do the registrations with the DVLA for the outlying dealers had registered the car on 27th Feb, making the car a 63 plate and not a 14 plate! The loss to me being around £4000 , W R Davies would not replace the car as requested as we had used it and it had been registered in our name! then offered us an insulting amount for their error, if I had wanted a 63 plate car I would not have ordered a 14 plate car, They were off hand and became quite rude when we pushed the point about them taking the car back and supplying what we have paid for and have an invoice showing what we had bought, Could this have been deliberately done to boost sales figures for February. I am now considering instructing my solicitors to sue for a replacement car under the sale of goods act. Sadly this is the first Ford I have bought having for many years having Volvo and Chrysler vehicles, and it will be the last time I buy a Ford. I am so annoyed by the attitude of this company. I am sorry to say that they do not appear to be a trustworthy organisation.

Nsullivan's Response to Flookersbrook's Review

Written on: 04/07/2014

A response from W R Davies.

When I found out about this mistake, I called [name removed] myself from home. [Name removed] came across as a very pleasant and understanding customer, and we discussed the situation al length. He explained that the car was on a private plate and that the intention was to keep the car for at least 2 years. I offered £500 to make up for our error. This was accepted and cheque was drawn up.

A couple of days later [name removed] was in touch to say that he was still not happy. After this we agreed to double our payment to £1000 and for piece of mind a letter was written stating that W R Davies would guarantee that the customer would not be out of pocket if the car were to be traded in after 2 years (there was no chance of the difference between a 2014 63 plate and a 2014 14 plate being anywhere near this.

The cheque for £1000 to [name removed] was sent off, but again a couple of days later, the customer was on the phone saying they were not happy. As a company we go out of our way to avoid any customer disputes, and we ended up agreeing to a further £500. We were asked not to send a further £500 cheque, but instead send a cheque for £1500 payable to [name removed] and Hallmark Funeral Directors, with the initial £1000 cheque to be returned / destroyed.

Everything was sorted, until some weeks later we noticed that the £1000 made out to [name removed] had been cashed!

We have now reluctantly been forced to take legal action to recover this money and hopefully expose the total injustice of this situation. W R Davies has resolved this issue 3 times with [name removed], only for the customer to have a change of heart (but not before banking all the money).

Taking legal action against a customer is exceptionally rare. We sell thousands of cars a year across our 9 dealerships and our "customer is always right" attitude means that we hardly ever see anything like this sort of issue.

We hope that [name removed] can "remember" that he did reach an agreement with us ( on 3 separate occasions) and that at no stage have we ignored him or not followed through on our promises.

Im sure that [name removed] and Hallmark Funeral Directors are a fine reputable business. So are W R Davies, and we would appreciate it if comments about us were kept factual and honest.

Neil Sullivan

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Cyrill's Response to Flookersbrook's Review

Written on: 25/11/2014

Yes totally agree stopped the servicing of my ford focus there two years ago shocking workmanship and technical knowledge !!
Rang today for some parts but all lines engaged 10 mins got an answer asked for the parts department sorry they are on tea break can you ring back in 15 minutes I answers no !! why do you not rotate your staff so phones and service can keep be maintained.
Had my car serviced at Vospers Plymouth while on holiday . They are fantastic BMW/ Merc standard and and a fair price.!!
Wake up wr Davies Llandudno you are a 0 league outfit ! Not fit for service.
By the way orders my parts from Vospers they had an online service

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“my bumper epic”


written by on 11/07/2013

I was sent to W R Davies by my insurance company for a bumper on my Ford Focus estate to be replaced and a dent in the tailgate filled or knocked out. When it was returned my wife complained to me about the reversing sensors beeping all the time in reverse. The outer sensors had been fitted on the side of the bumper. I took the car back and pointed out the error, but they were adamant that that was where the bumper was marked for the drilling. They decided that the sensor was too tight in the drilled hole. After 3 hours they decided they were faulty and said they would replace them. I contacted Fords Customer Relationship Dept and my insurance company and finally after a phone call to my insurers it was decided that they would change the bumper. This was about 8 weeks later!!!! They have had the car for 3, yes 3 days and replaced the bumper but not the crash pads in the bumper!!! When the Ford Customer Relationship Dept tried to ring the body shop they were often told the manager was not available, or not a work that day. They didn't seem to be strong enough to get anything moving, it was my insurance company that got things going. It's a pity I can't give then on overall raing of -2

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written by on 18/11/2012

I purchased a ford ranger with a hardtop in nov 2011 and it leaked the first time it rained contacted WR Davies was told on numerous occassions that the person dealing with the complaint wasn't there and that they would phone me back they never did.we took the vehicle there 3 times and each time the repair work wasn't done.the door handle would'nt lock they did order the handle but it was never fixed,because of this poor service i have decided to have the vehicle serviced elsewhere and i will never purchase a vehicle from them again

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“Very helpful and not pushy”


written by on 20/09/2012

Brought a new car from them after arranging a brilliant discount. They were very helpful with the whole process, explained everything clearly and easily (even some of our more "noob" questions) without any hassle. All the paperwork and finance was sorted out quickly. Even when we had issues getting insurance in time, they waited past the deadline time to make sure we could get the car for the following day and not wait potentially another week. Chris (the salesmen) explained that the car would be driven down but the driver was very careful and he likes to arrive early The car arrived at 8am the next day, an hour early which worked out great. The driver showed us around the car and explained some of the main features. The car was a little dirty from the trip on the outside but the inside was extremely clean and the car had been given a full service just before delivery. Finally, the driver went through the final paperwork carefully without rushing and gave us the temporary insurance certificate. I would use them again and would recommend them to friends.

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