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Latest Reviews

“No care for others property”


written by lbStewart176 on 23/03/2023

Everything great on pick up but on return noticed damage (dent) on passenger side door. Called the guy while at the airport and he apolgised and asked to email the customer care address. But, no acknoledgement or response from them either. Would not use this service ever. Yes its £50 or so cheaper than LHR long stay parking but not worth the hassle with these fraudulent M&G airport services. PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COST.

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“Top Class M&G service”


written by DEH2017 on 30/05/2022

I have used AirParkMe for our business travel for many years. Last Saturday I used the service personally, I was contacted prior to my arrival, given precise directions where to meet. On my return a week later, I messaged when I had my luggage, I was called straight back and told where I could pick up my car. Amazing service, so polite and courteous. I was also helped with my luggage out and into the car which I wasnt expecting. I will always recommend these guys-Top class

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“Great service ”


written by ellen_2020 on 15/11/2021

Booked with air park me whilst I was away on a business trip. The meet and great service was good and easy to use, with the driver waiting for me as I arrived and departed. Will be using again for business and personal trips.

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written by Kennedi398 on 22/11/2018

DO NOT USE PRONTO PARKING OR AIRPARKME I left my car with them for a trip to NY. They broke into my glove compartment, stole my log book and service history, £30 in cash, a jacket, sunglasses and most amazing of all they stole my number plates. All obviously reported to the police but not surprisingly the owner of the business is now refusing to talk to me or communicate in any way!  Avoid at all costs.

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“Absolute rubbish.”


written by Rayna104 on 18/11/2017

Don`t touch these with a bargepole. Left me and wife with unusable car- had to call AA. Left airport 4 hours after arriving. Sent them a letter of complaint. Not the decency to reply.

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“Really Awful experience ”


written by chead on 02/03/2017

Didn't turn up to collect my car and did not answer their phone,after paying to park and 45 minutes late,they finally phoned me to say they had a problem with the phones!call divert had not been turned on.Really stressful start to my holiday.On returning they took 40 minutes to bring my car back and it was filthy,when I booked they said a full valet service was included,this was not the case with my car .Avoid this company at all costs,I used meet and greet because I thought it would be less stressful ,I will never use meet and greet again awful experience.

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“Smashed my car”


written by on 13/02/2017

I am absolutely appalled at this service. A simple insurance matter. My car was damaged while in the care of airpark me. Now they are telling me, that they under new management and giving me the run around. The owner is apparently unobtainable. They have caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage, I asked the chap to come and see the car before I left the airport, he said pictures will do and was very apologetic at the time. We emailed them straightaway. My second car was absolutely filthy, thankfully no damage. I want to get this resolved.

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“Kept waiting and car dirty”


written by Muhammadb388 on 20/01/2017

I have used AirParkMe about 6 times. I have always been kept waiting but not excessively. Last Friday I waited 70 minutes and was given a variety of weak excuses. It would have been quicker to walk to the Long Term Car Park. And when the car arrived it was obvious that it had been driven through a very muddy area as it was really bad both sides, the back and all four wheels and I had paid them to clean it! I have tried complaining but clearly they don't want to reply to any complaints. I work for a large group and have discussed internally and we have decided to use other parking facilities in future.

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“Horrible Experience”


written by Ria2212 on 19/01/2017

Just wanted to write and let others know that this company has very poor customer service. We arrived at Heathrow at 0700 in the morning, called at 0735 as requested once we had our bags and were through customs for our car to be delivered, and did not get our car until 1200! Our car was not even delivered to us, we were called and told it had a flat tire and was parked at a petrol station, but not the car's exact location. The company kept promising to send a driver to take us to our car, but they never showed. We finally hired a taxi to drive us around until we found our car. Then we had to wait another hour before one of the supervisors from the company found and brought us the keys to our car. Horrible experience all one wants to wait 5+hrs to get on the road after a overnight international flight. I like writing good reviews, but sadly I do not recommend this company to anyone.

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“First time good experience”


written by Clayax24 on 18/01/2017

I recently used airpark me during the christmas holidays. Dropping the car off was brilliant and the driver was already there waiting. Upon arrival at T5 I phone the office saying I was in the car park and was told driver will in 12 minutes which they were. I should of called once I got my bags. All in all it was a good service and wasnt made waiting around.

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“I've been using this meet and greetings for a long time”


written by AddisonBates305 on 16/01/2017

As you can see from my title I've been using this services for about 3 years they are always on time to collect my can and always washed (Not washed good every time but they still try) I will always use this company.

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“Airpark Me extended my holiday for free, not in a good way”


written by Solomonx472 on 12/01/2017

Booked Airpark Me for meet and greet including car wash. Arrived at 7:20 am at heathrow. Called Airpark Me at 7:50 after collecting bags from T3. Was told car would be with me in 20 minutes. Following numerous calls where I was lied to repeatedly (excuses started as driver on way, lost tge driver, car blocked by illegally parked car, ended admitting they had lost the keys) eventually convinced them to get us a taxi home at 3pm, which they then forgot to pay (£90) for and told us we would have to pay it ourselves and tgey woukd refund it. They eventually delivered the car to us in the early hours of the following day. To add insult to injury not only had it not been cleaned but they left rubbish and mud inside. Have spent the last week trying to get in touch, but always fobbed off and told they will return calls which they never did. Have been forced to start legal action to recoup costs. If you would like to extend your holiday by several hours (albeit at the airport waiting for your car) and end up several hundred pounds out of pocket then use Airpark Me, otherwise do not touch with a barge pole.

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“3 hour wait for car”


written by jenbarnes89 on 12/01/2017

Absolutely awful service. 3 hour wait to get car. Returned unwashed. Lied to and fobbed off. After 26hours travelling with two small children. AVOID. Heathrow terminal 2 3rd Jan 2017

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“7 hour wait and still no car with Airpark Me”


written by Tyj239 on 09/01/2017

Drop off at T3 heathrow fine. Pick up dreadful. Waited 7 hours with various lies given as reasons for car not being there. Initially the driver was on his way, then he had gone missing, then it was that the car was blocked in by an illegally parked car, then it was that it was behind other cars an stuck. After 4 hours we were told the keys were misplaced (but definitely not lost). We had to instigate practically every phone converstion despite each time being told someone would call back. Many of our calls went unanswered (my call log shows over 70 calls or attempts!). After 6 hours they eventually agreed to get us a taxi which they ordered for us but when the taxi firm phoned to tell us where to meet them we were told we had to pay the driver cash (£90) so we cancelled the taxi. Airpark Me did then transfer enough funds to our account so we could pay for the taxi ourselves, but that took another hour. Our car was delivered to us in the early hours of the following morning. Included in the parking charge was a clean, and that wasn't even done. When they told us they had found the keys they said they would deliver the car but discuss a refund and compensation the following day due to the late hour ... it is now 3 days later and they haven't agreed anything (or indeed responded to my calls or emails). Before using them I did check reviews and they seemed okay, but over the last couple of weeks it looks like we are not the only ones to have this sort of experience. My advice, if you woukd like to extend your holiday (albeit in the Heathrow arrival area) then use Airpark Me. If not, then do not touch with a barge pole.

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“Avoid like the plague”


written by 267Goode on 06/01/2017

Airparkme was recommended to us by someone who had used them twice before. We checked our car in early morning and everything went brilliantly. However on our return we phoned up and we're told to wait for a call. We had to keep on phoning them. We were told that they didnt know where the car was. Then they knew where it was but the driver had gone missing with the keys in his pocket. Eventually after an hour and a half we said that if it wasn't returned immediately would phone the police and report it stolen. Then we got a call from the despatcher to say they were 10 minutes away, then a call from the driver to say he was on his way. So after an hour and thee quarters the car was returned. The driver handed over the keys, apologised profusely and beat a hasty retreat. The car was muddy inside including the back carpet and had grease on the passenger door. I have tried to contact the firm for redress but needless to say have heard nothing. Is there some contact point at heathrow which covers car parking Complaints?

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“Just awful!”


written by crBoyd404 on 06/01/2017

Outbound journey, waited 35 minutes for them to collect the car. Told to call when you get off plane, 1hr 15mins we waited for them to drop car back. It was supposed to have been washed but wasn't! Pay a bit more and get a more reliable service.

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“2 hours wait time to get the car.”


written by aninhaft on 05/01/2017

My mother and I waited 1 hour and 50 minutes for the car to be returned to us. I would call their dispatch and would be told the car would be with me within 20 minutes and the driver would call me. After 1 hour I got impatient and started calling every 5 to 10 minutes and was given the same answer: the driver is walking towards your vehicle right now so he'll call you in 5 to 10 minutes. I gave up and said I'd take a taxi to the location and asked for their address. It was my mother's birthday and we had a dinner party to get to. The car was delivered at 20:15 (the first call I made was 18:25), which meant that we were extremely late for my mother's own party. I was told they would give me a refund but other than the dispatcher (who was a very polite and patient man) apologising on the day no one contacted me. So I contacted Heathrow parking asking about my refund and they were not aware of the issues I had but were willing to refund me the money. Even though I was given a full refund still it is not going to take away the fact that it ruined my mother's 66th celebration. So be aware of this company.

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“Worst company by long shot”


written by Ogdenjy337 on 04/01/2017

Arrival at terminal 3 outbound journey fine, on our return phone number to be told a car was blocking there car park would be about twenty minutes. After 30 mins told to go to level 3 of car park three car would be with us shortly after 4 phone calls and despite the promise of them returning our calls which never happened 55 mins later the car appeared! It didn't stop there we had paid for car to be washed inside and out, well the clearly hadn't driver gave keys and ran off before we could say anything and didn't leave us with ticket to exit Avoid like the plague

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“waiting times goo ”


written by ArianaCraig233 on 28/12/2016

Good service for our outbound journey, appalling service on our return. Kept stood waiting in the car park for 45 minutes, several phone calls made with a response of driver will be 5 minutes. Guy next to us heard me on the phone and said that he'd been waiting 45 minutes up to press. If I'd have made their driver wait I would have had a charge. Next time I will just shuttle bus it I think.

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“Quick Polite Affordable”


written by on 25/09/2016

Both outbound and inbound service excellent. Polite drivers who helped load cases onto trolley or into car. A phone call to check on progress of our journey. Arrived to pick up and deliver car on time. The car was returned sparkling clean. Excellent service at competitive price. Have recommended to family and friends.

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