Booked at last minute got 5* treatment. Fully recommended

Parklands Quendon Hall, Quendon, Essex
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Guest's review of Parklands Quendon Hall, Quendon, Essex

“Booked at last minute got 5* treatment. Fully recommended”


written by on 11/10/2011

ok let's start by saying I am fussy. I was not a bridezilla but I am picky and notice things. I was also on a budget.

I'll start at the start: the Parklands, Quendon Hall sales team on the phone were brilliant, I got a good price then made them include the bridal pavilion and teas and coffees in the quote (saved me about £150-£200 on tea and coffee and also £100 for my bridal suite)

I got the rooms discounted for guests to be £100 per room per night.
I got to choose who had what room.

I viewed the venue and staff were personable, professional, friendly etc.
I was very impressed. It is hard not to be, it is large but not too big that you feel like you have lost your guests (I had 50 to the day and about 70 in evening)

It is exclusive use. So no weirdo's can walk in.

My wedding planner laura was brilliant. I can't fault her. I asked a lot and she delivered. She was professional but friendly. I put my complete trust in her and she didn't fail me.

I changed my mind about things a lot which she kept up with and didn't mind.

The food was lovely. I had the basic package but the presentation was fab, the quality was very good. The basic evening Buffet was incredible, there was plenty of it, the pates and bread and salamis etc looked brilliant, I didn't eat them but lots of people told me how good they were.

The staff were brilliant (I asked my guests how they found them as obviously they will be nice to the bride and groom but they sang their praises too.

Also the wedding car driver told me they were really nice to him and offered him a coffee which was the first time he has ever been offered one at a wedding venue. When they treat outside staff well I think it says a lot.

The bedrooms are all modern, some are better than others - that's life. Some are very impressive some are small. But it is your choice if u want to stay. It is a wedding venue, not a hotel. If you want a hotel, go to one, there is nothing stopping you! Some venues don't have guest bedrooms, this one has 21 and some are a 2 min walk away in a separate house so noise is not an issue either.

All our guests and family were made to feel welcome and the friendly staff worked hard and did their job well.

The setting is incredible.

Having been to and rung round a LOT of venues if u are looking for a mid week wedding you will not fund either better OR cheaper. I think their business concept is to have a wedding everyday of the week, and to discount the mon-thur ones to get them booked up as they will have still made about £6-7k out of my midweek wedding, including guests paying for extra drinks and accommodation. They seem to have about 26 weddings a month. They have it down to a fine art.

There is no aircraft noise at all and you would never know you were that close to stansted.

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