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Written on: 13/05/2013

I purchased a policy of wedding insurance for my Brother's wedding through WEDDINGPLAN for the benefit of a young couple of limited means to make sure their happy day went off without a hitch.

My Brother was notified on a Saturday afternoon prior to the wedding taking place on the following Thursday that the Baker whom they had contracted to make their cake had a severe bout of Food Poisoning and could not legally or in good conscience put other people's health at risk by making their cake.

WEDDINGPLAN were closed from Saturday Afternoon until Monday Morning and could not be advised about what had occured.

In the meantime, we sought to find a replacement Baker who could create a cake before Thursday.

Many Bakers within the local area were not prepared to make a cake at that short notice or understandably would only do so at a considerable premium.

My Brother found a supplier willing to make the cake - but at over twice the original price.

Calling WEDDINGPLAN earlier today, I was directed to an organisation known as 'DIRECT GROUP' being their claims team.

Speaking to DIRECT GROUP, to deal with what I thought would be a straightforward matter of processing a claim and issuing the necessary paperwork in order to make a claim for failure of supplier, I was advised that:-

1. DIRECT GROUP would not honour the claim against the policy as 'Failure of Supplier' - because under their policy 'Failure of Supplier' only deals with the Bankruptcy or Liquidation of a Supplier within a specified period.

2. DIRECT GROUP would not honour the claim under the heading of 'Wedding Rings, Flowers, Attendants' Gifts and Wedding Cake' as any "damage or loss" would have to occur within 36 Hours of the Wedding. Effectively meaning that Direct Group would only consider processing a claim if damage or loss occured after Wednesday 01:00 - the day before the wedding.

As you can imagine, after hearing this the first thing I did was to comprehensively review and search through the documentation I had been e-mailed by WEDDINGPLAN. Unsurprisingly I could not find any reference to any such restrictions.

So I went on to the WEDDINGPLAN website and could not find any reference to such restrictions until I looked under the 'Making a Claim' and "Help & FAQ' sections. It appears there is a link to a WEDDINGPLAN Policy Document on this part of their website.

I must admit I thought this was a little bit odd considering at no time from point of purchase to receiving documentation was I made aware of by correspondence, directed to a link to or otherwise notified of the existence of the WEDDINGPLAN Policy Document and its various restrictions.

If I was aware of the restrictions contained within this document I very much doubt I would have ever contemplated taking out this policy.

The young couple for whom this policy of insurance was taken out have been put in a financially difficult position just days prior to what should be one of the highlights of their lives are now worrying about how they are going to cope to pay the new Baker and the debt they are going to have to go into.

WEDDINGPLAN insurance were more than happy to take payment of the insurance Premiums from me but when a genuine problem had occured with one of the wedding suppliers giving rise to circumstances where a potential claim may exist - they advised they would not honour a claim.

I am seriously wondering about whether I should even continue such a policy until the wedding day as I wonder whether DIRECT GROUP would actually even honour any claim made under a WEDDINGPLAN insurance policy.

I would seriously implore anybody reading this review to carefully consider whether you wish to find yourself in put in such a stressful and financially difficult position just prior to your wedding before contemplating taking out a policy with WEDDINGPLAN Insurance.

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Jackiewin26's Comment

Written on: 19/01/2020

Thank you i will now not purchase wedding insurance from this supplier.

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