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“Doubled my revenue ”


written by Jamesmiller123 on 06/10/2023

I’ve been running google ads campaigns for my business’s for over 3 years now. My original ad company we’re too busy and couldn’t take my new business on so I found DPOM through word of mouth I’m glad I did. I now work with DPOM nothing is to much trouble he’s always in contact letting me know what’s happening he goes above and beyond for us and our productivity has more than doubled he’s so good I removed my other account from my old ad agency and placed it with DPOM. Been with them over 6 months now best thing I’ve done. Very happy with them

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“Increased my cost per lead by 540%”


written by TheVenueOnMiddleSt on 14/06/2023

In the 4 weeks that DPOM had control of my Google Ads account, my lead submissions dropped from 108 per month (average) to 21. The average cost of a lead submission went from £9.44 to over £50. DPOM defended this by stating that it takes 3 months to see improvements. Whilst I fully accept that it takes time to see improvements, I certainly did not expect their involvement to massively reduce my lead submissions and increase my cost per lead by 540%!

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“Completely wasted investment”


written by Tuffel1968 on 28/02/2018

I was very disappointed by the service of DPOM. The sales guy I spoke to at the beginning was very passionate, and I bought a 12 months contract for Google adverts and a landing page. Yet, the service did not match what they promised. I was told we would agree KPIs, that my campaign would be split tested and that every month they would make changes to improve the landing page. None of this happened. I was later given reason why it would not make sense to split test and make monthly changes, but why was I then promised that they would? The copy for the landing page was very poor. The initial draft did not even describe what visitors would sign up to, and my coaching services were described as "treatments". I asked for a few basic changes to remove the worst issues, which DPOM made reluctantly. I was told to just trust them and not to request further changes. I was assured that they would make monthly adjustments anyway to improve the landing page. Yet, when I asked my account manager at our review points what actual changes had bee made, she could not give me an answer. I have no visibility that DPOM had made any changes at all, despite me asking to let me know about the work they had done. After seven months of not receiving a single lead and having spent over £3,000 I asked to be released from the contract. Although the google stats had indeed improved (that's what the two stars are for), I had not received any enquires form the campaign. Although DPOM agreed (at that point) that the campaign did not work, they refused to let me out of the contract. They insisted that I continue to pay for services which simply did not create results. Then after several rounds of complaints from me, DPOM suddenly produced a list of 9 leads that the campaign apparently produced over the last two months. Yet, I never received them and at that point they were too old to act on. I still contacted the leads but did not receive any response. All very odd.

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“Outstanding service. Dpom tell you how it is.”


written by PhilSchoConsult on 19/04/2016

Don't really leave reviews, but in DPOM's case, I had to make an exception. I contacted the company as I was considering having a crack at Pay Per Click, but wanted someone to manage it as I didn't fully understand how it worked. From first contact, I was guided through the procedure by a very honest AdWords manager. I knew results were not going to be instant, (what advertising is) but the level of honesty and their knowledge of their industry made me feel comfortable and I signed up. Best thing I ever did. Three months in and the marketing is working like a dream. Best thing I ever did. Very highly recommended.

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“Avoid at all costs”


written by Stephenajfranks on 07/04/2016

I started with a self managed AdWords campaign, but decided it was time to find a professional to take it over to increase enquiries. I didn't find that professional in DPOM. Do not fall for the 12 month contract as when you fall out with them you will be arguing about it. My enquiries fell from a few serious enquiries a week to zero, at about £2.60 a click (set by Google, dpom front even bother to do this themselves). My own campaigns keywords (and negative keywords) got serious enquiries. Dpom didn't ask me about keywords they just generated them and set the campaign running resulting in no enquiries. Expect plenty of action getting the contract signed and direct debit set up, then not much if anything after this unless you chase up what's going on. If you would like a chat about my bad experience, leave a comment after this review.

Dpom's Response to Stephenajfranks's Review

Written on: 19/04/2016


I am disappointed to read this review and I’ve queried the chain of events with your account manager.

One of the requirements of our contract is that Google tracking is implemented on the site so that we can analyse data, visitors and ultimately, conversions.We make this clear before we start any relationship. Despite many requests this was simply not done. The outcome of this is that it is difficult to ascertain what keywords / ads etc are sending conversions and what aren’t, thus making optimisation extremely difficult.

Obviously a second requirement is that you give us access to your analytics which up to April 5th, you still hadn’t done despite a further written request and reminder the same day. It is impossible to optimise an account efficiently without this access.

Be that as it may, we were given less than two months to work on the campaign (without conversion tracking & analytics) before you revoked our access thus displaying unrealistic expectations. Why sign up for 12 months (we offer 3,6 and 12 month options) and expect outstanding results in less than two months when you have failed to provide information or installing conversion tracking? Strange.

As detailed within our proposal, you also received monthly reports and were offered the opportunity to discuss performance with your account manager at these times.

You never actually raised any concerns during this time, in fact, the first we knew of it was when you revoked our access from your AdWords account. This made it impossible to address your concerns - which we most certainly would have if you’d given us the opportunity.

What is interesting is that you state: “My enquiries fell from a few serious enquiries a week to zero”. If you were so happy with your own efforts, why engage an outside agency in the first place? To say the account didn’t perform as well as your old one is not accurate. You didn’t track sales from your old account and you prevented us tracking sales from your new account. This resulted in us being unable to optimise your account to increase your sales and therefore it is impossible to know with any certainty which account worked better. Regardless, we clearly state it can take several months for a new account to start seeing positive returns - we make this clear before we even ask for a first payment.

We are an award winning agency and a Google Partner. We work strictly to Google guidelines to protect our clients, safe in the knowledge that we are not engaging unsafe practices.

Your threat of “I’ll leave bad reviews of your company if you take legal action against me for non payment” just hasn’t worked and never will. No company likes being held to ransom and we’re no different. It saddens me you resorted to threats rather than discuss any issues you had with us. This seems like a strange way to proceed.

I notice that your final paragraph invites readers to leave a comment to chat about your bad experience and that is fine. There are two sides to every story and we’re happy to publish details of our correspondence which clearly demonstrates we gave you realistic expectations and requested you provide us with tracking and information a number of times.

We take any concerns from our customers seriously and had you raised these with us and provided the opportunity for us to resolve them we would have done so. Please feel free to reach out to us if you wish to address these concerns amicably, we’d be happy to assist.

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1Reviewer1's Response to Stephenajfranks's Review

Written on: 31/05/2018

That's exactly what they did to me, now being threatened with bailiffs, disgusting company.

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“Not the level of service I was expecting”


written by JenPrev on 17/12/2013

I have been disappointed by some aspects of the service I received. I mainly hired their services in order to have my back links checked. I did all the contacting of the websites and DPOM said they would deal with the disavow file. I found out months later that they forgot to upload it. When they did email it to me it was just a generic disavow file made by a piece of online software. It did not follow Google guidelines for a disavow file. Nothing had been included about who we contacted and when. It was not the level of service I was expecting for £100 per hour and I didn’t receive an apology either, just a lot of covering their own backs when I pointed out their mistake.

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“Very, Very Clever”


written by thewc on 01/11/2012

Ok, since they asked nicely i'll leave this review! DPOM have been doing my firms SEO for about 3 months. After a very convincing sales pitch I agreed to give them a go and see if they could deliver. I am a MASSIVE sceptic but after reading reviews and speaking to their clients I threw caution to the wind and gave them a go. Now, I would like to give them 5 stars and maybe I will at some point. The only reason I haven't is because we are pretty early on and I want to keep them motivated ;-) To be fair, they gave me realistic expectations and they have exceeded them, my site is ranking in Google better than ever and I have the extra sales to back it up which is great. We're now discussing replacing my ageing website with something that will convert better and i'm expecting further results and given current progress i'm sure the guys won't disappoint. Good job and keep it up - if yod do, i'll be customer for life!

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“Highly Skilled, Reliable and worth every penny”


written by bensmithywiffy on 19/10/2012

We used DPOM to design our new website selling lighting products online. As I believe others have mentioned they are not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive either. We've been caught out by cowboy web designers before so took time to read through their Terms and Conditions which are pretty easy to understand. I did have some concerns which they addressed to my satisfaction. They are very fair and go to lengths to explain how the process works, what they need from me and what I can expect from them. I would advise anyone looking for a web designer to always understand the process at the begining - it avoids problems later. Once the site was completed they took time to visit our business and walk us through it and are always available to help us as we are not the most computer literate people!! Since the site has launched, we've had nothing but positive comments and i'm incredibly grateful of their hard work. Once the site starts building up we plan to be back in touch for SEO services!

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“Google Adwords genius”


written by on 13/10/2012

We started working with dpom a month ago after running our own Adwords campaign for around a year. I was initially sceptical about having a company manage my Adwords since its something we can do ourselves and if it want for the fact I was recommended to them ona forum I probably wouldn't have tried them. I was a little nervous when they set up an entire new campaign but a coupl of days in my click price dropped trim about 45p to 8p, they set up some tracking so we could see what keywords generated sales and stopped the ones that were not performing and moved he budgets to the ones that were. They did a lot more but I don't fully understand all of it but I understand that I'm getting more business. So in month 1 if got nearly 7tmes my budget back in sales and I couldn't be happier. Although they aren't all that cheap, with the returns I'm getting their costs are pretty irrelevant but they have kindly given me a discount for signing u p for a year (handy tip!) It's also worth noting that they go to great detail as to what to expect at he very beginning so we felt really comfortable from the very start - which was great because I hate surprises!

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“Consummate Professional Website Design & Online Marketing”


written by Online_Electrical_Supplies on 26/09/2012

It’s not often that I put pen to paper for a positive review, as I believe the service that I am buying should always be cost effective and professionally executed as standard. Once in a while though, one has an experience that simply must be conveyed to others to demonstrate that in a time of poor service and rip off merchants, there are companies who do care enough to go the extra mile. Such a company is DP Online Marketing. I contacted this company earlier this year with a view to replacing my e-commerce website and improving my visibility online. It was crucial to me that I get the right company to carry out this work as my livelihood depends on online trade. I always make it a rule to contact companies’ customers to find out how they REALLY perform. After a morning on the telephone, I was convinced DP Online Marketing were capable of helping my business grow. After a consultation, I provided DP with my bulleted brief which they followed to the letter. I could not believe how stunning the draft was and other than a couple of textual changes I asked DP to go ahead and start programming. The site was complete in two weeks and launched on their cloud servers which is great because of the reliability and speed. Communication with DP was first class. All my queries and questions were answered almost immediately, and some of their suggestions actually saved me money. So impressed am I with their service, I have engaged them to look after my SEO which, after only three weeks, is showing a considerable increase in business. It’s no surprise then, that I have learned that DP Online Marketing are finalists in the Digital Entrepreneur Awards this year. After beating many other companies, they are in the top five finalists of these very prestigious awards. You don’t get to this stage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Well done Gentlemen and many, many thanks. Recommendations don’t come higher than that!

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“Easy To Work With, Not Pushy, Deliver Results!”


written by on 24/09/2012

We have recently had a new website built by DP Online Marketing. When searching for a company to produce a site for us we chose DP because of their professional yet non pushy approach. Nothing was too much trouble for them, the brief we gave them was adhered to perfectly and any changes we asked for made promptly and effectively. They were always there no matter how many questions we asked them, nothing was ever too much trouble. Our website does everything we wanted it to and much more. We followed advice and suggestions from the team and they were absolutely right on guiding us with the way forward. When the website went live the feedback was 100% positive and our customers are extremely happy. We are already seeing an increase in sales despite it being at such an early stage. As an ecommerce site we rely solely on our website as the face of our business so it was extremely important that everything was done correctly. It`s a stressful time making changes like this in your business so we feel having a company you can put your trust in is essential and we found DP Marketing to be a pleasure to work with. We not only felt they were working for us, but actually with us. We will continue to undertake more of the services they offer as our business progresses and cannot express enough our gratitude to them and our recommendation of them as a company. Scarletts Parrot Essentials

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“Total waste of money - we put the website in the bin”


written by ultimateappliances on 31/05/2012

We had a website designed by DPOM. We paid around £2,400. We were very unhappy with the website and ended up scraping the website thus leaving us without a website and without the money paid due to the poor condition we believe the site to be in. I would not recommend DPOM to anyone. I felt that the website was of very poor quality and did not have the desired effect totally missing the target market rendering it useless. My opinion would be to spend more money on an established web design company with a large portfolio and avoid DPOM.

Dpom's Response to ultimateappliances's Review

Written on: 24/09/2012

Sorry to read this review. We're sorry you were not happy but as you know we only request payment for our projects once clients have "signed off" i.e. confirm the project is delivered as requested.

In this instance the website was "Signed off" and delivered as requested (even voicing your satisfaction with the design and the features throughout the process). It was only after this fact we were asked to provide additional services at no cost with threats of posting negative reviews if we did not comply.

Obviously as a professional, award nominated web agency we cannot agree to unreasonable requests such as this, hence why we were unwilling to provide additional services to the terms requested.

We take a great deal of time to ensure we meet clients requirements (such as requesting approval throughout the process as a website is developed) to ensure clients get exactly what they expect - which is exactly what happened in this case.

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Dpom's Response to ultimateappliances's Review

Written on: 26/09/2012

Whilst not wishing to engage in an argument, all I can say is again, sorry your not happy, but we did complete the project as requested and you issued the final payment and took delivery - why would you do this if you we're not satisfied?

As you know, if we do not receive your full requirements at the start of a project we cannot be expected to include additional requirements mid way through the project at no cost.

The site loaded in 3 seconds (we've never created a site that loads in 10 seconds) and we never once charged you for hosting.

This is nothing more than a fishing expedition to extort additional services in exchange for removal of false reviews.

This isn't surprising given comments online about ultimateappliances - especially those referencing trading standards.

We won't make further comment on this.


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Ultimateappliances's Response to ultimateappliances's Review

Written on: 25/09/2012

DPOM's response is a total fabrication of the truth. I would ask them to show any proof that I signed the website off - as I never did. They pressured me into paying because the website was very slow and THEY determined it was because of their weak hosting. But in order for the website to be moved to my hosting, they required payment in full.

This put me in a difficult position either; have a website that took 10+ seconds to load per page, or pay up and take my chances.

In any event I paid out £100's in hosting for the website to still be slow and no solution was offered.

I never signed the website off.

Also, its quite ironic how a new review has appeared on the site. I have reported it just to ensure it is genuine given the suspious circumstances.

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