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Asked by hshamma on 22nd September 2014 Report this content
I noticed that they don't actually list the full features of their hosting package(s). Do they support python/django?

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Answers (7)
Report this content sandcequestrian Written on: 23/09/2014
Hi. I would not touch this company with a barge pole. They was ok for the first few Months then they changed. Last resort was when they just pulled the plug on my website without telling me. When i found out and tried to contact them they would not reply to phone calls and took hours to reply to a ticket. When they did they said they had pulled the plug because a code had been injected into my site. A developer check and there was nothing wrong with my site. Try zymathey set my site up on there hosting within 1/2 hour for me as it was the runup to xmas and my busiest time of year
Report this content ThinkMilkDesign Written on: 23/09/2014
Hello hshamma, Here is a list of what is supported once logged in: 1. SSL support (on) 2. Custom error documents (on) 3. Php support (on) 4. CGI support (on) 5. Perl support (off) 6. Python support (off) 7. Fast CGI support (for ruby on rails) (on) 8. Asp support (off) 9. Coldfusion support (off) 10. SSI support (off) 11. Allow web users to use scripts (on) Now I am not 100% sure if they activate it on request, but it may worth asking them! Hope this helps. Shane - Think Milk Design
Report this content mjpaterson Written on: 23/09/2014
Hi, Python is supported. I am not sure about Django but why not ask their support - They are generally very quick and helpful (at least to me as a customer) so I am sure you will get a quick answer that way. Cheers.
Report this content Jeemboh Written on: 23/09/2014
They certainly support python, don't know about django. They have an faq page which answers many queries alternatively call them on their customer service line the number for which is on their site. They are normally very helpful.
Report this content GMdoghunter Written on: 23/09/2014
I was with this company for over 2 years for my hosting and believe me they must be on of the worst for support even there configurations I asked for Linux hosting I ended up getting windows I had the reseller package also avoid them at all cost. I ended up going with godaddy much better and support is second to none brilliant even godaddy's configuration and everything about them are much better
Report this content Jonah74 Written on: 23/09/2014
Hi: ULW certainly support Python and as Django is a Python version there is no reason to suggest they don't support this too. However you may want to check with their Customer Services or Tech Support just to be certain before you sign up.
Report this content StormyKeithKA Written on: 24/09/2014
They do but what level of support you'd get I don't know. When I first joined them they were pretty good, but their service levels dropped considerably (empty promises, blase attitude, totally un-proactive, loads of downtime). Consequently I left them 12 months ago. I'm now with Planet Hippo (a Heart VAR) and I'm very happy with them. My sites immediately increased speed and availability is way above the level of UWH. Cost is about the same.
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