Introduction To Walkers

Walkers have been producing potato crisps since the late 1800’s and originate from Leicester in the UK. Even though the crisps are now sold worldwide and owned by Pepsico, the Leicester connection is still strong with ex-Leicester City player Gary Lineker fronting their campaigns and boast that all their crisps are made from 100% British potatoes.

Walkers are famous for experimenting with their flavours and asking the crisp loving public to create new flavours such as Builder’s Breakfast that won a campaign in 2009. Currently in honour of the South African World Cup, Walkers are selling crisps which all have a world theme including the German inspired Bratwurst Sausage and the Scottish Haggis flavour in what Walkers call the “Walkers Flavour Cup”. Do you love the range of limited edition crisps on offer or stick to a pack of traditional Cheese and Onion? Whatever your favourite packet is we want to know! So go ahead and tell us why you love (or hate) Walkers crisps.