A Guide To Festival Accommodation

Glastonbury festival

It is just a few more months until the festival season begins again for another marathon of great music festivals around the UK.
Glastonbury is undoubtedly one of the biggest and best attracting hundreds of thousands campers each year. Other great festivals include Leeds Festival, V Festival and Download Festival.
If you are planning to spend a few days attending some of the events featured on these festivals make sure you know the basics for festival accommodation available.

A Guide to Festival Accommodation

  • Roughing It

    festival tent

    Tents are the cheapest and most uncomfortable way of accommodating yourself while on a festival. It is however widely practiced. Tents manufacturers have developed special festival tents to answer the consumer needs. They do not have bathroom and kitchen area but there is a wide range of camping equipmentavailable to meet the demands of cooking and hygiene.
    Also get yourself an airbed and if you're travelling by car, pack some pillows and even your duvet. Just don't forget to take black bin bags and wetwipes. Try creating a mini circular tent village with your friends. If you're off to Glastonbury get some biodegradable tent pegs, they're safer for the environment and the cows!

  • If Camping Doesn't Really Cut It

    festival caravan

    Caravans and trailer tents will give you the comfort of your own home being equipped with kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area. . Modern mini caravans can be towed by small city cars, even Smart cars! Caravans are great for small families or a group of friends. Perfect for getting away from the rain and mud!

  • Festival luxury


    Although going to a festival is supposed to be an outdoor adventure and activity you may well want to choose to stay in a hotel near the event.
    Glastonbury: Hotels in Somerset.
    Leeds festival: Hotels in Leeds.
    Isle of Wight Festival: Hotels in the Isle of Wight For V Festival you need to look for hotels near Chelmsford if you are attending the event at Hylands Park and hotels in Staffordshire if you are going to Weston Park.