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Are you looking for a great Coffee & Espresso Machine but cannot decide which one? Not sure if you want a Pump Espresso Machines, a lever Espresso Machine or a Moka Pot? Well, why not let our reviewers guide you to 5 highly rated coffee machine products. Based on their inside knowledge of what makes a great coffee you could soon be russling up that perfect cup, no matter what your taste requirements are.

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  • Coffee & Espresso Machines Buying Guide

    Before reading our user's top recommendations you can also consider the following tips to buying a coffee machine... Before you take a peak at the bewildering choice of coffee machines and accessories at your disposal just consider the following...

    * Consider the ease of use and ability to control the flow of your drinks as a major consideration. Espresso machines range from manual machines which require skill to use but offer excellent results once mastered; while semi-automatic espresso machines are easy to use but offer a good degree of control. You may also find temperature controls as well on some models. Finally, automatic machine can produce good results too, if you find the right model, and of course, are very easy to use.

    * The choice of machines and how they work is also important. Systems include Drip Coffee Makers which provide great flavour and French Press Machines which quickly filter the coffee and water in one container. Other old fashioned methods at your disposal are the traditional percolator style machines. More modern are the increasingly popular single serve pod machines for ease of use. These are increasingly improved in quality and offer an instant shot courtesy of a prepared pod of your favourite brew!

    * Also consider the range of electric machines available. You can compare the choice and functions with electric products such as built-in grinders. Other features to consider with electric makers include whether the machine offers programmable functions. This is ideal if you like the sound of a coffee waiting for you when you wake up.

    * You may also wish to consider whether you want a coffee grinder? Extra flavour will be provided if your beans are being prepared fresh. Cleaning is another issue. How easy is the product to clean? If it is straightforward you will be a lot happier. Check out coffee machine cleaning kits with specialist brushes and other paraphernalia. Review Centre reviews offer all kinds of tips and advice on coffee machine cleaning and accessories.

It's clear that whether it's a nice latte, a cappuccino with a creamy froth, a perfect shot of espresso or a filter coffee made in heaven, our coffee maker reviewers have all the answers for you. And don't forget when seeking the right machine for you, you can widen your search at Review Centre by looking via price, by brand, by popularity of product or via the best ratings. And In the meantime if you already own a great coffee maker why not let everyone know what you think of it?