Worst Truck Ever Mitsubishi Canter 7.5 Tonne

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Flores50's review of Mitsubishi Canter


“Worst Truck Ever Mitsubishi Canter 7.5 Tonne”

Written on: 20/05/2018 by Flores50 (1 review written)

I have been driving a 7.5T Canter for 3 months now and here follows my review:

Good points:

The brakes are good, smooth and responsive
The cab heater is good with enabling the cab temperature to be finely controlled.
The steering is ok with a reasonable turning circle - not as good as a DAF but similar to an IVECO

Bad points: Where to start there are so many!!

Ride Comfort

By far the worst of the worst bad points is the ride comfort. This is awful and IMHO dangerous. Even on a mildly uneven surface at 30MPH the truck bounces wildly. As for speed bumps, 10MPH is too fast. If you hit a bumpy surface on a corner the truck will lurch either towards the nearside or offside partially leaving the road surface. This can lead to you being sent towards oncoming traffic.
Due to the ride, nothing stays where you put it in both cab and cargo area. Items will break free from any straps, straps will break. If the cargo items are not very well packaged they will get damaged.
If you have the suspension seat on anything less than maximum hardness, your backside hits the floor and your head will nearly hit the roof

Rear View Visibility

This is poor to non existent. Due to the fact that the cab is much narrower than the truck body even with the extended mirrors you have no idea what is behind you for 300 yards on a straight road. There are no blind spot mirrors, no forward proximity mirror. Anything on the nearside close to the vehicle disappears so you have to be extra careful when moving from the middle lane to the nearside lane and at junctions turning left.

Engine Power and Torque

The engine has little to no torque and will simply run out of steam on a slight gradient especially if you have ECO mode selected. The engine is weak to asthmatic with poor acceleration especially when fully loaded.

Exhaust Brake

This does nothing except make a noise and illuminate an indicator on the instrument panel. It will not slow you down on a gradient

Automatic Transmission

Simply the worst Auto box I have driven. At a roundabout you have to press the accelerator 2 to 3 second before a gap appears. If you wait for the gap and then hit the accelerator by the time you start moving the gap has invariably gone.

Cab Storage

The storage bins are made for a 10 year old size hand. Do not put anything in the centre lower bin that is small as you cannot get your hand into the bin to retrieve it. The upper storage bins will take an A4 ring binder - just - but don't expect it to stay in place as it will fall on you during the trip due to the bumpy ride. The door bins are shallow, narrow and almost totally useless. Even a cloth will not stay in the bin.

Sleeper Pod

OMG what a bad way to spend a night out. If you are a midget and a contortionist then you will be fine. If you are a regular sized Englishman then God help you. Just getting into the pod is a work of art and muscle power. The hatch on my sleeper pod is less than 18 inches square so I have to put both arms through first and haul up the rest of my body into a fetal position once up so I can close the hatch, make the bed, get undressed and get into my sleeping bag. God again help you if you have forgotten something like locking the cab as you have to reverse then entire process to get out and then get in again. TIP- take an empty 5L screenwash container with you in case you need to fill it during the night.
The night heater will boil or freeze you. Set it to 19 degrees and the pod will heat up to 24 degrees as the volume is so small that when the heater cuts off the pod will continue to warm up beyond the set temperature. Oh and by the way you cannot even sit up in the pod.


Fuel consumption is poor at around 15 to 17 MPG. Less than a comparable DAF or IVECO due to the fact that the engine and transmission have to work extra hard just to maintain reasonable speed and acceleration
No cruise control
No lane departure
No steering wheel controls. These would be useful for the radio as trying to even adjust the volume is tricky due to the bumpy ride
If you see an amber SAM warning on the instrument cluster and look in the user manual it will tell you that this indicates a problem with the SAM module - really helpful. what it actually means is you have a bulb out although some bulbs will trigger the warning and others won't

Recommendations if you are considering a Canter:

Use only for a maximum 3.5 Tonne body and for day work only


This truck is a shocker and again in my humble opinion bordering on dangerous for a 7.5 Tonner. I am surprised that this truck is even legal on UK roads due to the poor rear and side view visibility with a large truck body behind.

If you care about your cargo and have a little thought for your drivers and care about MPG avoid this truck!!!

Finally I have just picked up a Canter from Hatfield due to a broken prop shaft so mechanically the truck is weak

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Bert2018's Comment

Written on: 28/05/2018

Note: Year of manufacture is 2016 and not 2006

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Bert2018's Comment

Written on: 24/06/2018

Forgot to mention another safety problem. Due to the fact that there are no side repeater indicators there is a blind spot on both sides of the vehicle for other road users. The blind spot starts at the rear of the truck body and extends to about 2 meters from the rear and is about 1 metre wide.
This means that a cyclist for example in your 5 and 7 o'clock has no idea that you are turning because they cannot see the indicators. How can this be road legal?

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