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“Caution...Boketo answered an American Airlines phone #”


written by CEwyoming on 11/04/2023

My experience with BOKETO was also terrible. I received an email from American Airlines that my flight schedule had changed and I needed to call them at their Customer Service number (1-800-433-7300). I called the number which is the number for Customer Service listed on the AA webpage. I ended up connected with BOKETO. They did not identify as BOKETO or a Travel Service. BOKETO did make the needed flight changes (because I gave them the flight Locator information). BOKETO told me I needed to pay an additional $300 (originally $350) to cover the taxes and fees for this change. (Since the flight changes were made by the airlines, I questioned the cost.) I agreed to the payment, not wanting to lose the reservation. I also thought I was paying American Airlines. After my phone conversation with BOKETO I connected with American Airlines (using the same customer services phone number). After the second attempt to talk to a different person I was able to connect with an American Airlines representative. They confirmed the new flight schedule who said no additional charges were required for changes and I should dispute the credit card fee. I have taken steps to dispute the credit card charge. I also felt the need to cancel my card. BOKETO might be a valid travel agency but they did NOT represent themselves as a travel agency when we spoke. AMERICAN AIRLINES NEEDS TO CAUTION CUSTOMERS about this potential sham. The customer service number I called (SAME as the Customer Service number for American Airlines) WAS INTERCEPTED by BOKETO as it went directly to BOKETO. I am thinking in the future I will need more verification from the airlines when I am contacted about needed flight changes. This situation is/was very distressing.

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written by 223McGrath on 10/04/2023

Dialing Delta airlines customer service, my call was answered by a person who I assumed was a Delta rep but was actually a Boketo agent. My confirmation was emailed from not delta,com. Unsure how my Delta call gets routed to boketo. Do not use this service.

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“This business hid the fees they charge. They said...”


written by Lizeth352 on 21/07/2022

This business hid the fees they charge. They said they worked as an agent of Delta Air Lines, but they are not affiliated with Delta. We did not realize it until after we had made our reservations and then could not get our money back - including the ridiculous fee they charged. When we had to make a change to our reservation, they said they could only make the change and that we could not go through the airline.

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“Make sure you have the right company!”


written by Walkerbu7 on 19/07/2022

I called the number for Southwest to book an airline ticket. After giving all my pertinent information and my credit card number, I was told I would now need to rely to the email sent and agree to the terms and prices listed before the ticket could be booked. When reviewing the email, I noticed one price for the ticket and an additional price to Boketo. I asked the person I was speaking with, what/who Boketo was and was told it was a company used for taxes and fees. Having booked with Southwest on multiple occasions and never coming across this before, I immediately stated I did not agree to these terms and asked that the transaction be cancelled. I was told that it wasn’t possible so I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was then told that wasn’t possible either. I again stated I wanted the transaction canceled and this time was told, I would be charged an $100 dollar cancellation fee! This was after originally being told that the ticket couldn’t be issued without my agreeing to the terms in the email.

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written by Emersonv159 on 15/04/2022

I called who I thought was Alaska Airlines to book travel with pets. Ended up being this company. I told them I have my AK Air mileage plans, he said he would ask for them later. Reservation went through, under DELTA< and they ended up charging an extra $600! I cancelled the flights same day with Delta, but am still stuck paying this fee. At AK Airlines, you have to call to book flights with pets, so I thought the process was weird but I don't have much experience. They send an email asking me to verify the names and DOB's of my family, and respond with "I Agree". I didn't realize they were just screwing me out of money. He even ended with "God Bless". Give me break. You may have screwed me out of $600, but I guarantee you will be cursed for many years to come for doing this to people. Get a respectable job.

Wayno347's Comment

Written on: 23/11/2022

They took me for $538 posing as a Delta consolidator. DO NOT deal with Boketo!!! Website says they are based in Dover, Delaware but operate out of Munbai India.

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“Yesterday I went online at united to book a flight for...”


written by sanfranman on 22/03/2022

Yesterday I went online at united to book a flight for my niece, using my credit card and $75 credit which United had given me for problems during a previous flight. I had a lot of difficulty navigating your website, so I called United on the phone, and they transferred my call to a travel agency called Boketo.  A man from Boketo repeatedly reassured me that I would not be charged anything extra for his assistance. This surprised me, because I knew of United's policy of charging $25 for phone help in booking a flight. The man was extremely helpful. He had access to the records of my $75 credit, and he told me this would be used toward the ticket. He said the total charge was $483.65 after deducting the $75. He said that besides the total charge, there were extra taxes and fees amounting to $131. After I gave him my credit card number, he tried to use it to book the ticket. But he told me the credit card company rejected the $131, and I would have to contact them to approve it. I did so, and then he sent me an email confirming that the ticket was purchased. When I read the email carefully, I saw that it had no mention of the $131. Today I called United Airlines, and they confirmed that they had received $483.65 for the ticket, and that everything was fine. But the United representative knew nothing about the $131, and had never heard of Boketo. I called Boketo back today and spoke again with him. He continued to repeat that the $131 was for taxes and fees. When i said that the person at United had no explanation for the $131 fee and did not think it was justified, I told him that I was going to contact my credit card company to cancel the $131. He got angry and continued to insist that it was only for taxes and fees. Why is United doing business with a company like this? I did not contact Boketo at first. I had also never heard of them. It was United's own representative who connected me with them.

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written by Bentley1953 on 16/03/2022

This company tricks people into believing they are talking to the respective airline. I thought I was talking with United Airlines. After I hung up with the representative I called United Airlines, and they told me that the additional fee was not for United Airlines. Boketo did not tell me they were a service company, therefore I was not expecting a service fee. They trick you into agreeing to make two payments, one to the airline and the other to Boketo. When I asked what it was for, they told me it was for taxes. I immediately called my credit card and told them I was frauded and to cancel the pending charge and issue me a new credit card. The charge popped up on my account and my bank told me it was a dispute. I had to contact the company. The "fee" was 36% on top of my airline ticket. Since I am flying Business class, that was an additional $1,400. Hopefully this can help other people from being shammed. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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“called Southwest airlines and left a call back rather...”


written by passage on 15/03/2022

called Southwest airlines and left a call back rather than wait online. A little later I received a call back from an agent and booked the flight. Turns out he was not with Southwest but with Boketo without telling me and charged a significant fee. When I called back, their 800 number would not go through from our area. Must be an international number. THERE number is ONE digit----- from Southwest for Southwest. They somehow tricked into Southwest's system and called me. Southwest made it right.

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“False representation”


written by Mendozago199 on 15/02/2022

I called a number that said United reservation changes, (which has disappeared ) and after many discussion flight was changed, total fully refundable, I had to pay 2 different fees because of taxes, then when I had to cancel I had to wait until January( this was last November)then In January I was told February Now $1,700.00 has to be a credit because that was their FEE. What a huge fee, and I was no deceived. Yes when I went back and read small print it says FEE won't be refunded. This company is not to be trusted and for the longest I thought I was talking to United. Expensive lesson beware.

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“Do not use Boketo!”


written by awr777 on 12/01/2022

My wife and I are seniors and sought to buy Alaska Airlines tickets. We looked online and thought we were speaking with an Alaska Airlines representative. Instead, we connected with Boketo Travel Agency. Their rep indicated that he was a consolidator for Alaska Airlines. Unfortunately, we did not grasp what that meant and ought to have hung up. He aggressively asked for a scanned copy of my driver's license in order to confirm that we qualified for a senior discount. While he did provide Alaska Airlines tickets, he charged an excessive service fee of $2,844.26. Airlines do not charge such fees! Before I made a purchase with Boketo, I would have liked to know that they would not give a discount and that they would charge a huge service fee. A supervisor at Boketo offered a half-credit to be used with them for one year. He refused to consider a refund of the service fee. Boketo is an unethical business. DO NOT USE BOKETO!

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“reached them by mistake”


written by jeffmiller2 on 08/01/2022

got stuck in vegas and had to rebook. Thought we were calling United. They assured me this was United overflow. I questioned and they confirmed. They never told me about fees. Its really sad that they take advantage of unassuming people. They need to be reported. I very rarely write reviews. I'm really disappointed in them.

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written by nckr on 21/12/2021

I was trying to reach United Airline and somehow the number I clicked on the United Site sent me to this company. They convinced me I was on standby and had to rebook through them so I was no longer on standby. I am not a frequent flyer so I had no idea this could happen. The pressure to rebook was tremendous and they assured me I would be refunded my money through Hotwire. This never happened, they also said I had to wait 2 months to get my refund. I have yet to call my credit card company, I wanted to warn others.

Runnergirl58's Response to nckr's Review

Written on: 03/01/2022

Same thing happened to me, I'm now told 1 more month and I can get my refund when 2 months a go it was going to be first of year, every time I talk to them the price is going up, finally I figured out they aren't United total misrepresent. Learned my lesson i agree to nothing until I know for sure who I'm talking to

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“Do not use them”


written by 317Murray on 12/10/2021

I purchased roundtrip tickets to Ghana. The agent could not send me the confirmation until 24 hours before departure. I learned for my return flight that the agent couldn't give a confirmation # because the airline hadn't confirmed the flight. Unfortunately, I and my boyfriend contracted COVID oversees and had to reschedule our return flight. The agent could never get a confirmation # for the return flight. After weeks of going back and forth of false promises, I asked for a refund. I explained to the agent that I can order online right now and get a confirmation immediately because seats are available. Agent gave me the ok to order the $1700+ tickets and said that he would have the airline refund me upon my return. He said that he would request the airline to refund me the money and have the airline accept his agreed upon rate for the flight. Of course this never happened. Weeks after my return, I learned that the agent is no longer with the company and the Supervisor didn't honor the agent's promise. I was told to call the airline myself. Do not use them no matter the price of the ticket. It's not worth the trouble.

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“Thought I was calling Southwest, they ID'd themselves...”


written by Kareem51 on 29/07/2021

Thought I was calling Southwest, they ID'd themselves as Southwest. I booked 2 tickets and they changed the date the next day without informing me. I am out nearly $2,000. These people are never available. 

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“Reached then by mistake ”


written by CelDue on 16/05/2021

I must have clicked on an ad link when looking up Alaska Airline . When I asked if this was Alaska he said “yes” the goal was to reschedule a non stop flight from SA to to Seattle. They rebooked it from San Diego CA to Seattle. The agent refused to see the urgency as I had business appointments. Was very condescending and failed to rectify the matter . BEWARE

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“Do not use this company. By mistake, I reached them....”


written by 103Humphrey on 27/04/2021

Do not use this company. By mistake, I reached them. They did not identify themselves. I asked if I was speaking to American Airlines and was told "yes". They asked me for my AA Advantage password. I thought that odd but, since they said they were AA, I gave it to them. My request was to book flights using miles. Later, when I accessed AA, I saw one of the flights was pending. Upon reaching AA, I learned that what Boketo told me was untrun and I actually did not have enough miles. They had charged me $160 for which I received nothing.

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“Marriott is looking over you ”


written by chloger on 30/03/2021

Marriott is looking over you

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“Car Rental Hog Wash”


written by flatal on 25/03/2021

Offered a good price for five day car rental, about half price as everybody else (this should have sent a red flag ) but booked anyway. When I called avis to check if they had me booked- nothing. None of the ref# matched. When I called back company there was always an excuse.- the person is not here yet,please hold only to get hung up on. Don't waste your money or time. Zero stars

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“Rip off”


written by Vanessa17 on 13/10/2017

Booked flights to Orlando at 12.30 pm after being driven to a frenzy by ever increasing prices as I searched. 5 tickets for £4300 hardly a bargain. 4 hours later realised the dates were no good as my daughter was on a school trip on departure date. Rang and was informed would cost me £150 pp to change ticket £150 pp to cancel. Flights were for a trip in 9 months time. Total cost of my mistake - £750.

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written by Gidnick on 28/12/2016

We booked a ticket for our daughter and a friend for the very special occasion of spending the NEW YEAR with us. They are doctors and with great difficulty they managed to get leave and were excited to spend the new years celebrating with us. We made the fatal mistake of booking with these people with fake names. We gave them our credit card number and OKAYed the transaction. We told them that this was very important to us and they reassured us that we would be very happy. They sent us the itinerary and the confirmation number of the flight which we forwarded to our daughter and her fiance. We then did other tour bookings and paid for special things for them to do. Our friends took the effort to set up dinners to meet them. Three days later , close to the date, they shamelessly called saying that they "thought" they could get that price but since they couldnt, the tickets were cancelled. When we questioned them as to why they did not alert us immediately, they said they were trying to get the ticket AFTER THEY SENT US A CONFIRMED NPR NUMBER!!! We have dealt with many many travel sites over the years but this one FROM HELL!! They did not make the deal good or rectify the situation. We were stuck with a lot of heartache. lost reservation payments, disappointed friends, an UNFULFILLED NEW YEAR and anger. How shall I spell horrible,,, Boketo!

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