Caution...Boketo answered an American Airlines phone #

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“Caution...Boketo answered an American Airlines phone #”


written by CEwyoming on 11/04/2023

My experience with BOKETO was also terrible. I received an email from American Airlines that my flight schedule had changed and I needed to call them at their Customer Service number (1-800-433-7300). I called the number which is the number for Customer Service listed on the AA webpage. I ended up connected with BOKETO. They did not identify as BOKETO or a Travel Service. BOKETO did make the needed flight changes (because I gave them the flight Locator information). BOKETO told me I needed to pay an additional $300 (originally $350) to cover the taxes and fees for this change. (Since the flight changes were made by the airlines, I questioned the cost.) I agreed to the payment, not wanting to lose the reservation. I also thought I was paying American Airlines. After my phone conversation with BOKETO I connected with American Airlines (using the same customer services phone number). After the second attempt to talk to a different person I was able to connect with an American Airlines representative. They confirmed the new flight schedule who said no additional charges were required for changes and I should dispute the credit card fee. I have taken steps to dispute the credit card charge. I also felt the need to cancel my card. BOKETO might be a valid travel agency but they did NOT represent themselves as a travel agency when we spoke. AMERICAN AIRLINES NEEDS TO CAUTION CUSTOMERS about this potential sham. The customer service number I called (SAME as the Customer Service number for American Airlines) WAS INTERCEPTED by BOKETO as it went directly to BOKETO. I am thinking in the future I will need more verification from the airlines when I am contacted about needed flight changes. This situation is/was very distressing.

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