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“Zero integrity and hit and run attitude”


written by on 26/01/2022

We had a misfortune of booking our trip with WowFare. We needed 4 biz class tickets so the prospect of saving a few hundred by booking with an agency vs airline direct was too tempting to pass up. What a disaster in retrospect and what a classic case of a business with a hit-and-run attitude. WowFare is rather pleasant to deal with on the front end, when you are still a "prospective client". I'm actually giving credit where it's due and, hence, an extra star. But what an ugly side to this company, once you've paid money to them and need help post-purchase. We had a flight schedule change which neither the airline nor WowFare communicated to us. We learned of that change by ACCIDENT 2 days prior to our scheduled departure. Instead of a 1.5-hour layover, we now would have a 7.5-hour layover. A total deal-breaker, considering we were traveling overseas with 2 young kids. We informed WowFare we wished to cancel our booking, as was our right. Even non-refundable bookings are cancellable at no cost from the airline, when a schedule change exceeds 5 hours. That did not sit well with WowFare, who used every opportunity to procrastinate, deflect and misinform us to prevent cancellation and extract profit. A special shout out to a rep, who offered to cancel our booking for a $4000 fee. When I told him to pound sand, he came back with $2000 cancellation fee and later, as a special concession after "talking to his manager", $1000 to cancel, just because he had a big heart and wanted to help. Considering the airline was unable to offer us the service it sold us and we were entitled to a full refund FREE of charge. Trying to create a profit opportunity from a travel disruption and refusing to refund goes beyond unethical. Trying to contact this company for post-purchase support by phone was a sheer torture. Three attempts, a 30+ minute wait each time culminating in thoughtless dead-end transfers or dropped calls. I sent at least a dozen messages between their WhatsApp line and email. I waited 1.5 months to write this review, hoping the company would come to its sense and resolve this matter in an amicable way. I was wrong. WowFare squandered every ounce of goodwill. This business has zero integrity. So I'm left with no choice but to file a CC dispute and take my frustration to public forums. The Web is full of solid travel agent choices. WowFare is not one of them. Spend your money elsewhere.

Julianwqw's Comment

Written on: 24/10/2023

I totally can feel how you have been through. Just to earn money, they will just keep giving standard answers but not solving the root of the issue.

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