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“Terrible company”


written by sqaisar on 07/05/2023

I booked flights on their website. Etickets issued. However they cancelled our flights and gave vague reasons. Avoid this company at all costs.

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written by Haley409 on 18/03/2023

I just booked a trip with this company and was mislead. I need to rebook with the airline direct. They asked me to contact them to confirm my booking for no specific reason. The toll free number and the other office number were not in service. They did not reply to my emails. A horrible company! Stay away!

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“Not impressed!”


written by Somabula on 14/01/2023

Tried to book in at Heathrow. Asked to confirm the card which paid for my revised flights. Turns out World Airfares charged me £705 and paid £316 for the revised flights; and the card they used was supposed to be confirmed at check-in. Luckily I had the email correspondence on my phone and Singapore Airlines were very good and sorted the problem. Not impressed!

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“Very disappointed ”


written by 389Hansen on 20/12/2022

I had an emergency major operation and the I requested for them to help me change my flight as the dates I was to fly out I was dimmed unfit to fly because of risks of embolism, they are asking £550 to £750 ontop of the £890 I had paid my flight! Very very disappointed.I would advice all you better buy your tickets direct from the airline not this rogue agent. Be warned not very helpful to their customers.

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written by CHRISWALSH4444 on 16/10/2022

NOT GOOD AT ALL POORLY TRAINED STAFF, JUST STACK 'EM HIGH SELL CHEAP. Why are companies like this allowed to trade 9on If things go wrong not interested. Was informed my flights booked with BA, so when my USA leg was cancelled with less than 7 hours notice and subsequent flight bokked delayed by 3. On my return made compensation claim to BA only for months later told not their booking it was American Airlines. AA ......All along World Airfares not interested as airlines fault. AA not interested either as money was paid to World Air Fares bad as Expedia. Due to delays I was late back for work resulting a disciplinary and warning. Third time I have used this company should have learnt lesson every booking has had a problem - stay clear and book direct with airline for better service and protection. Since company have not even apologised!! apologised!!

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“Absolutely shocking service ”


written by Chiggs1989 on 09/09/2022

I would never recommend this travel agent to anyone. My father recently passed away and i had to cancel my trip to dubai. I booked my flights with them. I gave them proof of death cert and still i had no response from them. When i spoke with emirates they said you should get a full refund, instead this company kept my money and said he can’t refund it. I’ve left emails and phones calls for the last 4 days, still no response. Very very poor. Would not use this travel agent again.

Ilovehotsauce's Response to Chiggs1989's Review

Written on: 19/09/2022

Hi! were you able to get your money back? Did you try your bank etc?

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“never recommend them!!”


written by Chrisxxxxxx on 21/08/2022

I would never never recommend them!! Their service is appalling especially when things go wrong and need their assistance especially when you are re-booking the same flight. They operate from India not in the UK , London as shown on their web site. The agents tend to use English names to appear as if they are operating in UK. I speechless when I see reviews with 3 to 5 star ratings which is suspicious must have been bribed as usual for marketing purposes. Will post another review of my experience with them when my family returns from holiday in mid Aug 2022 Part 2 Yes they returned safely recently... What I missed in my above review was that this company world air fares wanted to re-book us for an additional £8000 or the three travellers from get new tickets this on top of the intial payment of £3000. We had to contact directly the klm airlines customer service who were so helpful and re-book us on the another flight with just an additional charges of £90. Lesson please don't boot through these online cheap agents because most are, better to get tickets viathe airline directly even though it may seem expensive but you,are,guaranteed you won't be shammed phenomenal costs

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“This place is horrible. DO NOT purchase from here”


written by misstasha on 19/03/2022

Purchase from here at your risk. Purchased a ticket September of last year and could not make the trip. British Airways asked them to put me on the next flight and the did not. They refused to over me a refund or a voucher. Disputed with my bank and my bank said they were informed I was issued a voucher. All the agents I spoke to regarding this matter are all liars too. They never call back. I disputed this over 4 times with my bank and never got my money back because they kept telling the bank they issued me a voucher but when I called them, they claimed they did not tell the bank that. It's March now and the case has dragged for way too long then their final lie was that I was on the flight. This ticket was over 600 pounds so now I have reached out to my lawyer and we are taking it up legally and worldairfares must be help accountable in court and pay for everything they have done.

Donttakeshjt's Response to misstasha's Review

Written on: 22/03/2022

Good to know I’m not the only one. Bought my tickets through them to attend my father’s funeral in South Africa. One of my flights home was cancelled and removed from my itinerary and nobody notified me. Long story short. It took 4 days to get me on another flight home. They refused to deal with me and kept saying it was the airlines problem and the airline said it was their problem. I am home now and started my complaints and going to explore every avenue I can. Good luck with your lawsuit.

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Denmks's Response to misstasha's Review

Written on: 24/07/2022

Absolutely correct they are shambles

I will never ever recommend them or for that matter third party vendors foe the sake of a very pounds but you end up pay more when problems arise.

I highly recommend the public to purchase the air tickets from the despaired / opted airline directly

Will post another comment when my family are back from their holidays in mid aug 022

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“Trustworthy and fast responses”


written by 340Schmidt on 12/02/2022

I had a good experience booking with World Airfares. From changing and rebooking flights, their customer service was fast when I called and also emailed. Thanks for sorting my booking out

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“Very bad service”


written by Davon216 on 08/08/2021

They not give my refund.very bad service.they try to make u fool

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“Booked the wrong flight!”


written by leon1234 on 10/10/2019

Genuinely worryingly bad. I booked a flight to return on a Sunday and the booking confirmation was correct and my e ticket was for Monday. A stroke of luck I spotted it, if not I could easily have been at the airport not booked onto a flight. They immediately found the error but instead of just correcting it, they called me TWICE, asking for me to take the Monday flight! They offered me £100 compensation for doing so for three passengers when I had learned it was costing them around £750 to change the flight to the correct day. In the end they reluctantly changed it and when I made a complaint the response suggested that I was sufficiently compensated by them changing the flight and refused to provide me any compensation for the experience. Really quite bad customer service and delays in responding.

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“List flighy”


written by nalanosivad on 21/09/2018

Paid for a transatlantic flight only to be subsequently told they had over booked. They did not have the ticket to sell. I am hoping I receive a full refund. This sort of activity should not be allowed. They are ab embarrassment to Kayak whose site I was using.

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“Flight Booking”


written by on 26/11/2017

Quite sceptical at first about this company due to the number of reviews reporting some apparent dubious practice. The agent I dealt with came online through the chat system and helped me book my flights. I told him that I needed to be reassured that I could book with confidence - he explained why some bookings had caused difficulty so I was prepared to take a risk as those circumstances did not apply to me. He found an excellent price and the e ticket arrived in inbox within a couple of hours of booking. I went to the flight company site to choose seats and booking was there waiting for me to select. Cannot speak highly enough of booking process and agent. So much so I am about to book another flight with them. They do make it clear to confirm with them 72 hrs before travel - but as we are on the flight company database with seat numbers I feel happy enough to do that. Great service and price.

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“Apprehensive at first but they were excellent”


written by DavidSawyer on 27/10/2017

After looking at all the reviews I was a bit unsure about booking on this website. I had a meeting in the morning but Qantas changed the flight time 10 hours before boarding at such short notice. A special thanks to the person I dealt with, he really helped me out, he arranged an alternative flight within minutes all through email. Would definitely recommend!

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“Avoid them”


written by zoPutnam203 on 03/10/2017

I booked a flight with them, they confirmed it then demanded more money to release the ticket. Do not trust them. Do not use them.

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“Horrible Service!! Avoid like Plague”


written by Fraserfp452 on 22/09/2017

They booked my flight, sent confirmation and then called me next day saying that ticket's aren't available and they can get me one for added price which was way much higher then their original price. Rude customer service, basically out to fleece gullible customers.

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“Worst customer service I have ever received”


written by GeorgieF on 22/08/2017

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with for booking flights. I have been trying to get a price to change the time of a flight since Tuesday 25 July and have still not been supplied with one. After requesting that I be emailed so as not to disturb my meetings, I was then called twice in the middle of meetings, requesting an email both times, which was never supplied. I have since written two further emails to which no one has even bothered to respond. NEVER book a flight with these people. I never will be again. I posted a complaint on TrustPilot, out of desperation as no one was getting back to me, which they took four days to reply to, apologised, said they would follow up and look into the matter, and still no one has even contacted me. This is truly absolutely appauling customer service, which I will be reporting to the Ombudsman if this is not rectified immediately.

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“Stay Away!”


written by Vogel271 on 31/07/2017

Had the worst experience with this company. First is not completely straightforward to book tickets with them, so I had an issue with my name on the (what I thought) reservation (two names instead of my four). WorlAirfaires told me I wouldn't be able to enter the flight and that they were unable to make the name change on my ticket, not even for a charge. I contacted the airline myself (several times) and they were willing to change my name, even for free, but WorlAirfaires had to do the contact. The people from WorlAirfaires didn't or wouldn't help me at all, and wanted me to just buy new tickets and loose the ones I was a £700 ticket! At the end, asking several airlines (including BA) they told me I wouldn't have any problems... which I didn't! Never book with these guys! I booked with eDreams once and they had no problem to solve these kind of issues for free!

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“Criminally ignore there own terms and conditions ”


written by Atrimtraveller on 19/06/2017

Booked flights to New York with Delta through 'this company. within an hour of booking I was informed I needed to change the dates by the people I was visiting. Called them and explained this, they said they could not get flights for the date I needed. Pointed out to them they were available on the delta site but was told no we can't get those dates. I then said that's fine cancel the flights. I was told they would only refund the flight taxes. I pointed out that in their terms and conditions it states that the terms and conditions to be used shall be that of the travel supplier or hotel, i.e. Delta. Even for non refundable tickets Delta allow you to to cancel for a full refund the whole of the next day after you book if you've done it online. After explaining this to 2 members of staff and 1 manager, the 2nd manager I spoke to came up with this gem. "We are the travel supplier" No the supplier is the airline, are you also a hotel? They basically refused to abide by their own set of T&Cs. I refuse to let them take my money for nothing by cancelling the flights. I have booked new flights direct from the airline and shall be visiting New York twice. Never Never use this company whose upper management don't even know their own contracted t&cs. And refused to contact Delta to confirm them. Sharp practice at best, at worst criminal for breaking their own contract.

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“Money grabbers”


written by Kimberleywillz on 03/06/2017

I'm absolutely fuming first they try to tell me my return flight was no longer available 20 minutes after booking and I had to pay £25 if I wanted that seat, did I hell pay it rip offs. I have now asked to change my flight time for about 12 hours earlier and they are saying I'd have to pay £230 which was originally £270 when I first asked i don't mind paying a charge but that's taking the mick. it's disgusting how they treat their customers and surely it's not legal. I can't cancel as I'll have to pay £200 otherwise I would be never again will I use this company and I hope others don't get sucked in by their false cheap advertisements and I will be taking this further

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