Without doubt the worst customer service I've ever recieved!

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“Without doubt the worst customer service I've ever...”

Written on: 22/09/2021 by BethS26 (1 review written)

Without doubt the worst customer service I have ever received.

I booked a flight to Vancouver via TravelUp for November 2020, which was easy enough and I received the 'booking reference' and 'e-ticket' upon payment. This is about as far as the 'easy enough' trend ends.

The day before the flight, I attempted to check in online only to find that the 'booking reference' didn't exist on the TravelUp website or the Carriers website (First red flag). Naturally, I tried (multiple times) to call TravelUp to see what was going on, only to find that their '24 hr emergency helpline' wouldn't connect and obviously doesn't exist either (Second red flag).

After failing to connect with TravelUp via any 'helpline' or webform, I resorted to calling the airline directly to see if they could help.

The airline customer service agent informed me that the booking reference I was providing had previously existed but been cancelled BY TRAVELUP and replaced with a different reference number, which had then also been cancelled BY TRAVELUP (Third red flag).

None of these changes or cancellations were communicated to me by TravelUp, meaning that without being able to contact them, I was due to fly the next day, with a ticket that didn't exist. Therefore I had to purchase a new ticket directly via the airline, which cost and extra £90 than the original booking had.

The next morning, enroute to the airport, I called TravelUp's customer service helpline. After multiple attempts, I finally got through and spoke to an incredibly useless agent named who claimed to see nothing wrong with my booking and refused to hand me over to a manager or to investigate further for me, telling me to e-mail their complaints department and expect a slight delay in response as they were very busy dealing with complaints. (SHOCK). (Fourth red flag).

(December 1st 2020, upon landing in Canada): Already annoyed with their poor service, I e-mailed multiple TravelUp e-mail addresses explaining the situation and kindly requested a refund, as the problem I was facing was completely due to a mistaken cancellation from within TravelUp.

(December 21st 2020, no response from initial email):
(Fifth red flag) I forwarded the initial e-mail and added screenshots of proof of booking and reference and the cancellation that I didn't ask for provided by the airline.

(17th June 2021, first response from TravelUp):
Reply from the complaints department, asking that I provide a different reference number as the one I quoted wouldn't work for him - DUH, that was the whole issue at hand!! (The red flag just continue...)

Keeping it more simple, since then I have had incredibly slow, on and off correspondence, who has continually changed the narrative, initially contradicting the agent by admitting he could find no such booking under the reference number and moving on to claim to be waiting for a response from the airline in regards to a refund. Which is clearly irrelevant as the booking was cancelled by TravelUp, leaving the airline no longer connected to the issue. He also claimed that TravelUp don't do refunds etc for cancelled flights, luckily I'm positive the flight wasn't cancelled as I flew on the exact same one with my new ticket!

3+ months down the line since TravelUp's initial response, I have now been offered flight vouchers valid for 12 months after the initial flight date (LOL that's less than 2 months left to use them) or a cash refund, deducting booking fee's and a £50 admin fee to cover their staff who are working from home (What?).

Ofcourse, neither of these options appeal to me as I have no desire to use this company to travel ever again. As well as the fee's connected to the cash refund being absolutely outrageous given that the problem exists BY NO FAULT OF MY OWN and COMPLETELY BY MISTAKE WITHIN TRAVELUP.

Needless to say I, or anybody I know will never be using Travelup's services again as they are clearly just money-grabbing with no regards for customer care after payment.


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