Untrustworth reviews. do not rely upon them

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“Untrustworth reviews. do not rely upon them”


written by on 06/10/2022

Please do not trust any of the reviews for the sites listed on pitchup.com. Having had a very bad experience on a site in Norfolk, MADRA, I put a very frank but honest review of the site on their site. I supported this with photographic evidence. I was therefore a little surprised to find that the review had been taken down. When I contacted them, they told me it was at the request of the site manager. I then came on here and left an appropriate review that their site was untrustworthy and that the reviews were more based round the commission they could receive from the sites than the actual experience of their customers. They then contacted me and asked me if I could amend my review of the site and they would put it back up again, with the caveat that if they put it back up again they wanted me to change this review on here. I agreed to this and did change this review on here. Low and behold almost as soon as I changed the review on Trustpilot they deleted my review on their site again.

I would never recommend that anyone uses this site as an accurate guide to the quality of the campsites listed. They have proved themselves to be completely untrustworthy in their dealings.

Part of an 2 emails received from pitchup.

We also moderate all site owner replies, and hadn't yet seen this response to take action- we will be following it up with this site owner now.

As discussed, I look forward to you removing your negative Pitchup reviews.


The below review has been reinstated.

I have removed your comment regarding the charge for showers- this charge is clearly shown on our listing prior to booking.

The review is now live again- you will be able to see it live shortly.

I'd appreciate if you'd remove other negative reviews regarding Pitchup, and adjust your Trustpilot as agreed


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