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“Ban the site”


written by Srimonika on 04/03/2023

They are the cheaters. Grabing money from customers.

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“Customer care misguide ”


written by Hiteshluthra on 28/01/2023

When book return ticket double check with customer care about refund cancellation and she said yes sir if you cancel before the flight get some refund no issue when I call to cancel before 2 weeks to return flight she told me going to get around $150 within 3 months now more than 4 months nothing get anything yet when call her said said air India always take time lying for sure even charged me extra on my credit card because issue ticket mention money is less than they charged me on credit card better don't go with them careful everyone

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“They are cheaters ”


written by taGallegos201 on 05/10/2022

I booked my tickets with them. Then I have to change my tickets for different day. they are changing me $700 per person then I call airlines they just charge me 1200 rupees for all the tickets. Never use them again.

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“Worst Travel Agent- Ban them”


written by Rachana0302 on 25/05/2022

Third class Travel Agent Third class Travel Agent. We are supposed to get a refund for our United Airlines ticket which we have not got yet, it has been over 3 months now. The United Airlines have refunded the amount to this travel agent and these people are just giving various reasons and not giving us our money. This travel agent has to be sued. The manager and their agents all are just making excuses and not available half of the time to give answer about the status of the refund. I strongly recommend not to book any tickets with this Travel Agency. A BIG NOOOOO!!!!

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“Worst Travel Agent Ever!”


written by kunalp123 on 09/05/2022

I would have given zero stars if that was an option. Worst experience with travel agent. Don't recommend to anyone! I had booked United Airlines with myticketstoindia travel agent. First of all due to the Russia-Ukraine war, flights were being cancelled but still they suggested me to go with United. Secondly, when United airlines themselves cancelled the flight, the travel agent told me that I will get refund in 2-3 weeks. Now 7 weeks have passed but no update of any refund. I am following up with them daily but no concrete answer. Whereas when I checked with United, they say that they have refunded the amount in 2 weeks itself. When I was about to book the tickets, they were the ones chasing me to book immediately and now when I ask for refund, they are not available. Thanks & Regards

Kunalp123's Response to kunalp123's Review

Written on: 25/05/2022

Two months have passed and still no refund. United airlines confirmed that they refunded the money to travel agent, but travel agent has not refunded me yet. We are calling them on daily basis and each time they come up with new excuses.

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“Big mistake booking with MyTicketstoindia”


written by hello4review on 07/05/2022

I hate to write review as I don't want spoil their business but I should write for due to worst experience. I have booked ticket with this agent in the month of April 2021 and I have cancelled ticket due to covid and requested for refund. Also, I was asked to pay cancellation charges which airlines is not charging as per airlines customer care but i had to pay there is no other option. However, I haven't received refund till today and i did 100 follow up emails and they are not at all care about customer's money. Also, they don't respond to emails as well. I am dealing with Raman Verma on refund who always gives generic response past 1 year that he is working with airlines. Surprisingly, When i have contacted airlines customer care they are saying they have refunded to agent and agent says they didn't get it. Air india and agents both are playing with me without giving my refund. PLEASE PLEASE AVOID this agent and don't get into their trap.

Pushpa42's Response to hello4review's Review

Written on: 07/05/2022


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Laklak72's Response to hello4review's Review

Written on: 08/05/2022

They did same to me.

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“Some reason i can't tell my story with them”


written by laklak7 on 19/04/2022

Some reason i can't tell my story with them

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“I made a mistake by booking tickets with them in March...”


written by kshitizsinghsuri on 24/02/2022

I made a mistake by booking tickets with them in March last year (2021) (Delhi to Toronto). Then the flight got canceled because of Covid and our ticket got rescheduled for which they charged us which we later discovered was free of cost. Further again flight got canceled and we opted for the full refund. As per the airline (Air Canada), we were supposed to get a complete refund for our tickets without any deduction (we had a conference call among airline, My Tickets to India, and me). Even after this, My Ticket to India deducted some amount (CA$ 150-200 per ticket) from our tickets and agreed to make a refund in parts within the span of two months. It's been almost a year and still, CA$ 90 is pending. We gave them a constant reminder and made rigorous follow up for the payment to get our refund. As customers, we expect a smooth experience from such client servicing agencies, but with them it was horrible. My Tickets to India lack professionalism, honesty, and meeting deadlines in their attributes. I wasted my time, energy, and money by trusting them, please don't waste yours.

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“Revolting customer service, AVOIDDDD!!!!”


written by Kirk87 on 07/02/2022

This company is absolutely revolting. Anyone considering buying tickets from here please go somewhere else like Southall travel. I have told the same to my family, friends, DON’T buy your tickets from here. I would rather pay more for a ticket than buy a cheap ticket from here. I was promised a refund which I didn’t get. Thats one story aside but whats really funny is how their advisors (Agents) speak to their customers. After explaining my problem regarding the refund he cut what I was saying and said ‘No I don’t deal with refunds what do you want me to do, i cant do anything’ with a raised voice. A polite, ‘I’m not sure but can check for you’ would have been enough. I have been chasing this refund up for the past 5 months and if I can keep my calm and talk professionally over the phone then I don’t understand why a advisor who works there and gets PAID to do their job can’t do the same. I later said that I don’t like the tone and the attitude that you are speaking to me with. He replied ‘are you done, or do you wanna carry on?’ LOL, its funny how they speak however they like to their customers without a consequence. Clearly that aggression didn't initiate from my side as a customer who just wants reassurance so if he is having personal problems he needs to leave that outside work. I would report him to a manager but turns out THERE IS NO MANAGER LOL (well thats what their employees say anyway on the phone). However, if there is someone that checks on the attitude and customer service skills of the employees of ticket to india, Im sure you record your calls, have a listen to his call today. They can book the tickets for you just like a 12 YEAR OLD can do too using the website but they can’t sort out the after sales and for that you HAVE TO CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE ON EMAIL. I did that too, I emailed their customer services and refund department for the past 5 months I didn’t get a reply until 2 weeks ago. Im understanding and thats why have been waiting patiently for a refund for the past 5 months and chasing this refund up daily just for some reassurance but its ridiculous that they speak to their customers like that without being triggered. I did not once say anything offensive. Disappointing. The other advisors were professional when speaking but he needs to be taught some manners on how to speak with customers, I’m sure they get training, maybe a refresher on customer service skills might be good for him? Just a suggestion. Now, about my refund. I needed to amend a ticket however the adviser advised that I should just purchase a new ticket as it would be cheaper than amending the original and he would sent the original one for a refund. So I went ahead and paid for the new ticket expecting a refund on the original ticket. It has been 5 months and they have been sending me around in circles and recently told me that I can not get a refund. At this point I’m not even annoyed, its funny how they get away with things like this. Still chasing up the refund. Promising a customer a refund over the phone, so that the customer doesn’t have proof of it and then not issuing the refund. On top of everything the attitude that they throw at their customers is funny. Guys save your money and go somewhere else :)

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“Horrible customer service”


written by Cormier413 on 04/01/2022

Booked flight tickets 2 years ago. Flight got cancelled due to covid. But not able to get refund from them. I have called them 100 times but they give same response give us some time. 

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“Arrogant and Incompetent ”


written by Esmeraldab1973 on 15/12/2021

I talked to a customer service agent. She would not let you talk, laughed and told me 24 hrs= 1 day when I asked her about covid protocol. I had to send her the website to clarify the RTPCR policy. Instead of apologizing for her behavior she says “ ladna hai tho counter pe ladiye”. Absolutely arrogant for someone who is utterly incompetent. She did not resolve my ticket issue either. Unprofessional organization

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“They manipulate ur helplessness. They charged me extra...”


written by Cyrusj16 on 01/11/2021

They manipulate ur helplessness. They charged me extra even I had an inclusive date change ticket. And didn’t send me confirmed ticket for two days. May b they waited to get price down. Never ever go for any agent. 

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“Awful Customer Service”


written by EmersonFrost266 on 09/05/2021

I would never recommend anyone booking through this company. During this pandemic season, all airlines are waiving cancellation and refund policies. Since you can't cancel your booking on the airline website you have to reach these guys back. Now, these guys play their smartness and would demand $120 to $320 or more to cancel your booking otherwise they deny processing your cancellation and airlines (Qatar) says you have to go through these guys only for cancellation and don't get support from airlines. These people take advantage of your situation and demands as much as possible based on your desperate situation. So I would never recommend this company. And be cautious.

Iysmeena's Comment

Written on: 16/08/2021

I too faced same situation with this travel agent.

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written by GaryCardenas73 on 10/01/2021

II was initially due to travel in March 2020. I was informed via e mail and a phone call from the agent that flights have been cancelled due to Corona virus. Furthermore he stated that I have an option of either cancelling my ticket for which there will be a £200 processing fee OR I could rebook my flight for a later date for which I will have to pay a difference of £169:00. I informed him that I should be given a full refund if the airline has to cancel the flight in line with government directives due to Covid19 virus outbreak, to which he refused. As I was cornered I reluctantly opted to pay the difference. The booking was done for travel in may 2020.As the situation continues I was unable to travel again on this day hence asked for a full refund. The rules are quite clear: if a flight is cancelled, the airline has to offer you a refund. The Civil Aviation Authority states explicitly that "If your flight has been cancelled, your airline must offer you the CHOICE of a REFUND OR alternative flight. I requested for a REFUND The most universal policy is that regardless of cause, when an airline CANCELS your flight you have a right to a full refund of the remaining value of your ticket. Refunds are in the same form as ticket purchase: cash or credit to credit card. The agent has no right in law to charge administrative fees Air India also states clearly that it is operating a policy of a full refund of fare for all flights that the airline had to cancel in line with government directives to Covid 29 virus outbreak I followed the ADR process as required by small claims court prior to applying to small claims court for money claim No sooner I made it known to them that I intend proceeding with my money claim through the courts, the refund section transferred money to my bank account but however have deducted £ 100. I am in the process of claiming this £100 that I have been charged through the courts .

Pally25's Comment

Written on: 12/05/2021

Our flight got cancelled agent's said we had to buy another ticket as airline cancelled and was persistent airline can't do anything. We rang airline direct took 2 hours to get sorted but was told if airline cancelled a flight a full refund have to go back to agent or we can rebook free of charge as its there fault we booked direct with air India. You can contact your bank an dispute payment made to agent or do as we did.

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written by zjSloan418 on 25/11/2020

This company is an agency that will book any ticket but then when you have any issues like HELLO---COVID-19 they will say that you are getting a full refund which they do get from the airlines, but YOUR MONEY IS GONE. Call the airline directly and book...never use this agency - they even said I have to pay MORE and then I'd get a refund...what insanity is that? Thank goodness I didn't pay more. I feel so sorry for all the many people this agency has taken sad to stoop so low in these hard times. Just avoid them no matter what. They are terrible people. Sorry I ever called them...what a big mess now. Just always deal directly with airlines...BEST choice

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“Insane Agent Fees”


written by inCantrell365 on 01/04/2020

During the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis they looted me by taking insane agent fees. The actual price for the Delta-Air India tickets from Detroit to Kolkata was $924 whereas the agent fees charged was $338. They will get you the tickets no doubt. The agents try to get you the right flights according to your requirements - the employees are helpful. But the company rips you off.

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“Very bad travel agency”


written by Nagireddykarri86 on 10/03/2020

They will loot your hard earned money. Due to carona virus I have purchased tickets through my tickets to india with free cancellation but later when I cancel they are deducting huge amount of 880$ from 2500$ and they said it will take 45 days to get my balance after deducting 880$ for no reason.  I recommend not to choose this, there is no respect for customers here..

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“MyTicketsToIndia and insane AGENT FEEs: A Love Story ”


written by ShreyasP on 07/02/2020

Did a booking with them and after a few weeks had to reschedule my flight due to personal reasons. ******My original booking******* Flight operator: Virgin Atlantic and Delta Actual ticket charge to the airline: $1484 Agent fee to these people: $305 ********My rescheduled flight********* Actual rescheduling cost to the airline: $666.37 Agent fee to these guys: $437.63 The catch is, these guys won't tell you this split-up, they'll just tell you the total amount (and let you assume that, this is what the airline's actually charging people). You get to know about the transaction when it gets reflected in your bank statement. After my initial booking, I realized I had been robbed of 305$ in plain daylight. That's why, during rescheduling, I didn't go through them, I contacted the airline directly but was told if I had done my initial booking through an agent, the rescheduling has to happen through them only. I had no choice hence. Guess what, I lost my 305 + 437.63 = 742.63$ merely as an agent fee to these people. Ok ! sure you are running an agency but this is a crazy sum to charge someone that too without any upfront information of the split-up on call.  My friend suggested me to go through these guys and I was stupid af to have complied. I am totally not recommending these guys to anyone. Better way is to either refer to a friend who has ample of experience in booking international flights or just do it yourself. What's the point of spending 500$+ charge merely as an agent fee. Totally ridiculous ! I fervently wish, you guys just shut down for the good of mankind !

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“Absolutely unprofessional ”


written by Young288 on 11/05/2019

The most unprofessional travel agency I've ever dealt with. They do not deserve even 1 star. Her supervisor and the person I dealt with were very rude and totally did not know what they are doing. First they requested to send them a scanned copy of my credit card (both sides) and my photo ID (which I refused for obvious reasons), we did confirmation over conference call with my bank. They asked us to send few different confirmation emails. Then they "accidently deleted" confirmation emails and asked us to send them again. At this point we should've cancelled...but it were the tickets for my husbands elderly parents to visit us from India, so we made a mistake of continuing with them. And the "Grand Finale".... Instead of $2,910.00 they charged my card for $4,700.00 (!!!!) After 6 (SIX!!!) hours on the phone with them non-stop repeating that they did not charge this amount (even during 3-way call with the bank when the bank representative kept telling them all 9 (!!!) transactions were claimed)... So, after all this time we were finally able to cancel the tickets. However, we are still to see if they will pay the money back.

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“Terrible experience in customer support”


written by no1username on 25/01/2018

I usually do not write any reviews, unless I like something too good or something goes wrong terribly. Point-1: I got kind of disappointed while booking ticket, when one agent said I don't need to change the flight in one stop, and the other said I have to change the flight since it's clearly mentioned in ticket that the equipment is different. Now I understand that connecting flights do change sometimes, but I'll be more happy to hear that you are not sure at this point if I have to change flight or not. It might not be a big point at all since I can figure out if flight change is required right on the day of travel, but at the end of the day it's leaving a negative impression to customers hearing 2 different answers during the same minute from two different people working for the same company. Point-2: I reached out multiple times through emails and chats for my preferred seat selection. All I heard is that I would get a call, and I waited for 20 days ending up getting nothing. Even today I had to chat with people on website, requesting for it again. Point-3: I emailed my feedback with above said points to customercare. And even till today, no body replied to my comments. Why is there an email customer care when they don't care to reply? Sorry to say, I really really had too terrible experience in customer support this time. Hope you consider my feedback and improve your service.

Harpreetbali's Response to no1username's Review

Written on: 07/03/2018

Not sure if you’re flying first time or after long time old days is gone now. So far I know airlines charge you for preferred seat if you want to select in advance so I don’t believe you Could select or reserve a seat unless you’re ready to pay few extra bucks or you get in during check in online within 48 hrs of your flight time.

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No1Username's reply to Harpreetbali's Comment

Written on: 07/03/2018

Thanks for the reply.. Unfortunately, I don't have an option to attach the snipped email conversation picture here. But following is a small snippet of our talk.
My email:
Jan 4
to abc, customercare, xyz

Thank you. Will the seat selection be during the check in (which is usually 24 hrs before departure) or can I book my preference now?
Response from MyTicketsToIndia Agent:
Jan 5
to me

Hello Sir,

You can select it now.

I am not really travelling for the first time/ after a long time. I clearly asked in the email about seat preference, and I have been replied that I can do it at that time. Assuming I am not really aware of anything, people who book tickets for us should be aware at least!

On the other hand, I am said multiple times from multiple people working in MyTicketsToIndia that they will put the seat preference for me, which kept me waited for 20 days. I don't think those people are unaware, but if they are, then I should take away the given one star too.

After about 20 days and multiple queries, an agent called me and said that they can send seat preference to flight agencies, but seat selection can be done only during check-in (which takes this back to my question in the email).

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