I'd trust a snake-oil salesmen more than Jetline!

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MEDMED's review of Jetline Travel


“I'd trust a snake-oil salesmen more than Jetline!”

written by MEDMED on 04/05/2021

MY OPINION IN A NUTSHELL: Unscrupulous! We paid for a trip to Italy last year because the rep for Jetline Holidays, PROMISED that if 'Covid should prevent us from taking the trip, that Jetline would immediately refund our money.' We've had 6 conversations with him, including tonight's call and PAGES of documentation. For the first 5 calls, he led us along, asking that we 'give it a couple more weeks and see if the travel restrictions to Italy would lift.' It's globally known that Americans may not travel to Italy due to Covid and yet he OFFERED us a few hundred bucks back as a refund -- AS IF HE OR JETLINE HAS A SAY IN THIS MATTER -- AS IF WE ARE NEGOTIATING THE REFUND OF OUR OWN MONEY FOR WHAT JETLINE CAN NOT DELIVER! (*he said that all calls are recorded, so every syllable of his smooth-talking snake-oil salesman spiel was indeed recorded. Bravo! We'll be retrieving those conversations and I will publicly post them as well.) My husband has contacted our credit card company and is on the phone now with our attorney; and my next contact, in a minute, will be to the news stations, to Travel Zoo (where this shady company finds its unsuspecting victims), and then to the Managing Director for this wannabe company. RUN, don't walk from this pathetic excuse for a travel company. I have a feeling that they're on the way out and unable to repay the money to travelers whose plans were canceled by the pandemic -- and (based on the COUNTLESS similar reviews I've just seen) that Jetline thinks they can take everyone's funds with them. If anyone wants to be connected to our attorney who will be handling this matter, please reach out. I'm sure his firm will be pleased to right the wrongs of this deceitful company. (*Don't forget to add to your damages all the countless hours you've spent on this matter, with Jetline, with your banks, with the credit card companies, with Travel Zoo, and with your attorneys; AND make sure you recover attorneys fees spent, of course. Time is money and I plan to recoup every dime and would be pleased to assist others to do the same.)

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