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“hotel owners beware”


written by on 26/04/2012

I own a 4 star silver guest house on the East coast and was contacted by i know yorkshire last year with promises of lots of business etc for a certain fee. I have received 2 misselling emails in the last 2 days offering me firstly ' a free upgrade if i sign up for next year ' and second '20% off if i sign up for next year'. both of these offers seem spurious at best when after being contacted by their sales team i have been told that my fee will nearly double if i want to sign up . The reason being stated that they beleive through their systems that because of the number of ENQUIRIES i have had that i should have had at least £8000.00 of busuness through them. They don't seem to realise that Enquiries, web clicks and emails arent real bookings and their real business to me is about £2000.00 if they are lucky. While i would like to increase my internet advertising it won't be with this company who use misguided ways of calculating their fees while we do all the work.

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