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“Worst ever”

Written on: 20/05/2020 by mvConway249 (1 review written)

No phone call.. Not had the decency to ring our flight was supposed to be four days ago and you have still not been in touch. You have had the cheek to say the government's advising credit instead of refund because of job losses we'll guess what people are losing their jobs in other sectors too. You mention credits but fail to mention airlines have refunded you our money and the hotel wasn't even paid. Its called withholding funds that are not yours.. Now they reply to trust pilot saying no reference number attached.. That shouldn't make a difference when you haven't contacted at all.. Surely you know which customers money you have especially when they should be on holiday... Delay tactics from a firm a used to respect. Due to yet another delay tactic whereby you now claim Im lying and don't have a booking reference. Poor customer service and then to say I'm lying!!! Why should we email when you are supposed to ring us basically your now saying you want me to edit a holiday that you cancelled to keep yet more funds.. Hmm profitting on the back of a crisis. Your the ones that should ring the customers let down. Trying to ring you to book a holiday you speak to someone straight away want customer service.. They have turned their phone line off. Another delaying tactic... The email address doesnt work why does that not surprise me. Thank you for amending the email address. Can you provide the number thats open as the customer service one tells you that you have turned it off and that is during office hours... Another tactic. So story so far you email over a week ago saying you will call us.. But don't. You still haven't. Your saying the government have told you not to refund.. That's wrong as a consumer I'm entitled to one as you haven't provided the service. Your refusing to deal with your customers at least other travel agents are taking responsibility and helping customers. UPDATE AS OF 28/03/20 auto email received back yet again promising contact.. Another delaying tactic. So not only have you said your telephone lines are open - but customer service email you provide just provide a we will contact you response. Off to the bank I go I can feel a chargeback coming on. To everyone out there I would recommend doing the same!!!

Another week has passed and still no contact!!!!

A further update as per 07.04.20 despite acting against their own terms and conditions holiday gems saw fit to issue a credit note. As per legislation whilst holidaygems cancelled the holiday they have 14 days from today to issue the full cash refund which is my choice. Remember everyone you have a legal entitlement to a refund. Don't let this company brow beat you. Atol and abta are now going to take this further if enough complaints are received holidaygems will have their travel licence revoked. Please see the petition building online to provide a full detailed case of a company thinking they are above the law..

Update 09.04.20

Having spoken to a solicitor, they found holidaygems acting against the very directive they take pleasure in quoting. They are basically acting illegally as the law states a refund if requested has to be actioned. Please note the government will not change that as its consumer law.another update 14/04/20 holiday gems now blocking negative comments on their Facebook page because they don't want to look bad. Refund still to be issued 14 days ends on 17th holiday gems will then be liable for all the interest...

Update as if 18.53 14/04/20
In response to my emails they have just sent a blank email in reply to my email advising as per my previous comment. Even their customer service is now diabolical at least someone acknowledging my refund on 03/04/20 helps to legally show their refusal to act

Update 17/04/20 got two emails one saying I can have a refund within 6 weeks of cancellation (finally
!!!) and a second one saying I can't. Now I have legal proof of refund acknowledgement and promise to pay. They just don't know what they are doing.. That's because all the profits have been given to shareholders and they have spent money that isn't theirs

Update 20/04/20
Would you believe it holiday gems calling me a liar saying the airlines haven't refunded them. Good job I have the two emails from the airlines confirming refund and that holidays gems have the money. All this evidence showing delaying tactics and disgusting customer services. Holidaygems you should be ashamed.

Update 22/04/20.just had a call from 01244748645 to advise a cash refund will be a year.... More delaying tactics

Update 27/04/20

Holidaygems response to our banks chargeback request is that they have offered a refund. 

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