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written by 1YOUSEF on 04/02/2023

I booked a one night room on in vegas only to find out after the payment was made that it was not a hotel at all but rather it was a room in a private home and then and only then was i informed that it was not a hotel. It further said that the house had cats. Well i had a dog that is not friendly to cats so I immediately cancelled the room. 

Later I found that booking. com had still charged my for the room. I re-cancelled and let them know that i did not stay their and that i had cancelled. They ignored my communications. I then did a charge back with my bank. However they re charged me again for the room. I did another charge back again but they re charged me yet again. Now my bank will not do a third charge back so i am screwed out of the money that provided me with nothing but a headache and an over charge. warning do not use this site ever.

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