• About Norway

    Norway's towns, cities and villages conjure up images of Viking ships, ancient monuments and world famous art and literature. The Land of the Midnight Sun offers days of long summer, beautiful coastal landscapes and many opportunities for excursions and exploration. Whether you take a cruise in deep fjords or soak up the sights in gorgeous cities like Oslo and Bergen Norway offers something special. Norway is a popular location for adventure sports too - fishing, mountain-climbing and glacier hiking are just some of the pastimes awaiting the adventurous. The Northern Lights, dramatic mountains, fjords and glaciers ensure visitors have ample opportunities to enjoy the view of a lifetime.

  • Geography

    Lying on the western edge of the Scandinavian peninsula, Norway is a massive country of 324,220 square kilometres. Its huge indented coastline of fjords and a rugged mountainous interior holds some of Europe's biggest glaciers. The Northern frozen tundras contrast with the temperate south which includes rolling hills, forests and sunny beaches as well as some of the country's most dramatic fjords.

  • Norway Attractions

    Nidaros Cathedral

    Trondheim - Nidaros Cathedral is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and Norway's national shrine. Built in 1070 it is notable for its rows of ornate stone statues as well as magnificent stained glass windows. The Norwegian Crown Jewels are displayed here in summer.


    This lively period town is known as the Gateway To The Artic and is set amidst snow-capped mountains and fjords. Also includes The Northern Lights Planetarium.

    Lofoten Islands

    60 miles above the Arctic Circle on the northern Norwegian coastline these beautiful islands provide a marine, animal and plant haven. They are also home to the world's oldest mountain, an extinct volcano. They have been inhabited for more than 6,000 years.

    Ajostedal Glacier National Park

    Stunningly beautiful national park sited between a fjord and Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest in Europe. Jostedal Glacier Centre and Museum is also here.


    Once the capital of Norway, Bergen is known as the city between seven mountains as well as the gateway to the fjords. The old parts of town are full of history and there are several museums and galleries. You can also climb Bergen's highest mountain - Mount Ulriken.

    Norsk Folkemuseum

    Fascinating open-air heritage museum in beautiful surroundings. Contains around 150 buildings from different regions, some dating back to the 13th Century. The museum is on the Bygdøy peninsula, a ten minute ferry trip from central Oslo.

    Jotunheimen National Park national park

    Norway's great wilderness with a network of hiking trails leading to some 60 glaciers and the country's biggest peaks. The trails navigate valleys, lakes and waterfalls. Huts and private accommodations are on many of the routes.

    Norsk Skogbrukmuseum

    The Norwegian Forestry Museum in Elverum focuses on hunting, trapping, logging and freshwater fishing from ancient times to the present. Features include a nature information centre, geological and meteorological exhibits, wood carvings and aquarium.

  • Travel

    Regular flights go to Oslo from major European cities. International flights also go to Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. Almost 50 Norwegian airports offer Scandinavian flights. Regular train service from Oslo to Copenhagen, Helsingborg and Stockholm. Excellent roads link to Finland and Sweden. Bus and catamaran service link Kirkenes in northern Norway with Murmansk in Russia.

    There are also ferries to and from Denmark, Sweden, Britain, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Extensive system of ferries and express boats link Norway's offshore islands, coastal towns and fjords. Extensive cross country bus network and national rail system running between major towns and cities. Transport in Oslo includes an underground rail system, trams and ferries.

  • Oslo Attractions

    The Resistance Museum at Akershus Castle

    A history of German occupation. The castle also has beautiful grounds and during summer concerts, dances and plays are presented. Also contains the crypts of King Håkon VII and Olav V.

    The Kon-Tiki Museum

    Contains the raft scientist Thor Heyerdahl used in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Polynesia. Also, artefacts from the voyage, including lava statues from Easter Island. Interactive touch screens and other maritime exhibits are also on hand.

    Viking Ship Museum

    Viking burial vessels - Gokstad, Tune, and Oseberg - can be seen here. They are the best preserved Viking ships in the world. There are also beautiful ceremonial sleighs, household items and tools on display.

    The Munch Museum

    A collection of 1,100 paintings including The Scream, as well as some 4,500 drawings, 18,000 prints, sculptures, and documentary material about Munch and other Norwegian artists.

    International Children's Art Museum

    A vast collection of children's drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, tapestries, and handcrafts from more than 30 countries. Regular workshops for children too.

    Vigeland Sculpture Park

    Vigeland Sculpture Park in Frogner Park is one of Oslo's best known attractions. Granite, bronze and iron sculptures compete for your attention. The park is only open during the summer.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Kingdom of Norway
    • Capital - Oslo
    • Population - 4,546,124
    • Time Zone GMT 1
    • Languages - Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk plus Northern Sami
    • Religion - Evangelical Lutheran
    • Currency - Norwegian Krone