• Overview

    Holland holds a world famous reputation as a liberal, carefree and welcoming country. It's also an extremely pleasant and charming country to look at, with various well preserved historic towns and cities to explore and a countryside dotted with canals, cycleways, dykes, windmills and flower fields. Holland is also a world renowned destination for art lovers. Famous Dutch painters include Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer. The nation's capital, Amsterdam, is the home to the most comprehensive displays of their work. Amsterdam is also a work of art in itself. Its canals, architecture and monuments will simply take your breath away.

  • Geography

    Holland is bordered by the North Sea, Belgium and Germany. The Rhine is the major river connecting it to Germany and Switzerland. The country is famously a largely flat bogland with more than half of it lying below sea level and its history has been partly a battle to keep the North Sea at bay. Holland occupies an area of 41,160 square kilometers. A vast amount of land has been reclaimed from the sea over the centuries, protected by dykes. Western Holland features a clutch of vibrant cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague.

  • Did You Know?

    Holland is Europe's most densely populated country.

  • Holland Attractions

    Keukenhof Gardens

    Visit in spring to see the vast displays of tulips. Other attractions include the Summer Garden flower exhibition, and an autumn flower bulb market. The Japanese Garden symbolizes the strong trade relationship between Japan and Holland.

    Hoge Veluwe National Park

    Holland's biggest national park, covering over 5,500 hectares of forests and woods, shifting sands and heath moors. Red deer and wild boar roam while The Kröller-Müller Museum lies at the edge of the park.

    The Kröller-Müller Museum

    World-famous modern art collection featuring Van Gogh and Picasso among others. At the back of the museum you can wander through Europe's largest sculpture garden spread over 21 hectares and featuring works by Rodin and Henry Moore.

    Anne Frank House

    The tiny house in Amsterdam where young diarist Anne Frank and her family hid from German occupation during World War Two. The original diary is on display as part of the House's permanent exhibition. Over twenty-five million copies of it have been sold worldwide. [P]The tiny house in Amsterdam where young diarist Anne Frank and her family hid from German occupation during World War Two. The original diary is on display as part of the House's permanent exhibition. Over twenty-five million copies of it have been sold worldwide.

    The Burgers' Zoo

    More than 3,000 animals on display on a vast site. The safari park is the home to giraffes, zebras, antelopes and rhinoceroses. Other areas include the jungle zone, a mangrove hall, a living desert and ocean area.

    Madurodam - Famous miniature city

    Throughout the year there are various theme weeks and at nightfall it is lit with more than 50,000 tiny lights.

    Castle De Haar, Haarzuilens

    Castle De Haar rises above a densely wooded park like a fairytale castle surrounded by gardens and ponds. The original 14th Century house was constructed on high ground along a dead tributary of the Rhine.

    The Rijksmuseum

    The largest museum in Holland features well presented works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Jan Steen; as well as sculptures, weaponry and other sources of interest.

    The Windmills at Kinderdijk

    There are over 1,000 windmills in Holland but the village of Kinderdijk, aUNESCO World Heritage site, is the best place to see them. Built in 1740 the 19 windmills here are remarkably well preserved.

  • Amsterdam Attractions

    Vincent van Gogh Museum

    See more than 200 of van Gogh's stunning paintings here. This memorable museum contains some of his best known works including Gauguin's Chair, The Yellow House and the much admired Sunflowers.

    Flower Market

    - Holland has the most successful flower industry in the world. Located on the south side of the Singel Canal, the Bloemenmarkt is the world's only floating flower market. Hundreds of stalls are moored on barges selling all manner of exotic flowers, bulbs and potted plants.

    Royal Palace

    In Dam Square in central Amsterdam the Royal Palace features a breathtaking 17th Century neoclassical facade. Inside, the palace is extremely ornate and boasts a collection of Empire furniture once owned by Napoleon.

    Rembrandt House - Where Rembrandt lived and worked for nearly twenty years during the 17th Century. The house in central Amsterdam has been a museum for over ninety years. It houses almost all of Rembrandt's superb etchings. Amsterdam Historical Museum - The history of Amsterdam outlined in a collection of paintings, prints, pottery and archaeological finds. The exhibition traces the growth of the city from small beginnings to a major seafaring power and world famous capital city.
  • Climate

    Netherlands has a temperate windswept climate with cool winters and glorious summers. Expect plenty of rain in autumn and spring. Winter can be very cold with plenty of snow.

  • Travel

    Schiphol, Amsterdam's airport is the only major international airport in Holland, and is well connected to all major international cities. Amsterdam is also well connected via bus routes to most major European cities. Its Central Railway Station has regular and efficient rail connections to neighboring countries. Ferries are available to and from British destinations, including Hoek van Holland and Harwich; Europoort near Rotterdam and Hull; and IJmuiden near Amsterdam and Newcastle; as well as IJmuiden and Kristiansand in Norway. Holland's road network is well maintained and provides an easy driving experience but like many visitors you may also want to get on your bike. A good way to get around is by bicycle due to extensive cycle paths and the flat landscape. Trains and buses are a good option too.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Kingdom of the Netherlands
    • Capital City - Amsterdam
    • Population - 16,254,900
    • Capital City - Amsterdam
    • Time Zone - GMT 1
    • Languages - Dutch, Frisian, English widely spoken
    • Main Religion - Christianity
    • Currency - Euro
    • Government - Constitutional monarchy