• About America

    America is home to some of the world's most exciting cities, a variety of spectacular landscapes, an important artistic and popular culture and a fascinating history based on its disparate immigrant roots. Visitors to America often feel at home quite quickly such is the familiarity of sights and attractions seen in films and on TV. The friendliness and outgoingness of Americans, the 24 7 customer service and the formidable entertainment culture are other reasons why you should be guaranteed a holiday of a lifetime.

  • Climate

    The climate is generally temperate and becomes hotter further south. Winters in the north east and upper Midwest can plummet below freezing even while Florida and southern Californian beaches are experiencing warm sunshine.

  • When To Go

    The US is especially popular with travellers in the summertime. To avoid crowds in the national parks during peak season autumn and spring may be worth considering as an alternative.

  • Did You Know?

    America has over 10,000 cities, towns, and villages.

  • US Places/Attractions

    Yellowstone National Park

    UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world's first national park, established in 1872. Famous for the largest collection of geysers, hot springs in the world and its grizzly bears, bison, elk and wolves.

    New York City

    America's biggest city is known for numerous attractions - the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Broadway plus world beating nightlife, shopping, arts and culture. It is the city that never sleeps.


    Volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean offering a tropical paradise of fantastic beaches and amazing scenery. A favourite honeymoon destination.

    Niagara Falls

    A world famous spectacle. Split between New York and Canada, the Canadian side of the Falls holds the most stunning views

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    The largest entertainment centre in the world offers gambling and glitzy shows and near to the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

    Orlando, Florida

    The home of Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and other major attractions including tropical beaches and year round golf and tennis.

    Mt Rushmore

    Huge carvings in the Black Hills of past presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt which attracts three million visitors a year.


    The capital of Massachusetts retains much of its colonial English feel and has a young and vibrant atmosphere based around its large student population.

    Death Valley

    National Park of canyons, sand dunes and sculpted mountains. Bring plenty of water in summer due to awesome heat.

    Los Angeles, California

    The second largest city in the USA includes Hollywood and some spectacular coastline and beaches plus the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains and Mojave Desert. Not far from Las Vegas too.

    San Francisco, California

    Very beautiful city with hillside streets, Victorian houses, historic cable cars and a vibrant music and arts scene. Golden Gate Bridge towers over the Pacific Bay.

    The Grand Canyon

    National Park in Arizona and one of the great natural wonders of the world. A mile deep and over 15 miles wide by 100 miles long. The interior of the Canyon is a complex labyrinth terrain illuminated by constantly shifting light and shadow.

    The Rocky Mountains

    The spectacular snow covered Rockies provide some spectacular outdoor entertainments such as rafting, canoeing, hiking and skiing.

    Yosemite National Park, California

    Beautiful alpine valley featuring 2,000-feet high vertical granite cliffs and several cascading waterfalls. Heaven for rock climbers, hikers and campers.


    Most of Alaska is inaccessible except via air taxis or canoe and hiking. This northern wilderness and wildlife haven covers a vast area well beyond the artic circle. Its glaciers and snow-capped peaks provide some of the most spectacular scenery in the US.

    Washington DC

    The capital is an attractive and interesting city full of monuments, museums and public parks. Here you will find the White House and Capitol Hill.

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Spanish and French cultures blend with Afro-American and Caribbean influences to form this exotic city at the mouth of the Mississippi River. New Orleans is famous for jazz and blues music, wild nightlife, Cajun cuisine and its weeklong Mardi Gras carnival.


    Dynamic city in the heart of the Midwest. Windy City, as it is known, is the transportation hub of the nation, notable for its large numbers of architectural delights and massive skyscrapers.


    Miami is home to one of the greatest beaches in the country, and has a vibrant Latin America and Caribbean population. Very popular with tourists. Hosts a major music industry festival each year.


    This green and rainy city is known for its trend-setting cultural scene. The home of grunge is also the home to some very successful high-tech companies.

  • Geography and Culture

    The United States of America, the USA, the United States or The States as it is variously known is a vast country in North/Central America which also includes several Pacific islands and an unincorporated Caribbean territory (Puerto Rico). One of the largest, wealthiest, and most influential countries in the world, the US has a mix of highly populated urban areas and huge open spaces of breathtaking natural beauty.

    With a history of immigration dating back several centuries the US prides itself on its status as a melting pot of cultures. This history and the dynamism of American life ensures a multitude of experiences await the visitor wherever they go.

  • Travel

    Most visitors arrive by air or from neighbouring countries by road or train. The main international airports are Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Miami, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Los Angeles. Connecting flights from these major airports go to hundreds of other US cities. Internally there is also an extensive rail and bus network including the famous Greyhound buses which are cheap and efficient. In rural areas, local bus and trains services are often sparce. In America remember the car is king and the highways are wide and plentiful. Rental cars are widely available and cheap. Subways in cities like New York and Chicago are first rate.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - United States of America (USA)
    • Capital City - Washington DC
    • Population - 290,000,000
    • Time Zones -
    • GMT/UTC -5 (Eastern)
    • GMT/UTC -6 (Central)
    • GMT/UTC -7 (Mountain)
    • GMT/UTC -8 (Pacific Standard)
    • Languages - English is the official language with Spanish also widely spoken
    • Main Religions - Protestant and Roman Catholic
    • Currency - US Dollar