• About Spain

    More than 50 million people visit Spain each year to taste its festivals and fiestas, soak in its incredible history and enjoy breathtaking scenery - which includes everything from tropical paradises, sleepy hill-towns, Roman cities and snow covered mountains, as well as that world famous nightlife you may be longing to dive into.

    The sand, sea and disco holiday resorts of the Southern coast contrast sharply with the urban splendour of its major cities. World famous modern architecture combines with beautiful historic buildings.

    Travel is easy in Spain and still relatively cheap but no matter what price your holiday budget Spains sun soaked climate, the legendary food and drink and the warm, friendly welcome, should ensure a holiday to remember.

  • Spanish Hot Spots

    The Costa Del Sol on the Mediterranean Southern Coast is one of the main holiday hot spots of Europe. Breathtaking sunshine, great food, hospitality and beaches combine with fascinating history, terrific nightlife and shopping.

    Mainland Spain is popular for its high plateaus and mountain ranges such as the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada.

    Spain includes the Iberian Peninsula which it shares with Portugal while at its northern border there is the Pyrenees. After Switzerland mainland Spain is the highest and most mountainous place in Europe. The Pyrenees stretches roughly 400km from the Basque Country in the west to the Mediterranean.

    The Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, are 193km South East of Barcelona.

    There are also the Canary Islands to explore. The Mediterranean coastal area stems from France in the North East down to the Gibraltan Straits. This narrow strip of water links the Mediterranean with the Atlantic.

  • Must Sees In Spain


    The Alhambra is a walled city and fortress in Granada in Southern Spain. It was built during the last Islamic sultanate on the Iberian Peninsula known as the Nasrid Dynasty which reigned from 1238 to 1492. The palace is one of the great architectural and artistic wonders of the world, decorated with stone and wood carvings and intricate tile patterns on most of the ceilings, walls and floors. Islamic art uses rich geometrical and symmetrical patterns. There are breathtaking examples at the Alhambra.


    Granada is the capital of the province of Granada. The city of Granada is one of the most delightful cities in Spain, resting on a series of hills and full of steep, narrow streets which reveal all kinds of charming shops, cafes and monuments and breathtaking views. It is also the home of the Alhambra, a major tourist attraction. Granada is sited in the Eastern part of Andalucia.


    Famed for its dusty character with sometimes lively sometimes lazy cobbled streets, delightful squares and incredible museums and galleries, including the world famous Museo del Prado. Madrid is the city to experience a delightful mix of modern and olden, traditional Spain. It is easy to get around on foot and is a truly unique city with a charm all of its own. In Madrid you will love exploring and discovering secret fountains, parks, shops and bars. Madrid, Spains capital city, is also famed for its lively music scene and bar tapas culture. It is home to Real Madrid, one of the worlds most famous football teams.


    Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia revered for its modern architecture by Antoni Gaudí who lived and worked there. Well known buildings include the Palau Güell in the citys old centre, an incredible town mansion with grand arches. Barcelonas bar, restaurant, music and club culture is also world renowned, as is its status as one of the great art cities of the world, with some wonderful galleries and museums. Its football team FC Barcelona, fierce rivals of Real Madrid, play at the 100,000 capacity Camp Nou stadium.

    Costa Del Sol

    The Spanish South Coast is a fantastic all year round holiday destination, with great deals available at all times. The most popular times to visit the Costa Del Sol are the summer months of July and August when temperatures soar to 34 degrees. Spring and winter may provide a pleasant climate all of its own though as well as some bargain flight deals and package bargains. As well as beautiful beaches, non stop nightlife and superb open air restaurants, cultural and historical delights are on offer too. Golf Holidays are increasingly popular.


    Flights for Southern holiday destinations often go to Malaga International Airport. Malaga is the capital city of the Costa del Sol in the region of Andalucia. It is worth more than just passing through Malaga, however. With over 3,000 years history it is typical of Spains rich past with splendid reminders of the Romans, the Moors and the Carthaginians in its old streets, palaces and ruins. Malaga is a major port and an industrial/commercial centre for Southern Spain.

    Malaga Sights

    The Picasso Museum - In Malagas old town this is the birthplace of the great artist with over 200 hundred works of art on display.

    The Alcazaba - This is an ancient Moorish palace with 11th century roots. Its a stunning testament to Malagan history. This splendid roof top fortress has some of the best views of the Costa del Sol from its peaks.

  • Climate

    Climate varies from Mediterranean temperate zones in the Eastern and Southern parts of the country and the interior which experiences extremely cold winters with snow in the north and hot summers. Theres also the Northern Atlantic coast with mild summers and chilly winters. The Canary Islands are subtropical with mild temperatures through the year.

  • Big Cities (Metropolitian populations)

    • Madrid - 5,800,000
    • Barcelona - 4,600,000
    • Valencia - 1,600,000
    • Sevilla - 1,300,000
    • Malaga - 1,000,000
  • Spain Facts

    • Government - Parliamentary monarchy since 1978.
    • Languages - Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Gallegan.
    • Currency - Euro.
    • Country Dialing Code - 34.
    • Religion - Most Spaniards are Roman Catholic.