• About Prague

    Following the collapse of Communism Prague has become one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Largely untouched by the conflict of World War Two its an architecturally rich city which is an absolute delight to walk around in.

    Prague is famous for its pristine and abundant examples of Art Nouveau, Gothic and Modernist architecture, capped off by, perhaps, the most spectacular castle in the world, which overlooks the city. As you walk through its compact medieval centre you will also find yourself enchanted by a series of spooky alleyways, ancient squares and cobbled streets.

    As well as being easy to get around Prague is easy to get to with several airlines offering cheap and regular flight deals. Once you are there you will find accommodation is equally affordable and easy to find. Tourist accommodation includes everything from budget hostels, independent apartments and exclusive hotels, all usually of a high standard.

    Prague is famed for its lively character with superb and affordable bars, restaurants and entertainments. It is difficult to find a more tourist friendly city.

  • Travel Tips


    Prague is easy to walk around. The centre and the main sights are easy to navigate.

    Public Transport

    Pragues public transport system has an excellent reputation. Metros, trams and buses are reliable, clean and cheap.


    Taxis have a notorious reputation. To avoid being overcharged tourists are advised to book taxis in advance including any airport transfers. Avoid flagging taxis down unless you want to be overcharged. Be warned.

  • Major Attractions

    Astronomical Clock and Old Town Hall Tower

    This intricate 15th century astronomical clock chimes every hour as a trap door opens and small figures such as the Twelve Apostles and the Skeleton of Death waltz around. This amusing and interesting spectacle attracts large crowds in the old Town Hall square.

    Prague Castle

    Wonderfully preserved 9th Century castle and home of the Czech President offers no better views of Prague. The largest medieval castle in Europe, and one of the biggest castles in the world, it towers over the city and is full of fascinating exhibits charting the history of Czechoslavakia. The castle is surrounded by sumptuous gardens.

    Charles Bridge

    One of the more delightful bridges in Europe this 13th Century bridge connects the old town with the district of Mala Strana and is a major thoroughfare day and night. It is covered with 75 impressive statues.

    Jewish Quarter

    Some of the best preserved and insightful Jewish historical monuments in Europe. Includes the Jewish Museum and the Jewish Old Cemetery. This area includes a number of visitor attractions providing a continuously fascinating and often moving experience.

    Wenceslas Square

    This 600 year old square holds 400,000 people and is where Czechs historically have celebrated and protested in numbers. A popular tourist attraction in itself it is also the hub of the city and is surrounded by major shops, bars and other entertainment.

    Museum Of Communism

    Exhibits cover the life and times of the Czech people during Soviet rule. Fine displays include original artefacts from the communist era, including pictures, reading materials, military objects and even a reconstructed school classroom.

  • Weather

    Prague's central European location means extreme differences in seasons.

    • Summer: hot and sunny.
    • Autumn: cool and wet.
    • Spring: warm and dry.
    • Winter: cold with likelihood of snow.
  • Key Facts

    • Name - Prague
    • Status - Capital City of The Czech Republic
    • Population- 1,215,000
    • Time Zone - GMT +1 (Central European Time)
    • Language - Czech
    • Currency - Czech Koruna