• About Morocco

    Morocco is well known for its cities

    • Tangier
    • Casablanca
    • Marrakesh

    For centuries these bustling centres have attracted artists and adventurers to their exotic charms.

    Morocco offers magical medieval buildings and narrow streets along with dusty open-air markets offering rugs, leather goods, jewellery and art.

    Elsewhere this mythical country is made up of the most beautiful desert, coastal and mountain landscapes, all of which are woven with rich colours and bathed in fantastic light.

  • Things To Do


    Half day walks or major two weekly treks can be arranged in the High Atlas Mountains. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in the country.

    Rock Climbing

    Todra Gorge is a popular location.

    Camel Trekking

    Travel offices and hotels can arrange trips.


    Car travel offers great scenic trips and hiring is reasonably cheap.

    Water Sports

    Resorts on the coast such as Asilah are great for diving and other water sports.

  • Geography

    Morocco, in North Africa, is known for its vast Atlantic coastline which extends across the Strait of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean Sea. Its other borders include Algeria and the Spanish North African territories of Ceuta and Melilla.

  • Places


    Agadir is a South West city on the Atlantic coast near the Atlas Mountains.

    Al Hoceima

    Charming port city in the Rif.


    Moroccos legendary main port. Common destination for arrivals.


    Fascinating city and popular tourist resort near Marrakesh.


    Major city, former capital and the biggest medieval city in the world. A medieval maze of 10,000 streets.


    Authentic port town on the Sebou River.


    The biggest city in Western Sahara.


    Breathtaking city in South West Morocco near the Atlas Mountains. Myriad streets and markets create an unforgettable experience.


    Settlement at the edge of the Sahara where trips to the desert can be arranged.


    Central Moroccan city famous for the largest movie studio in the world.


    Quaint city in Eastern Morocco.


    Capital of Morocco. Famous for its 12th-century tower and minaret.


    Tangier is a large city in Northern Morocco famous for attracting artists and musicians. Many visitors arrive by ferry from Spain.


    Nice town in Province de Tan-Tan.


    Large lively city which is the capital and cultural base of the Tanga region.


    Pleasant city in southern Morocco.

  • Recommended Beaches

    Morocco has over 3,500km of spectacular coastline and offers numerous beautiful beaches to unwind and enjoy a glorious sunset. Heres a sample of some popular tourist beaches

    • Agadir - Great for water sports.
    • Essaouria - Excellent not too touristy beach although it can get windy.
    • El Jadida - Nice and clean town beach.
    • Lalla Fatma - One of the best and most popular beaches in Morocco. A beautiful spot for sunbathing.
    • Larache - Clean, popular and well maintained beach with lifeguards at hand.
    • Tangier Town Beach - Very popular beach overlooked by Tangier and its surrounding mountains.
  • History

    The Berbers, the ancient tribes of Morocco, settled in the area thousands of years ago and at one time controlled an empire between Morocco and Egypt. France became colonial ruler in the 19th Century before independence was gained by Morocco in 1956. Morocco remains a monarchy. The population of Morocco is now a mix of Islamic, Arab, African, Berber and French cultures.

  • Climate

    Best between the milder months of September to October and March to May. Winter is generally fine and warm except in the mountains and the far North. July to August is extremely hot inland although coastal areas have the advantage of sea breeze and water to help you cool down.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Kingdom of Morocco
    • Population - 32 million
    • Capital - Rabat
    • Languages - Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish
    • Main religion - Muslim
    • Currency - Moroccan Dirham
    • Time Zone - GMT