• About Mexico

    Along its dramatic coastal ranges Mexico offers highly advanced tourist resorts plus a variety of exotic terrains to experience inland including central high plateaus and vast mountains.

    Mexico's superb hotels reside in spectacular beach resorts in some of the most famous tropical destinations in the world: Acapulco and Cancun.

    But the density and scale of Mexicos ecological and archeological sites means you are never far away from other wonderful places to explore.

  • Key Resorts


    Acapulco's reputation as a luxury holiday destination has been cemented over many decades. This sensational resort consists of a deep semi circular bay and a fine beach overlooked by dramatic mountains, all of which is lapped by sumptuous blue Pacific Ocean. First-rate hotels, super night life and a variety of leisure facilities attract around five million visitors each year.


    Cancun is the most popular resort destination in Mexico and one of the finest in the world. Its 25km hotel area surrounded by ocean and lagoon doubles as an extremely popular evening entertainment zone. The rest of Cancun is lively too and the city provides a good base to experience the Mayan Riviera, with its ruins, beautiful lagoons and other sites of natural beauty.

  • Did You Know?

    Mexico is the most North Western country in Latin America and also the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.

    Mexico is the second most-populated country in Latin America after Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

    The population of the area around Mexico City is at least 18 million, making it the largest concentration of people in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Transport

    There are direct flights from North America, Canada and Europe plus 40 official crossing points between the US and Mexico, mainly on the Texan border. There are also ten border crossing points between Mexico and Guatemala. Bus and rail links exist between major towns and cities.

  • Climate

    The coastline areas are hot and humid. High country inland like Mexico City is drier and humid. A wet and hot season occurs from May to October while December to February is much cooler.

  • Crime

    Especially in big cities Mexico has problems with crime compared to many Western cities, including pickpocketing and robberies. Take sensible precautions if you are travelling independently.

  • History

    Mexico is a vibrant modern country but one with a rich historical legacy which has included flamboyant Spanish rule and the reign of the Aztecs.

    Hernando Cortes conquered Mexico during the period 1519-21 and founded a Spanish colony lasting nearly 300 years.

    Before that highly developed cultures including the Mayas and Aztecs were in charge.

    Instability followed independence from Spain in 1810 which led to a revolutionary period and in turn the development of the federal constitution we see today.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Estados Unidos Méxicanos
    • Capital City - Mexico City
    • Area - 1,958,200 km²
    • Population - 105,000,000
    • Time Zones - GMT -6, -8
    • Language - Spanish
    • Main Religion - Roman Catholic
    • Currency - Mexican Peso
    • Government - Federal republic