• About Barbados

    Barbados is the most popular island in the Caribbean. It benefits from all year round climate with temperatures bubbling around 25-30C day and night. Put simply - its beautiful beaches surrounded by light blue sea are a taste of paradise.

    Barbados is well developed with varied first-class hotel accommodation as well as timeshares, small and medium sized local hotels and rental villas. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful retreat at a beach location or for the more active there is plenty to see and do with a variety of wildlife reserves, historical sites and museums plus some excellent shopping and golf courses. Of course, the island is legendary as a location for water sports, especially scuba diving.

    Barbados was the only overseas destination visited by George Washington, the first president of the United States.

  • Attractions

    Harrisons Cave

    Full of stalagmites, stalactites, lakes, streams and waterfalls it is considered one of the finest cave networks in the world.

    Gun Hill Signal Station

    Lookout station built in 1818 offers magnificent views of Barbados. Now holds an interesting military exhibition.

    Ocean Park

    Freshwater and tropical marine life from the Caribbean can be found at this conservation centre.

    Orchid World

    Six acres of the most stunning orchids in the heart of the Barbadian countryside. More than 20,000 Orchids are grown and displayed in this idyllic location.

    Barbados Museum

    Located in former British Military Prison this museum features various displays about the history of the island including artefacts of the Amerindians, original inhabitants of the Caribbean.

  • History

    Barbados was first taken over by the British in 1627 and became a centre for sugar-making and the slave trade.

    After slavery was abolished in 1834 Barbados remained a British colony until autonomy was created in 1961. The Island gained complete independence in 1966 but still maintains its links to Britain as a member of the Commonwealth.

  • Key Facts

    • Capital City - Bridgetown
    • Airport - Sir Grantley Adams International Airport
    • Population - 280,000
    • Major religion - Christianity
    • Time Zone - GMT -4
    • Main language - English